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Vayne Build Guide by krypton91

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author krypton91

Vayne - Tearing the enemy Apart!

krypton91 Last updated on June 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello everyone

This guide is for people, who want to do generally good with vayne.
Though this requires general knowledge of ranged attack damage carry, I promise you a guide alone would never get yourself 15/1/2 in a ranked game, but this combined with common knowledge should led you towards it. This guide focuses the standard LOL people.

P.S. All the Vayne guides out there haven't really been helpful in my opinion not taking use of her most useful skillz.

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How you'd want setup your Vayne, before entering battle!

This is the part where i explain masteries and runes for you.


Greater mark of desolation x9


You'd want Armor pen or Attack dmg. I personally go with 3 AP and 6 AD since you'd want a quite high starting AD rate so you can take out their squishies with a few tumbles.



I go with Attack speed, but i've figured that crit works great, with crit you can build yourself a huge load of burst which usually makes enemy team go rage.



When speaking glyphs i personally prefer Magic resist ones, cause your worst nightmare as a squishy champ like vayne, AP Bursts like Annie is your nightmare.


Greater Quintessence of Desolation x3
Armor Pen is the only thing we want to mess with!


Masteries as Vayne is not really discussable, you'd want to go 21/0/9 there are none other considerable mastery build.

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Summoner Spells

We'd be wanting Ghost and Flash when we are playing vayne, since the only big problem vayne has is fleeing or getting caught. In a team fight you'd want to sit back in the back and throw out some of your awesome dmg if you get chased Flee and this is where Ghost and flash come in handy.

A great summoner spell but can be switched out in exchange of Exhaust/ignite. but Ghost/flash rules the team fights. Ghost makes your chasing even more devastating and your ability to flee greater.

A must for vayne! Cannot be replaced no matter what. Flash is the best skill for any Player, Because People never really think that you have flash and your able to flash in and nuke your enemy. So this grants you a big advantage also when escaping.

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Skills and Abilities

Night Hunter(passive) This Ability makes you run faster when running towards enemy champions, making vayne ideal for chasing and helps you a lot early game, when you have no boots. NOTE that using ulti wil Triple this passive while Ultimate holds.

Tumble( Q ) This ability will make vayne do "Police Roll" in your Cursors direction, and empower your next shot, depending on AD, So its greatly used for both harrasing, dodging and fleeing. NOTE using this while under the effects of Vaynes ultimate you will become stealthed for 1.5 seconds, this improves your ability to fight 1v1 and fleeing. Lets say you fight some melee guy your both low but you dont wanna risk anything thing, you got ulti up, you tumble away moving to maximum range and fire at him will give you better chances of surviving, also a great way to get into bush, so you can fire from there.
P.S. This ability is great for positioning yourself to knockback/stun a enemy with Condemn, you always skill this if able to.

Condemn ( W ) So this is Vaynes Ranged knockback, very similar to the one of Poppy. You hit your enemy with it he will be knocked back, if he hits a wall he will take extra dmg, and become stunned for 1.5 seconds. This is your number 1 key to nuke! combine and and beat em up
Tumble at em, Condemn them into the wall (if no wall is there dont bother) Fire at will, and chase him to death. NOTE you can use this ability to knock away following champions, combined with tumble you can get away fast.

Silver Bolts ( E ) This is a passive ability which makes vaynes every third shot in a row deal a portion of True dmg, this is very useful against tanks and creeping, and if you go the Attack speed way of vayne, WHICH YOU SHOULD NOT! this comes in real handy, but also in general its extra damage, and points picked in this are not wasted, cause condemn >Rank 1 is only useful if you manage to shot your enemies into nearby walls.

Final Hour ( R ) Ultimate, Our Ulti grants us improved attack dmg + Triple Passive chasing speed and stealth for 1.5 secs on tumble. This is useful in any way. Stealth Make us untargetable for some time (If they dont have Oracles) and gives you time to get at range. The run speed grants us the ability to Chase harder than Warwick himself and the bonus attack dmg with an Infinity edge should grant you crits about 700 on normal armor champs... everyone fears you.

As i see it you can play vayne in two ways when talking about skilling. The standard to lvl 4 is /// these are best choices but what comes after is different from game to game.

