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League of Legends Build Guide Author Camil

Vald The Immortal

Camil Last updated on September 19, 2010
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Hi I have been playing as Vlad from one week after he came out. I used to go with Katarina AP build but found that Vlad was more of a team player then Kat. This is my Vladimir AP Nuke build. It can help you do insane damage while having an abundant amount of health, Though I am not yet lvl 30 With the runes available and masteries all spent i have already clocked Vlad at end game with over 5k Health and 500AP(Without haveing the Zhonyas Ring on).

Though Vlad is a mage bothAbyssal Scepter andSunfireCape Will give you some increased Magic resist and Armour, enough to fend off at late game when players are buffed up.

This is my first build :P! So be kind, working on it piece by piece and I hope you guys have a good time with it! LEAVE CRITICISM IF YOU HAVE IT! I appreciate any bit I can get.

Note Before You Read: If You are not aware, Vladimir's passive gives him +2 Health for each AP, and +1 AP for every 25 Health! Leading me to each of the following runes, masteries and Items.



I went with Magic Pen Marks to buff your spells up early game!
As for health and Ability the 2 most important stat for Vlad I prefer using Over time items. From my experience with Katarina I found out that the rune that give stats over time make more effect mid to end-game then Runes that give flat stats.
So i used Greater Seal of Vitality(giving me 174.96 health plus 6.99 AP), Greater Glyph of the Force(giving me 27.54 AP and 55.08 HP), Greater Quintessence of Force(giving 23.22 AP and 46.44 HP). In total i get 276.48 HP, 57.75 AP and 8.55 Magic Pen just from runes


Summoner Spells


Due to the nature of my Masteries i prefer usingIgnite andGhost. By far those are the best for vlad. Ignite is used to finish off and adding some extra dmg plus that it increases my AP by 10 when it is inactive giving me an additional 20 HP and Ghost is used to finish off low health heroes or to help team catch up to some hero by using ghost and Sanguine Pool underneath him.

A possible Summoner spell would beFlash used to escape orCleanse used to escape from snares and stuns. Don't forget that if u are stuned Flash could not be used like any other spell.




I always start out with a simple Amplifying Tome for the AP benefit early and a single health potion. Next, snag a simple pair of Boots of Speed as soon as you can afford it to help you get away from those nasty early ganks. I then start working my way up to the more expensive and core items. I then buy Giants's Belt, Ruby Crystal, Regrowth Pendant and Blasting Wand. These are all basic items needed to get my Warmong's Armor and Rylai's Crystal Sceptor.

So by lvl 10/11 I usually have all these items in my inventoryby now I have enough health and AP due to passive to survive and harass.

The next step is to finish off the items and get buffed up and finish the core items.warmogs-armorrylais-crystal-sceptersorcerers-shoes. Having purchased these items I now have an additional 20 Magic Penetration, 148.8 AP, 1880 HP and 92.5 HP/5

The next Item will increase the Dmg of Sanguine Pool by 40 and give more health/AP plus some armor for survivability. the Sunfire Capehas the potential to to increase health by 450, an additional 18 AP 45 armor and has a passive that deals 40 Magic Dmg to nearby enemies this passive also works with Sanguine Pool.

According to how the game is proceeding the following 2 items are bought. if the opposing team has a lot of magic Dmgabyssal scepter is bought this will give you 70 AP, 140 HP, 57 Magic resist and reduces the magic resist of nearby enemies by 20. If the game is in your favor or there are alot of tanks with magic resistzhonyas ring is bought. This will boost your Ap by 120 and health by 240 plus a powerfull pasive that increases your AP by 25% Considering you already have 400 AP min u get an extra 100 AP for free making the item worth over 200 AP. as stated above i have never managed to come this far as either we would have already won the game by my 4th item or lost it.

In other builds i found some employing some spell vamp through the use of img]url=[/img] will of the ancients. through u get more h[p from Transfusion and Sanguine Pool but u need to be attacking, I found the health Regen of Warmong's to help more while i am escaping after a negative group fight or while soloing a lane.

As for themejais soulstealer andleviathan. its not a good idea as if u die once which you will eventually u will loose 1/3 of your power.

Some times it is posible to exchange theabyssal scepter with thevoid staff both give similar benefits though the void staff will not give you magic def but it will give +40 magic Penetration so it is up to you which one to choose according to the situation.




First of all some people have the impression that because his character is not a tank or dmg dealer he has to go down a specific mastery path. Though I build vlad to do dmg, I go down half the offensive lane and all the way down the defensive with one point to improve ghost(10/19/1).


I get 3 pints of Archmage's Savvy giving my 0.6 AP per level summing to 10.8 AP + 21.6 HP
the point on Deadlines is there to go to the next level.

