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Varus Hybrid that will rock em with hurricane

Last updated on July 9, 2013
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Okay if you can tell this is my first posted build. The point of the build is to overwhelm the opponent with true dmg, magic dmg, and mainly ad dmg. It's that simple really and for those who regularly play varus you will steamroll over the worst parts (the low starting dmg, the lack of dmg blight does which makes you want to max it last, and your ability dmg) of playing him./b]

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The Core Item

So the core to this build is building spirit of the elder lizard ASAP because it will be a game changer, it affects all your abilities, your basic attacks, and (in my opinion the most enjoyable) your ult. So lets run through each beneficial category.

First up is abilites: lets start with your passive LIVING VENGEANCE and why not kill two birds with one stone by also incorporating BLIGHTED QUIVER, these two abilities go hand in hand BLIGHT increases your dmg deal out with basic attacks and LIVING VENGEANCE increases how many arrows you can fire of to apply blight. So what elder lizard does is already stated on the item description so you may think you see a flaw in my plan because of varus's applied BLIGHT, well you're wrong to think that the burn is not applied at all, it is just on your 4th strike on the same target when blight is out of stacks, so let you have the ap dmg from blight, the true dmg from elder lizard, and your basic attack dmg that has boosted critical dmg of 25% from your runes and mastery page. Onto PIERCING ARROW this ability makes varus an exceptional ADC it go through enemies, it's dmg is not reduced, and it has a very long range. With that said add the activation of some blight stacks and some burning dmg and your cooking with gas. Next on the list is HAIL OF ARROWS, this attack doesn't deal a lot of dmg so an add burn makes your go to slow something to avoid because of its added true dmg.

So oops didn't mean to cover basic attacks in that last passage, oh well that's two down one to go. Your ultimate ability CHAIN OF CORRUPTION which when fired into a team fight spread from enemy to enemy causing ap and true dmg along the way, not a bad way to turn your restrain into a real pain. Okay that was corny but you get the point, at most in this build you will have only around 49 AP so your ult will not deal that much dmg but the added true dmg adds a little kick that makes your ult actually deal some dmg.

Well that's all for now, hope this helped someone, any advice is welcome, and I will probably update this build some time in the future.