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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Innerpartysystem

Vayne: How to deal Damage and survive

Innerpartysystem Last updated on May 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 22

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 8

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Chapter 1

The Stats shown above are NOT entirely correct! There is 70 damage missing from Atma's Impaler and 75 more, if your Ulti is activated. In other words: You'll be at at least 343 Damage in Teamfights, not counting Buffs and/or Consumeables.

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I've been playing Vayne a lot since her release and I've been trying a lot of different builds, starting with the probably most common one (standard AD-carry: Phantom/IE/Bloodthirster) and partly even failing horribly, until i came across this one, which happens to be even recommended by Vayne'S creators themselves.

In the first few days after her release, I've found myself in tons of "Vayne vs Vayne"-mirror-matches (since I prefer to test champions in normal games and get to know them, before i take them into ranked.). After all, the following build was the one, which won me those mirror-matches easily.

While the usual DPS-build is nearly as good on her as on every other AD-Carry ("nearly", because she lacks range), this build offers way more survivability and consistant damage after your burst, since it doesn't heavily rely on how often you crit and how much damage your critical hits do.

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Pros / Cons


1. Insane Burst-damage

2. Position/Skillshot-Stun (Yes, I consider this a PRO. How many ranged AD-carries you know have a low-CD-stun? Twisted Fate [if he's even built AD that is] and ...?)

3. Strong early-game

4. Exeptional ganker (Especially with Ulti)

5. Vayne chases, what Vayne pleases!



1. Squishy

2. Low Range (Especially compared to the popular AD-carries)

3. Single-Target-Damage only

4. Damage-Output is only at its best, when focusing only 1 enemy-champ. Firstly, this isn't always possible, since against a well organised team the champ being attacked by you, will take a step back and if you follow ... well ... you're dead! Secondly, Champs like Ashe/Caitlyn/Miss Fortune can easily change target and their damage-output remains the same.

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Summoner Spells

Obviously, escape-summoners are worth the pick and even though I haven't upgraded Flash in my Utility-Tree it still is as useful as it always was. These 2 summoners improve your escape/chase-ability by 200%.

As a matter of fact, I could run Ghost/Exhaust and upgrade Exhaust in my Offense-Tree, but i consider Exhaust on offensive summoner-spell, while Ghost/Flash are way more efficient in a defensive way and get me out of ganks easily.

Imho, there's no reason to run Ignite as standard (!!!). If you recognise that your team lacks Ignite, you may pick it, but i strongly advise you to do that as last resort.

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I admit, that 22-0-8 masteries seem to be very strange, considering the usual 21-0-9.

To strenghen my point, i want you to know why i distribute 22-0-8. Honestly spwaking, I don't quite see any mastery to be worth an additional point in my utility-tree except for those 8. Neither the buff-duration (You won't get buffs on Vayne early on anyway, since you have a jungler), nor the extra 1 gold are worth sacrificing the boni I can get in exchange in my offense-tree, when i go 22-0-8, instead of 21-0-9.

Of course, I don't claim, that this is the only way to go, but I've had most success, when i had my masteries set this way.

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1. Marks: Greater Mark of Desolation (+1.66 Armor-Penetration)

2. Seals: Greater Seal of Vitality (+1.08 HP per Level / + 19.44 HP at Champion-Level 18)

3. Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Focus (-0.65% Cooldown)

4. Quintessences: Greater Quintessence of Desolation (+3.33 Armor-Penetration)

ad. 1 & 4) Marks and Quintessences of Desolation are a must-have on any AD-Carry.

ad. 2) Vitality-Seals increase you survivability per level. Furthermore it synergises perfectly with Atma's Impaler, and Item I highly recommend on Vayne!

ad. 3) I prefer the little bit of cooldown-reduction of the little bit of MRes, but basically they're interchangable and shouldn't effect the build in its roots.

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Skill Sequence

I start with Tumble, although I advise to NOT permanently lasthit with it. You can do it, if you feel save enough. However, for instance, tumbling against Sion/Ashe will probably send you back to your Nexus.

At Level 2 & 3 I skill Silver Bolts.

At Level 4 Condemn.

At Level 5 Tumble.

Level 6, 11, 16 are obviously ment to be for Final Hour.

Other than that, I max Silver Bolts asap, then Tumble asap.

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Starting Item: Doran's Blade

1. Boots (I pick Mercury Treads in 95% of the games, due to enemy's CC. 5% Ninja Tabi if enemies are mostly AD. I NEVER went Berserker's Greaves with her: They're a huge waste imho, considering 35 tenacity from MT and the early MRes you get.)

