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Varus Build Guide by dudub

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dudub

Varus- Never miss you target

dudub Last updated on May 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi there is my first build but sure will not be the last one i want to do a build with varus cause his the only champ i was sure the build i do can't be ridiculous. Im just too much talk about me lets talk about Varus the arrow of retribution

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lets talk about rune i choose Greater Mark of desolation for armor penatration. Varus is an AD champ so why not take armor pen choose attack damge will not really benefit for him

After i choose Greater Seal of Attack Speed cause its very helpfull and with his passive its really give him a good bonus of attack speed

Finaly I choose Greater Glyph of Health cause varus is very weak in soon game so he need a little push at the begining of the game

For the Quintessences i choose Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed cause varus is very slow and same with the boots hes slower than the oother champion

What you can also take for rune

For mark you dont have to change it

For seal you can go with Greater Seal of vigor for better survability on soon game or you can go with Greater Seal of Armor to be a little bit more resistant

For Glyoh you can go with Greater Glyph of Magic Resistto be protected from mage and AP champ

Build 2

For rune i choose greater mark of desolation because he's a great auto attack champ he need a little bit armor pen

For seal i choose Greater Seal of Ability Power AP is the way to get more % of life with Blighted Quiver with these Ap you can reach 8 to 10 % per stack so 30% of life plus the amount of damge of the spell you use

For glyph i take Greater Glyph of Ability Power for the same reason above

And for quintessence greater quintessences of potency again for the same reason above

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Pros / Cons


pro he have a really good range with his Q
with his W he can harass champion and can confront a tank or some one who have a lot of health

Con's he's a really skeeshy champ his Q can be stop with a CC strike he's very slow so he can be taken really easely

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Oh now i hear you why choose Guinsoo's Rageblade and also in soon game i choose it cause it give you a really good attack speed bonus and with the stack of the item you got some AP who it give 1% of life for you W so you can have some easy kill with youre 3 stack on the target only with that little bonus

I choose Madred's Bloodrazor because combined to Blighted Quiver it give really good damage to a tank or to a high health champion so you can lane where oyu want and you can be sure you gonna master your lane

For build 2
Why choose Infinity Edge in an Ap build for crit and dammage because i said it before varus is a great auto attack champion and infinity is the great value for a great burst of dammage mainly with Lich Bane

Alternative item
You can choose Nashor's Tooth or Wit's End in place of Guinsoo's Rageblade this is for build 1 and for build 2 you can choose Wit's End for attack speed and magic resist

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells in build 1 i choose Flash and Heal Flash for survability and to provide gank Heal for more survability and other player focus Varus more often the the other ranged champion cause with Blighted Quiver and can do a lot of damage to a tank so with heal you provide the death by focus

For summoner spell in build 2 i choose falsh for the same reason in build 1 and i choose Ignite for people who have too much health and the dont want to die with the burst of damage of Blighted Quiver

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I have a word to say Its a ranged champ so use it

Varus have a great range whit Piercing Arrow so USE IT!!!!!

In early game use your range at his maximum and dont be to ambitious use your Blighted Quiver to stack so after stacking use your Hail of Arrows and after 3 auto attack again and after a Piercing Arrow and normally you should have a kill

In mid game
You should have your ultimate so use it to get some easy kill do the same thing as in early game but stay aways from the gank and use your Piercing Arrow brighly

For the rest of the game go as you think and just don't go in the lion's mouth be smart and USE ITS RANGE