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Vayne MID, "WTF?" I'll Teach You How to Lane Mid.

Last updated on October 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction/ Tips

***Mid Vayne is an excellent choice***

Hello Everyone, this is my first guide. it it simple, but to get to the point Vayne is an excellent mid champion.

1) Vayne does an excellent amount of damage (make sure you have the AD runes or this wont happen.

2) Make sure that you are able to dodge abilities quickly, 'q', to evade incoming enemy abilities such as Lux stun and area efect spell, and or, Ziggs multiple abilties, 'q' is great for dodges all sorts of abilites and ults that require accuracy like Varus 'q'.

3) You don't normaly have to play safe, most mids will be too cocky and underestimate you. Take this advantage and 'tumble' to them. Make sure you target them because sometimes it stops the auto attack, does not happen often, but its very stressful if you couldn't get the kill when you should have.

4) Vayne is an easy champ to kill so make sure you are able to 'tumble' 9/10 abilities to you. Having too many hit you like Ez's skill shots will hurt you.

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Runes For Vayne

For Runes I go with AD only. I currently have 9 "Greater Marks of Strength", Tier 3, 9 "Greater Glyphs of Strength", Tier 3, "Greater Seal of Strength", Tier 3, but its not shone and instead I picked "Greater Seal of Might" so you have an understanding of all AD, and "greater Quintessence of Strength", Tier 3. All together you get an addition of +22 damage at start and with Doran's Blade, a must have start item for Vayne, you will have +10 (+32 in total)

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Masteries For Vayne

For masteries I went with 21/0/9 set, and I went with the AD, movement speed bonus, and runes.
***You do not have to jungle, you just 'want' to get it when you have the time, hp, and no one is taking your lane (no one as in enemy player).

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My item Build.

For Vayne and most of my similar champs that relate to Vayne such as Talon, I would start with Doran's Blade because they give you the extra damage. As soon as you see your opponent in your lane you want to play it safe if its someone like LeBlanc, or harass them if its someone like Lux. ***When you fight LeBlanc it is very difficult. You need to be fast and you need to be agile when you find hard opponents. Then I would get boots as soon as possible. After I have my boots I then would go for another Doran's Blade unless I have enough gold for B.F.Sword to get Black Cleaver; I'd get this so that I can lower enemy armor. Then I'd go for vampiric Scepter and then get Executioner's Calling because it increases crits and +18% life steal which helps a lot (lets you stay in team fights longer). Then I go for another B.F.Sword so that I can get Infinity edge. Sometimes I get a different set of boots (boots of mobility for the extra speed that lets me get to places faster). Then I go for Phantom Dancers for the extra attack speed and mobility. After ALL 6 slots are buy elixirs of agility, fortitude, and oracles. Remember to keep buying elixirs. (you can buy elixirs even though all slots are full) just go to store and it will have an increased benefit instead of increased hp and mana or ap.

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Skill Sequence

When playing Vayne you want to get your 'q', tumble, first. Allows you to dodge abilities and get closer or retreat fro enemies. Then I go for my 'w' so that i can do the extra true damage that always helps. Then I upgrade each one each time until, when Level 5, I get my 'e', condemn, so that i can push them into a wall to stun them or to push them away from allies and self. then make sure you get your 'w' and 'q' more than your 'e'.

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Summoner Spells


For summoner spells make sure you have heal. It is a good counter ignite and helps you stay alive and finish a champion if you're in the middle of a battle. Also heals your allies so use it to heal them, and if you save them, might let them think of helping you out next time.


Flash is great for many uses. Yo can use it to get closer to an enemy or to get further away from someone.

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When Fighting some hard mids...(Leblanc)


Leblanc is a hard mid to kill. She will will duplicate herself when she falls under 30% hp making it hard recognize which one is the real one. When i mid Leblanc, both games that I versed one I won, I try to wait until she tries to approach me and then i q her and try to get the third bolt in to deal initial damage. The first game that I versed LeBlanc was Tough and you also want to use your ult with your q so that you can be invisible and get closer to deal damage. When you see her duplicate make sure you target the one that is farthest away from you as soon as it happens. If your struggling make sure you don't let her hit you and have someone gank your lane.

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When Fighting hard mids...(Ezreal)


When you have an Ez trying to kill you remember he is weak. Hide behind minions so that he cant use his q because it wont hit you, but use q to dodge his w. Then try to hit him as many times as possible without dying. When Ez ults make sure you flash out of the way or q out of the way. He is't much of s problem sometimes, but if you have him try to poke him with your q.

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When Fighting hard mids...(Ziggs)


When you have Ziggs on your lane it gets hard because of his long range pokes. He harasses all the time. To counter this try to poke yourself without getting yourself killed. If he gets too hard try to have someone gank mid.

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In conclusion I hope you found this guide helpful. This is my first guide and I plan on adding pictures of my mid scores and also videos if people like my guide. I don't like laning bot or top because the enemy always targets me and i die quickly without getting kills or farm. Hope there are people brave enough to think this is a good idea and actually try it. i don't know what made me go mid as vayne, but it worked so well. I haven't seen any other vaynes go mid and so I think I'm one of the only ones. Hope to see another Vayne mid as my opponent :)