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vayne for the faint of heart

Last updated on December 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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welcome to my 1st guide, played ADC for over 250 games now and wanted to share the love with fellow players who would like to learn the basics of ADC laning and the multi target fighting of teamfights

at the start we all fail at laning as a ADC becouse of theyr squishyness, and die 1st during teamfights becouse of enemys focusing on us

the way to winning your lane is to avoid death, this can be done in many ways, most of them leaning on supports.
there are,however, ways to survive as ADC without a great need of your support in lane

1st step: keep moving, most enemy ADCs will have skillshots u dont want them to have a easy hit with, same for supports like nidalee, blitzcrank or amumu, where a well-aimed skillshot can end your life easy

2nd step: if there is no ward dont move forward, and dont move in front of the ward to far unless you are positive the 5 teammembers of the enemy team are all occupied(mid, top and jungler need to be visible)

3rd step, once your alive try to make last hits, they are your way to higher item

4th step: keep a eye on your mid and junlger (top shouldnt get close), often purple blue gets stolen, if this goes wrong or is happening u may need 2 alert your support and head over there as fast as you can to help out with the fight, if ur fast u can get a 4V1 or 4V2 easy kill , if your slow the enemy can respond and u might end up on the 3V4 side of the fight instead becouse your jungler seeks help at your turret

5th step: pushing your lane, this is done best by starting to autoattack instead of yust last hitting minions, making u and your minions move up slow but steady, be aware of the skils the enemy ADC and support can use(stick close behind your minions for skillshots, stay next to them or at range behind them for attacks like miss fortunes double-up)
if u got a combination of skillshots and skills that prevent u from getting near your minions then yust let them initiate and push you back a little, keep up the farm and request a gank
once the gank is succesfull(2 death and enemy jungler not nearby or also dead) then push with the 3 of you(jungler, supp and u) to kill the enemy tower, keep a eye on the enemys deathcounter(tab) to see when they revive and estimate when they return to lane(be aware of homegaurd enchant or teleport)

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Runes and spells

marks; 9x armor penetration, if you prefer getting items for ARP lategame u can take AD(flat)
seals: 9x armor(flat)
glyphs:9x magic resist(scaling)
quints:3x AD(flat)

this results in a descent ammount of armor and AD in the start and some MR and ARP for the lategame

for spells: always start with a Q, escape skills are most important and this 1 also works for finishing off a enemy that wants to get out of the fight

E and W unlocking is next

once u reach lvl 3 u should have made your choice wether to go for a speedbased(more effective on high HP targets) or AD based(kills squishys very fast) build
for example: urgot and alistar dont go down easy so dont try to burst them, while a soraka + ez combo die in a few shots, also take the enemy jungler into account with your choice(if he babysits bot lane count him as 1/3rd if he is bussy with top/mid lane for about 1/10th)

maximize Q or W based on your choice, as u wont be engaging alot of CC requirement fights on a chain a lower CD on E is not required at low lvl
at lvl 13 have both W and Q maxxed and start building E for the bonus damage and more frequent CCs
ofcourse take R as soon as you can(6/11/16)

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once you got the hang of winning your lane, or at least not losing it while the other lanes can feed themselfs, you can move on to the teamfight stage

if you can take down your enemy tower and the enemy mid tower is still up you can sign your support to follow you to the mid lane. once there the mess realy starts

4V4 (if toplane is still in-tact) or 5V5 is the part where your team needs to either engage hard or poke the enemy down, since vayne has no pokes you should favour the full engage team over a poking 1 as vayne
at the point of engage these are your options: drop your brain and run, drop your brain and shoot or focus and finish on top

1st works when your team got poked down and has bare health for the fight
2nd works when your team poked the enemy to bare health and u can finish off the remains
3rd is needed for fast/accidental engages and full on full fights

1st and 2nd are self-explaining
3rd needs attention:
dont move to the front half of your team, and when it gets to a scramble be on the outer ranges of the fight, walking around the fight dodging the melee scramble is more immportant then diving in and damaging the enemy ADC(u got your jungler and top for that @ the start of the fight)
your focus to start with: any squishy melee like: kha zix, fiddlesticks, master yi, katarina and others
once the damage in the scramble is reduced and no1 rushed to kill you its time to focus on the real damage: the enemy ADC, often CCed by your support/jungler they cant deal as much damage as you can and are weak to your judgement
follow up with any high damage targets remaining(teemo and other high damage target that dont need to be in melee or are medium armored

once the (often 2 sometimes 3) main damage dealers of the enemy team are down you can chase the remaining players(often tanks or yust escape artists) down for the ace

if things go bad and your melee damage dealer dies you need 2 try and finish off the enemy melee and yust take the run, u cant win a 3V5 but u can make the death of your friend usefull, at least do enough damage they cant push freely for your base