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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Varus Equipped With FMJ

Last updated on July 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

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Varus is an exceptional AD carry wether its on mid-lane or bot-lane. Varus is a rather easy champion to get the hang of. I'm not going to gurantee that you will win every game if you follow my guide and build because there will be days that you just get stuck with a team of stupid people that will feed, or in my case... we had 3 junglers. But thanks for comin to my guide I hope you guys will like it and rate it up and if not please feel free to give me suggestions just don't give negative comments and feedback because nobody is perfect.

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Why Choose Varus?

Varus is an extremely strong AD carry on either mid or bot lane.

Using his "Q" skill PIERCING ARROW which can farm a creep wave that is lined up or just sniping down champs in the fog of war or if you have a ward put down or Clairvoyance.

With his passive "W" BLIGHTED QUIVER you can give people decent poke and apply stacks of blight onto an enemy and when you hit them with any of your abilities it triggers the blight to deal additional damage.

His amazing "E" skill HAIL OF ARROWS has an amazing range and is an AoE slow that opens so many doors for ganks and securing kills.

His Ulti "R" CHAIN OF CORRUPTION snares enemies down and if thats not enough after a delay it finds a new target and snares them down, and this skill is really good for team fights.

His passive LIVING VENGEANCE increases your attack damage on minion kills and doubles that buff if you kill an enemy champion, this allows for easy farming and easier to trade blows with those annoying melee characters that like to get in your face.

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Pros And Cons


Easy to Play
Great at farming
Has alot of good kill securing
Can be a great attribution to a team fight.

If early game fails, Varus will fail
Slurps mana early game like its Lipton Ice Tea
Can't Jungle or Solo Top very well

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Masteries And Summoners

I go a standard 21 in offends and 9 in utility on Varus taking as much damage as I can to further increase my damage output and grabbing 1 point in Butcher to let me trigger my passive "LIVING VENGEANCE

On Utility I take 3 points in "MEDITATION" for that extra mana regen because Varus eats mana really fast your agressive and well everything else is pretty obvious.

My Summoner spells are FLASH and IGNITE these 2 summoner spells open many doors and can come in really handy.

FLASH allows for an amazing escape mechanism which you will find extremeley useful on Varus and allows you to close that gap between you and the enemy champion to secure a kill and to open up a ganking opurtunity.

IGNITE will work with your passive to further help you trade with the melee champs and most likley kill them. Also IGNITE has a heal block so those tanks and life steals and health regens wont be doing jack ****.

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Skills And Items

PIERCING ARROW should be your primary skill because its what you will be starting a fight with and ending a fight with, and it does incredible damage

I take HAIL OF ARROWS next because it is your main Crowd Control and it does decent physical damage and will take out those caster minions no problem.

BLIGHTED QUIVER is a great poking ability because it will make your basic attack deal additional damage but its not really needed to the point where you have to rush it.

Now for my items i start with Boots and 3 Health Potions, the extra movement speed is great along with the Health Potions for sustain.

Next a double Doran's Blade will make u a bit tankier along with life steal and attack damage.

A B.F Sword will make you a pretty unstoppable force for a while and you can afford it no problem with the way you farm because of your passive "LIVING VENGEANCE".

A Berserker Grieves will give you a bit more movement and more attack damage, the reason y i didn't go straight into this item was because its not needed due to last hitting plus your Passive "LIVING VENGEANCE"

Cloak Of Agility will give you some critical strike chance and lest all agree... Who Doesn't Like Critical Strike Chance on a AD carry?.

Infinity Edge will give you your main damage output and is an amazing and MUST HAVE on a ranged AD carry.

A Zeal will give you even more movement speed, attack speed, and critical strike chance, Going into a Phantom Dancer will pretty much double whatever a Zeal gives you.

Phage is also one of my MUST HAVE on Varus because it give you attack damage and Health and your basic attacks will slow enemies, Going into a Frozen Mallet will give you HELLA Health and More attack damage and now almost all your attacks will slow the enemy, and your main job is to stay in the back and pick people off in a team fight, Frozen Mallet, combined with HAIL OF ARROWS combined with CHAIN OF CORRUPTION makes escaping nearly impossible for the enemy.

With the massacre you will be going on you will be able to afford Bloodthirster at full price. Bloodthirster is an amazing item on AD carries because on minion or monster or champion kills it gives you more attack damage and more life steal, but if you die then you will lose a few stacks but nothing you cant regroup from.

Your Final Item should be either a Black Cleaver or Madreds Blood Razor.
I prefer Black Cleaver because I dominate and the tank cant really get very tanky because they keep dying. Black Cleaver will give you more attack speed and attack damage and will lower the enemies armor each hit you deal to them.
Madreds Blood Razor is only for if your team is full of idiots but you know you still have a chance to win if you carry or if your playing against a smart or just really good tank player who knows what he or she's doing.

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I use a standard AD carry rune page

With armor penetration Reds

Armor Yellows

Magic Resist per level Blues

Flat Attack Damage Quintessences

The armor penetration is great early game and late game, the Armor and Magic Resist give you more sustain and Tankyness, and the Attack Damage Quints will just make farming and early game easier