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Utility Ahri (carry)

Last updated on March 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Utility ahri, is the ultimate guide to power meets sustainability in all lanes. Ahri should go middle. But with all her mana regan and early spell vamp she is a tricky little fox using abilities left and right while your opponent is cowering in dismay because they are out of mana while your mana is still full. This sets ahri up for lane dominance, because she can spam her abilities without worrying too much about her mana costs. This allows her to quickly take control over middle lane and farm up! Constantly keeping the minions at the your oppenents tower. Your CS to theirs will become quite expanding as they fall behind. With them forever pushed back at their turret this allows you to roam. Roaming means ganks, ganks usually mean kills and a fed ahri is always a gg. Espicially with this build.

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My items are very important for this build. Starting out with mana regan and two health pots allows you increased mana regan and the pots give you early sustain. You should have the lane pushed constantly, especially with clarity. There is no excuse to be out of mana. once you see yourself reach 500-600 gold, recall back to base. buy chalice of harmony. This item is particularly effective early game, especially against another ap mid. you get a huge mana regan bonus and a magic resist. By the time you come back they should have just about reached your turret allow you to spam away and push the lane once more. The next items is tricky, you could either buy the tear of the goddess next if all is going well with the team, but if your team members have taken a turret or a turret has been taken from your team, then its time to buy the hextech revolver. if not, then buy the tear of the goddess. this item gives you increasing mana. SO KEEP SPAMMING! you get more mana for the more times you use abilities. even if you sitting at your turret. just throw a random fire fox or orb out there.
You should rush the crystal sceptar immediatly after hextech. or lets says you have been doing so well and your team, you enough gold to buy it before the hextech. do so. the crystal plus your fire foxes ensure your enemy from not escaping from the slow or ensuring a safe escape.
the will of the ancients should be bought after. this give you a total of 26% spell vamp, with my rune page. So 1/4 0f your damage is converted into health. This plus your slows from the crystal is extremely effective in team battles or solo 1v1's for you are likely to be the last one standing with practically full health. ready to pick up the kills on the few stragglers that may be still alive.
Sounds like a good idea right? it is. imagine, if not targeted, always survivng team fights, or skirmishes. Quickly allowing you to pick up the kills as need be.
next items should be rabbadans then upgrading from tear of goddess to the archangels staff. you should around 600+ AP. not bad for end game build.
but you have so much utility your able to cast frequently and due heavy damage.

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I chose this spell vamp meets mana regan rune page simply because i am able to sustain in lane. One who uses this rune page may find themselves not strong compared to other rune pages that express all ap runes and ap pene runes. Your power comes from being able to constantly spam your abilities without fear of your mana depleting, being able to cast more frequently because of the cool down reduction and constantly healing yourself with the 6% spell vamp. A good ahri doesnt need all the power in the world early game to destroy her oppenent, i have faced many ahri with high AP runes and they fall short to due to my superior build.

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my masteries may not make the most sense. But i do put abit of attack speed in my runes, this is where all that bonus attack damage comes in handy. So you can do some good damage on minions if you dont feel like spamming your abilities because you have clearly proven your dominance in the lane. This allows you to last hit minions very effectively beyond your abilities taking the gold.

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When being chased down by an enemy team, if you have your crystal sceptar and WOTA. Cast your fire foxes, this will automatically lock on to them, slowing them down from reaching you. immediatly turn around and use your orb of dec. this will slow them down more and give you more health. if for some reason they are not stopping, hopefully your a smart ahri and have your ulti to dash away. if not, this is where your flash comes in. I recommend the closest enemy to you you need to use taunt on them so they slow down indefinitely, but dont stop to fight unless you know for sure its a win.
but chasing down enemies. use your fox fire to lock on and slow them. then flash towards them use taunt and orb, by then your team shouldve dealt great amounts of damage. if not pick up the kill with your ulti. dont be afraid of towers. you have superior spell vamp. you will live regardless.

playing ahri.
when traveling always walk around with your fire foxes on you at all times. No harm in doing so, because your tear of the goddess will increase your mana and your mana regan will make up for the lost mana. (as if it matters) . So when walking through brush or the jungle use it. you may notice an enemy hiding. your fire foxes will lock on dealing damage and slowing you, giving you about 2 seconds to think do i want to engage or not?

when chased on low life, travel through the jungle fire your orb at nuetral monsters while still running. your spell vamp will increase that health of your ensuring a safe escape.

ahri on low life, can still joing a battle. hold off til your team has done some damage then ever so sly join the fight again with taunt and fox fires. this increases your life again, and there you are probably picked up a kill and you saved team mates.

picking up easy middle lane kills
when coming back to the lane. wrap around to the river and come from the back,
blink to them, use your taunt foxes then when they run use your blink to them again then orb then blink again. if you did this right they should be dead.

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In the ending, You should have chalice of harmony, boots of cooldown reduction, the crystal sceptar, WOTA, rabbadans and archangels staff.
The runes give you great late game spell vamp along with constant mana regan.
This build allows you to dominate any lane early or late, chase down enemies ensuring a kill or escaping death.
In Team Fights, you are likely to survive the whole battle, so dont be afraid to destroy the stragglers and dont be suprised if you at more than 75% health still when the team fight is over.
Depending on the battle you can initiate with your ulti or foxes. i reccomend using them at the same time. blink in and blink out. allowing you to see who you want to target. taunt & orb that individual, then blink in again or out.

this build has no magic pene. i do not see the need for it. if someone has a magic resist, chances are you shouldnt be focusing them in the first place. you should be focusing the damage dealers on their team, cause your a trolling fox.

i honestly hope you have fun with the build.
if you want to see this ahri in action add my account on LOL and we can get a game going