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Urgot- The Spider Crab

Last updated on August 26, 2010
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Welcome to my 3rd build, this one for Urgot, The Headsman's Pride. In this build I will go over all of what I have learned playing this new champion, give some advice for how to play him, and open up the build for any comments in order to improve. My build is something I have come up with and have seen many good results from it thus far. He has been an amazingly fun champion to play and I hope to explain why here. But please:

TEST THE BUILD A FEW TIMES BEFORE CRITICISING. One bad game doesn't mean what I've done here is bad. Urgot takes a bit to get the hang of and everyone has a game or 2 with a team that makes you want to slit your wrists. Give it a chance.


I went for a straight 21/0/9 build for him. I do this for a few reasons, 1 because his damage output beginning and mid game is disgusting, and these masteries help this. Also for late game, the extra damage out put is helpful for landing some big damage on targets from far away with the lock on mechanic of Acid Hunter and Noxian Corrosive Charge. Also the points in Utility may look strange but the mana regen, especially early game can be a life saver and can, and has for me many times, resulted in my regenning enough mana to get kills in my respective lane.


Runes for him are a bit tricky. Please don't slam me for these yet. The runes are a work in progress but so far this is what I've come up with. I've gone for Health seals due to his squishy-ness. I find the extra health can't hurt, I use it on a lot of my squishy champs including on my AD Ezreal build. (Thank you HeAt). I go for crit chance Glyph's only because the extra crit chance is nice once you get up to Phantom Dancer in the build sequence and early game with his huge damage output, it seems to help a lot. As for Marks and Quintessences, I went for flat ArP runes. I go full AD with Urgot, and that Armor Pen is pretty nasty with his skills.

Urgot's Skills and Skill Sequence

(Passive) Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter: Urgot's attacks reduce the damage that his target deals by 15% for 2.5 seconds.

This passive is pretty nice in many situations. It may not seem like it's doing a lot but it really does help in the long run.

(Active) Acid Hunter: Urgot fires a missile towards the cursor dealing physical damage. Missile-lock can be achieved by holding the cursor over target afflicted by Noxian Corrosive Charge.

* Range:
* Cost: 40 mana
* Cooldown: 2 sec

This is what makes Urgot so threatening. His acid hunter is a skill shot, but it reacts much like Karthus' Q move in that you don't have to click to fire it, it goes where your cursor is, however it doesn't land where it is, it is just fired to that location. A mix between Ezreal and Karthus. This not only does disgusting amounts of damage, but when paired with Noxian Corrosive Charge, this move locks onto enemies effected and will fly right to them. Use it, abuse it, enjoy it.

(Active) Terror Capacitor: Urgot charges up his terror capacitor to gain a shield that absorbs damage for 7 seconds. While the shield is active, Urgot's attacks and missiles slow targets.

This is a great move because it definitely gives Urgot some survivability as well as help in team fights or just chasing an enemy down. Popping this absorbs damage as well as causes enemies to be slowed by your moves; Auto attacks and abilities. It is useful, so use it.

(Active) Noxian Corrosive Charge: Urgot launches a corrosive charge at a target location. Enemies afflicted by the charge have reduced armor and take magical damage over 5 seconds.
Acid Hunter is able to missile-lock onto target affected by Noxian Corrosive Charge.

As I stated earlier this combined with Acid Hunter is an amazing combo. However this move takes some practice to use. The problem with this is that there is a slight delay on when the charge LANDS where you want it to. So you may fire it with perfect timing to land on your enemy, but the time it takes to fly through the air could also make it miss. This move takes practice but if you can hit enemy champions with it, you can start slamming them with Acid Hunter's and watch their health plummet.

(Active) Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser: Urgot charges up his Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser, gaining armor and magic resistance for 5 seconds. The target is stunned for 1 second before swapping position with Urgot. After the swap, the target is slowed by 40% for 3 seconds.