I put 4 points on Sorcery thus reducing Cooldowns by 3%

One on Burning Embers Which gives 10 AP and 20 HP when Ignite is on CD

One on Archaic Knowledge To increase my magic pen by 15%


I get an additional 6 Magic Resist and 6 Armor off Resistance and hardness

I get 2% dodge off Evasion which I improve to numbness, very effective when escaping or running after an enemy hero through his minions.

Harden skin is only used to continue the tree.

4 points are used on Veterans Scar this will increase my HP by 60 and giving me 2.4 AP

3 Points go on Ardor giving me 2% increase AP and attack speed and an additional 2% at lvl 18 thats 4% at lvl 18


the last point is used on Haste to increase effectiveness of ghost by 8% and increase its time by 1.5 seconds

Through my Masteries i get the following add-ons for my hero:

24AP and 101.6 HP
Other buffs like dodge and 15% more magic Penetration



1. Transfusion:
Sucks enemy health and heals you! Your main move, Should be leveled to full ASAP. It has absolutely no cost so cast it every chance you get. Early game, Dip in, Cast it, and get out. Rinse Repeat till you have the advantage. Ignite the enemy and finish them off with Ghost+Sanguine Pool as they run away.

2. Sanguine Pool:
Turns you into a puddle of blood, Dealing damage to enemies above you as well as healing yourself. Cost 20% Current health to activate so use wisely! This move can be used for both Tower Diving and Escaping Ganks. Best used say if a nasty projectile is flying towards your face, pop it and dodge the move entirely and sneak away unharmed. Ex: Ashe's Ult, Sion's Stun, Blitz's Fist, Zileans bomb. Use it in conjunction with Ghost for an easy behind turret kill or to escape a neardeath gank. (DOES NOT STOP ENVIRONMENTAL STUNS! EX: Veigar's stun). Anyways! It should be the next skill you level up after Transfusion.

3. Tides of Blood:
This move can be extremely powerful during team fights but deadly to yourself early game. I chose to only put one rank in it at lvl 7 as by then i would have gotten more hp and health Regen to compensate for minion farming and maybe a little boosted damage during a fight but nothing more. Towards the end, when you become entrenched in team fights this move will begin to shine.. When mixed with Sanguine Pool and Hemoplague you will begin to do some REALLY NASTY AoE damage. The trick is to just watch yourself and only cast it when you have the health to waste.

4. Hemoplague:
Your Ultimate, It has a long cooldown and I kind of skimped on CD reduction in the item builds! So pay attention and use it only when you can get the most out of it, Ex: 2 Champs early game, 3-4 Late Game in team fights. Preferably all five! Toss it on and follow it up with some Tides of Blood and watch the enemies' healths melt away. It works well with Ignite to provide a really nasty 600+ damage finisher also affected enemies take 10 / 14 / 18% increased damage for 5 seconds so use it wisely to maximize your teams Dmg . Level it every chance you get, It is your big daddy and can easily break the other team during a team fight.



1. Try to take mid for lvl and item advantage.

2. Once you get your kill mid try to go and gank top or bottom while the enemy is still spawning.

3. You can use Sanguine Pool to Permanently drop aggro from turrets EVEN AFTER damaging enemy champions, AS long as their is another target for the turret to fire upon. Ex: A friendly minion, pet, or even another champion.

4. Your Ultimate(Hemoplague) has an excellent reach, See someone recalling too close to their turret but are low health? You can cast your ult on them from outside the turret's range as long as you hit them with just the outside edge of the spell.

5. Level 13+ Don't be afraid to turret dive, Run in and smack the enemy with a Transfusion or your Ultimate and then use Sanguine Pool for an easy escape. By level 13+ your Sanguine Pool cooldown should be low enough so that it will be up the next time you need it.

6. Never initiate with your Sanguine Pool, Save it for extra damage after your ultimate(Level 13+ So the cooldown is shorter) or during iffy battles to help with your retreat.

7. Average speed melee chasing you? Do you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter? If so, Cast Transfusion on every cooldown while running. The slow from Rylai's will help you to keep your distance while allowing you to get your health up and maybe even get the advantage on your opponent.

8. So far i found only 2 weaknesses in Vlad a Midding Mordekaiser and Zilean. the rest should not be that of a problem given you play safe and in a team. don't forget that Vlads most powerful attack is his allies. With the ulti on the enemy your allies do 10 / 14 / 18% more dmg.

9. If you find your self not knowing what to do a bit of jungling may boost you up. Vlad is a good farmer at lvl 13+ and you can go in and kill some golems or wolves and out in a sec.

Hope you find this build helpful and inspiring. Criticism is always welcome especially if it leads to a better build :P