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Varus Jungle - AP Devourer

Last updated on September 13, 2015
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Hello summoners,

Here's my first build on mobafire, regarding the hidden potential of Varus AP Devourer in S5.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

- Super fast W proc with Devourer
- Strong Anti-Tank with W
- High CC for Ganks with R and E
- Passive helps in jungle
- Gameplay relatively similar to AD Varus
- AP ratio on W and R

Cons :

- Tough jungle clears early-game
- Squishy / no escape
- Can be hardly counter in jungle
- Devourer stacking dependent
- Forget sniping enemies with Q
- You are gonna be flamed

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This is the less-fun part :

Start with botlane (Gromp/Golems), ask support to tank it for you, smite it at spawn.

Then Red/Blue : begin with marking the buff and 1 of the 2 minions with 3 marks (1 on buff, 1 in minions...), then land a charged Q on 'em, kill minion to get AS bonus, and finish buff.

(don't forget to charge your Q in early jungle for little dmg bonus)

Follow with the other Blue/Red Buff

Then back or go for Wolfs/Raptors depending on your HP left.


You should have less difficulty from now on, focus on getting those 1400 gold for Devourer, and don't forget to pick any gank opportunity (stay tuned with your map)


After Devourer and Nashor Tooth you will be okay in jungle.


Your ganks post lvl.6 are very effective, don't forget to ask for enemy wards before running in the open. Consider coming from the lane and trap gank at top and bot.


Always make sure you have vision on river (Skettlers are your devourers friends) and don't forget to secure Drakes with Smite (Drakes are your devourers friends too)


Stay safe, when TF come, concentrate on positioning. Your burst allow you to get them enemy carries, but don't forget you are a monster anti-tank, so don't hesitate to poke them to death.

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Damage ?

Each skill you land must detonate W's marks (you can use R on a non-marked enemy on extreme situation). Assuming your Devourer is stacked, your damage output follow that logic :


2aa -> E -> 2aa -> Q or 2aa -> R -> 2aa -> E -> 2aa -> Q


2aa -> Q


as above, just focus on positioning


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