* Cooldown: 120 seconds
* Cost: 120 mana

Teehee =P. This ultimate is so awesome, but if used wrong,'ll probably be dead. But if used right, man is it ever fun. This move as stated, makes you swap positions with an enemy champion. I've used it to pull low enemies out into my team to be destroyed within half a second. This is also useful for its stun, in that its a great way to stop a fleeing enemy and in some cases get one chasing you off of your tail (if used properly that is).

As for the skill sequence, this is something that you can choose to tweak based on your play style in the game. This is what I typically use but of course certain situations call for different things.

Item Choices

For Urgot I went for a straight AD build. I see people with hybrid AP builds and that's cute and all, however the moves that are based off of AP really in my opinion don't make it worth it. The Noxian Corrosive Charge, even though it takes 80% of your ability power, really in my opinion is only useful for slowing in combination with your shield, and to use in order to lock your Acid Hunter on to enemies. The other move, which is the shield I can see why it could be useful, but in all honesty if you have people attacking you...chances are you are probably going to die anyway. Therefore:

I start with DORANS BLADE and a Health Pot. The blade gives health and AD and some health regen at the start which is nice.

I try to stay in lane until at least 6 in any game I play. If you can't do that, start working on MERCURY TREADS. I believe this is the best boot choice just because of the lack of escape mechanisms that Urgot has. It has been very useful to me.

From that I go to YOUMUU'S GHOSTBLADE. I find Youmuu's useful for the speed increase for one. Urgot, the Spider Crab needs to get around and hes a big guy, this makes it easier for him. Also it gives a good start on your AD and Crit for your Acid Hunter.

After that I start building PHANTOM DANCER. This will give you much better movement speed, damage and crit. It is usually around this point in the game that I start getting most of my kills if not most early game. Early and Mid game is Urgot's time to shine. Once you get towards end game, he becomes more of a support dps than anything.

After this, the build gets expensive and in all likelihood you won't make it past phantom dancer or the next item THE BLACK CLEAVER. The AD you get from this item really makes a difference in your Acid Hunter. You'll be amazed.

After this the final items are THE BLOODTHIRSTER and INFINITY EDGE.

Some Tips on Playing Urgot

1. Try to aim your Noxian Corrosive Charge so that it hits the champions. It can be pretty difficult and leading with this isn't always the best way. Sometimes it's hard to judge where to throw it, it takes practice. But make sure that when you do to be in range to fire off 1 or 2 Acid Hunters before they run away. (Early/Mid game that is).

2. Use NCC in team fights to get some damage out there and single people out with Acid Hunter, preferably the squishies.

3. Be aware of your surroundings, without any major get away techniques, if you get stunned its hard to recover from that if you are far away from a turret.

4. One thing you can do however if you see someone chasing you is Pop your Terror Capacitor and aim NCC or Acid Hunter towards them so that it will slow them down, then pop Youmuu's or Ghost to effectively get away.

5. For your Ultimate. Play it smart. Use it to pull someone out of a pack of enemies, but not if that pack of enemies is going to eat you for lunch when you switch. Use it wisely. Also a great way I've used it is behind walls when low enemies are hiding behind turrets. So much fun. If they are recalling and close enough to the wall, you can pop your shield, ult them into one of your teammates OR even throw them off guard launch NCC towards where you were then launch Acid Hunter's. I have gotten many kills this way.

6. Your Ultimate can also stun, so know that in advanced when you get into trouble or see an enemy running away. Can be extremely useful.

Summoner Spells

GHOST- Ghost is just great for getting in and out of situations. It's great if you have someone locked with NCC in order to fire more Acid Hunter's their way, and its great for getting away too.

EXHAUST- I prefer exhaust because while you have the ABILITY to slow, it isn't guaranteed. With Exhaust, I know that I'm going to slow my enemy, as well as be able to take more time to fire off Acid Hunters and bring them down. I find it more useful.

Use what you feel comfortable with, I just suggest these because they have worked extremely well for me.


Thank you for looking at my build. Comments are always appreciated. As I said before this is a work in progress, don't take anything here as YOU HAVE TO DO THIS OR YOU FAILLLLLL.


But try my build, try it a few times before you flame it or praise it. Let me know what you think I'm open to suggestions. Thanks again.