Skilling after Level 4

There's the burst and more mana hungry way, and there's the Harassment/anti tank way.


Skilling burst means you want to put out as much damage as possible in the quickest way. Be aware this comes in useful when fighting Squishy champs or playing with a Damage dealer. How do the vayne do that? We'd be skilling when possible else putting our skill points in so that we can knock our opponents into the nearest wall with a tumble and almost surely killing the enemy if you have a teammates who's willing to help you.

The Harass/anti tank way of doing it!

We'd be picking up our standard skill build to level 4 and start skilling instead of . Note that only works when you hit 3 times on the same target, so this skilling would be better against tanks since they generally take less dmg and the silverbolts deals a portion of true damage (True dmg ignores any type of armor)
You would generally use this when playing with a healer.

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As of Item list in top it says and YUS it's great, not discussable is the best start item for vayne.
As second item you will buy
Second Doran's blade is bought if you haven't picked up enough Last hits or kills for either ,B.F. Sword or otherwise skip it and go for your
After i usually grab a pair of boots mostly cause will make up for your lack of run speed (vayne standard run speed 305) If im totally dominating i pick up a B.F. Sword and finish my boots. Thereafter i get a NOTE! This item makes Vayne UNSTOPPABLE! It pays off to farm all the way to infinity edge without risking anything, cause when you get your Infinity edge you'd be Kicking out humangeous amounts of dmg (and alot of burst!) I've played many games, getting not much kills early game, just farming for Infinity edge and when i got it, the enemy team went rage. So Infinity Edge is at any points your MOST VIABLE ITEM! (with caps <3) Afterwards you start building Either or depending on if you need more dmg or feel too squishy to be of any use.

KK we've got our core build here:

In between these items you can pick up a it really pays off.
Last two items is depending enemy team, but i'll just list a few good ones: (for the armor and you'll rip tanks apart even harder), (good on any AD champ) Really good aswell.

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Laning Phase!

Vayne is quite flexible when talking laning partner but we'd prefer either another Nuke champ or a healer. Vayne will be tumbling around the lane and harassing the opponent, NOTE if you see a enemy near the wall a alarm should sound in your head. Think fast and condemn her right into the wall (can also be used for knockback in general) this will do a huge amount of dmg to enemy champion and you might achieve a kill.

When you get Ult you can Chase anyone to death, your tumbles will tear the enemy apart.
Remember Last hitting is your thing <3 The button "S" is your friend, it will stop your champion from shooting or moving until you press attack/move/right click again


As any other Ranged ad you'd want to be sit back at the bottom of your team (tank always first <3) Waiting for Initiate, NOTE you can initiate with a Condemn to the wall but be aware that you will get jumped instantly get out of there instantly, dont be afraid of popping ult or flash to get away. Otherwise you'd want to tumble and shot down the enemy from the back and being awake of possible focuses upon you cause really, YOU WILL BE FOCUSED! If the enemy starts fleeing its where your passive comes in handy + ult if not used. You can easily lead the group chasing em down with tumbles, condemn etc. but still keep your eyes open all the time for possible turn overs your still squishy as hell.


So shortly, you'd want to be positioned in team fights for Condemn, you will be focused watch for it! And at last chasing is your thing, but dont get too greedy like me.

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Tips and advices!

1. When you play Vayne it's great to have someone like / / / to protect you, by Taunting/knocking back/stunning etc.

2. If someone wants to get near you Knock'em back with Condemn

3. Take care of Hardcore AP BURST these guys will take you down some of them are / / with more!

4. Use condemn to knock people into a wall and with a tumble can put out loads of Burst, try to combine it with Final hour (ultimate)

5. Vayne is very squishy use / to get the right positioning, Ranged AD is all about your position

6. It pays off playing defensively to farm until you have an when you get it, you will rock their faces

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Good Luck and Have fun (Check it out!)

So I'd like feedback, not that i dont know my guide is great, it's just i want to see my fellow vaynes out there commenting and sharing their experiences with her. Post Message me if you have any questions or you need to know anything i forgot to tell you :)

Feel free to add me ingame Krypton91