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Vayne Build Guide by quanturos

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author quanturos

Vayne: Darkness Fears Me

quanturos Last updated on March 1, 2012
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I'll keep this as short as I can, but I've been known to be long winded about certain things. This' my first build submission, and at first glance, it looks dumb. But play it once, and you'll see it's not. Just don't waste your time going AI with this unless you're soloing (Custom Game, 1v5. Do it, it's fun.).
You're building attack speed, crit/crit damage, and lifesteal. You're going to hit for >1k and heal yourself >250 per attack, while attacking around twice per second. You will eat through tanks like they are minions, and two-three shot their carriers. Not even flashing away (unless they Flash through a wall and you don't see/know where they go) will stop you from vanquishing your foes.
Do your best to not be stunned, that is just about the only way for you to die (enemies who go invulnerable right before/when they die suck too, but you can get away from the majority of them). Tumble out of Cho's Rupture, knock back melee stunners with your Condemn (or just tumble away to both get out of range and hit them harder at the same time), and "super-ult" with Surge/Final Hour, giving yourself a final attack speed boost and letting you solo towers and kill the guys who come up to try to stop you. Not even Thornmail holds up against this build, especially if you switch out the Black Cleaver for another Bloodthirster.

Let me know what you think, I want to see comments so I can figure out how to evolve my own gameplay and become better.

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Fast attack speed, high damage output, good lifesteal, and max crit all give Vayne the ability to turn around almost any fight, whether she has teammates helping or running in fright. You can push enemies away from/to teammates to either save or secure the kill, and if you know when to Condemn, you can even get a stun. At level 6, you get a super-ult by combining Final Hour and Surge. You can dive at level 3, using Tumble to get away.
Oh, and you know Nunu's ultimate, Absolute Zero? Hit him with a Condemn if you don't think you can kill him in time. It interrupts it, whether or not you get the stun.
By the way, you can solo Baron once you get your Infinity Edge.
I won't lie. Vayne's squishy. Stun her and she's done unless the enemy team is bad or you have a healer or the rest of your team backing you up. Thornmail also hurts, but it's easy enough to build around or just deal with if you want (I'll mention this again later).

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Early Game

Try for first blood if you have a lanemate who isn't afraid of fights. With your Silver Bolts, attack speed from Surge, and Ghost, you can chase down the majority of your enemies before they get to their turret.
Target the champions instead of minions. Give them enough hell to keep them from leveling. Of course, when no-one's around or you need to play it safe (low hp happens), stay back and get some money/hp from the minion waves.
Normally, get Condemn second because, as a squishy, they'll chase you, giving you more opportunity to pin them to the walls and secure your kill. At 3, you should have tumble, letting you start diving.
See how I said normally in that last paragraph? Here's where I change it. If you're against squishies who are going to die to you anyway, get Tumble for the ability to chase and do that bonus damage. If you do this, get Condemn next. You want to have and use all three of your abilities as early as possible.
By the time you reach level 6, you should have enough money, if played correctly, to build a Bloodthirster. Feed that sucker up on minions and watch the kills roll in.

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Mid/Late Game

By now, you should have your three Zeals (maybe even two Phantom Dancers, if you're starting to get the hang of it). If not, that's OK. Just start watching for a Thornmail. This, they will obviously think, is the bane of your build. You see the Black Cleaver? Kick it off, and get another Bloodthirster before going for your next items. This build is about killing everyone, not just the ones without Thornmails. Anyway, rack in the kills and keep your team from feeding. They might not "need" the help, but try to be their for their fights and not just to KS them or mop up what's left after they die, but revenge is always an OK thing.
At this point, if you didn't notice, you can Surge/Final Hour and solo a turret (no friendly minions) before healing yourself off the minion wave and usually getting a double kill off the two enemy champions who come try to stop you. You'll be doing upwards of 1k/attack and (with one Bloodthirster) healing yourself >250/attack.
This is also the time the team pushes mid and you get a mix of 5 kills/assists before crushing the last two towers and winning the game.