2. Trinity Force (Starting with Sheen for Burst-Dmg, then Phage for HP & Dmg, then Zeal. Trinity offers early- to mid-game Burst and survivability, due to more HP, movement-speed and "Tumble" procing with Sheen.)

3. Madred's Bloodrazor (Starting with Madred's Razor, then Recurve Bow, since it decreases the time you need for 3 hits, finishing with Pickaxe.)

4. Frozen Mallet (Offers even more HP and adds a little bit of damage. Furthermore its passive synergises with Vayne's chasing ability. Starting with Phage again.)

[Depending on whether AD- or AP-carry of the enemy team is fed and/or seems a threat to you, i get the following 2 in no particular order...]

5. Banshee's Veil (What can i say? More HP, more MRes, can block critical spells. If you can't afford it at once, i advise you to go for Negatron Cloak first.)

6. Atma's Impaler (With Banshee's Veil, Frozen Mallet, Trinity Force AND your Seals of Vitality this item is a MUST-HAVE on Vayne imho, since it offers +45 Armor, +18% Chance for Crits and 70 [!!!] Attack-Damage ... for 2355 Gold.)


Situational Items:

1. Hexdrinker (I get this right after Sheen and before finishing Boots, when I either sololane against Champs like Vlad/Annie/Veigar/etc., OR if there's a Karthus in the enemy team.)

2. Last Whisper (I only get this, if I find my enemy team's Carries are intelligent enough to actually buy some kind of armor. Otherwise it's just wasted money imho. If the enemy Ashe has 50 Armor, is it really worth buying it?)

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Team Work

As stated before, Vayne is an exceptional Ganker, when she has reached LvL6.

Me and a premade friend of mine have been doing this a lot and it doesn't necessarily require your jungler to be there...
Scenario: Malzahar is mid against ChampX and has Ulti ready, so do you. You're waiting in the brush, R-Q-E ChampX into Malzahar's Ulti --> "An enemy has been slain!" Worst case: You forced ChampX's summoner-spells and he/she/it needs to recall.

Other than that, just communicate with your team. Vayne is a Single-Target-Takedown-Champ. Tell them who you'll focus or ask them who they want you to focus. In other words: It is a waste of 2 Ulti's and Vayne's potential, if you focus the enemy's Ashe, while your Malzahar Ulti's on her and your Cho'gath nomnomnoms her too.

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When/Why pick Vayne?

One of the most important things to understand is, that Vayne (this is my humble opinion) is a COUNTER-PICK!

While Ashe/Caitlyn/Miss Fortune will fit against most teams as the common AD-Carry, Vayne is most efficient against tanky teams!


Against a "Amumu/Veigar/Caitlyn/Soraka/Warwick"-Team, Ashe is by far the more efficient AD-carry than Vayne. On the other hand a "Cho/Jarvan/Vlad/Sona/Corki"-Team, Vayne is going to live up to her full potential. Of course, against both teams she will do her damage.

However, while Veigar/Caitlyn can be killed by your AP-Carry (Annie, for instance) easily without your help, a tanky team like Cho/Jarvan/Vlad will make you and your Silver Bolts insanely valueable!

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Vayne's weaknesses are her squishyness, her lack of escape-abilities (I don't consider your Tumble-stealth, when Ulti is activated a viable escape-plan, since it should be used in teamfights, not in order to get out of ganks) and her short range.

With this build, I did a good job (and hopefully you'll do, too) of decreasing two of them, while the there's nothing that can be done about the third, other than knowing how to position youserlf before/in teamfights.

With Ghost & Flash as summoner-spells you can get yourself out of 90% of your trouble-situations.

Furthermore, with Mercury Treads, Banshee's Veil and Atma's Impaler you'll be over 100 MRes and Armor, while you gain HP through Trinity Force, Frozen Mallet and Banshee's Veil itself, increasing your chances of survival and/or the time you can stay in a teamfight.

Vayne was released in a time, where the LoL-metagame was all about being as tanky as you can be. Now, we have a tank-breaker out there, making you extremely efficient, if your opponents stick to their Tank-teams, but making her less viable (in comparison to other AD-carries) if they went back to the formerly common and popular Tank/Offtank/Support/AD-/AP-Carry-lineup.

Watch your teammates picks, but above all, watch enemy-picks. Pick Vayne, when they go tanky. Pick Ashe/Caitlyn/Miss Fortune, when they want to avoid facing Vayne by not going tanky.

Playing Vayne efficiently requires communication with your team and concentration of your own. Tell your team, who you are going to focus and try sticking to it, while concentrating that said Champ isn't "pulling" you directly into his 4 teammates, when taking 2 steps back, when you autoattack.