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League of Legends Build Guide Author sirtimid

Vayne - Trip....Quad...PENTA WHAT????!??!?!?

sirtimid Last updated on May 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hello everyone,

This is my first real build. I have seen how much rape vayne is so I decided to share my methods. First off look at my current ranked stats with Vayne and you can decide if you want to read further.

Alright here we go.

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The runes I set are the ones I use not necessarily what you want.

Armor pen red and quints are standard.

Blue I like the CDR/level because it gives you more late game which is where you will be for the majority of a game. That being said. Her cooldowns are extremely low already and you are more than welcome to go to somethign else like attack speed or whatever suits your playing style.

Yellows I take attack speed. It's nice to have that little extra attack speed so you can get straight damage and focus less on AS.

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Standard 21/0/9

This is up to you but this works well for me. Sometimes I put the ninth point in increased buffs because you get them often but the extra gold is nice.

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Skill Sequence

May have screwed up the late game order but basically I go Q>W>E taking R whenever its up.

Tumble -
Use this as often as possible. With sheen it will do a LOT of damage.

Silver Bolts -
This is your main harrassing tool. If they get too close to you hit them once. If you get another hit off then immediately tumble towards them and silver bolts will activate. This will do SO MUCH damage.

Condemn - Use this to move your opponent. It doesnt do much damage at all especially leveling it last. Try and get the stun off (hitting them into a wall)

Final Hour - This should be an initiation move. turn it on and tumble towards them you will be invisible and going real fast. As this point you should flash past them and shoot them back. Then auto attack and tumble to victory.

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This is the straight ballin part.

Dorans Blade. has a bit of life steal so you can stay back and gain some health back plus the damage and health. Perfect.

Zerks - again a little AS but you can go with merc treads if they are heavy cc or botos of swiftness if you really want (but not needed with your passive.

Sheen - every ability double damage. B E A Utiful.

Zeal - Crit and AS

Tri force - Ballin'

Vampiric - At this point you should be able to rape everyone. There is no stopping a vayne no matter how long it takes her to get to this point.

The Bloodthirster - Finish this bad boy and then the rest is up to you.

Three Possible Paths to Take

1. Damage -
Get IE or Black Cleaver or Both

Then fosho get a Banshees

2. Heavy Magic Team -
Banshees then Wits End

3. Heavy Physical -
Frozen Heart - THIS IS MY FAVORITE ITEM IN THE GAME. If you get this you can 1v1 ANY DPS because it lowers their attack speed and you get ******ed amounts of armor

Then get Black Cleaver

Last item is situational and you should be able to figure out what you need by this point.

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Summoner Spells

I take Exhaust Flash

Exhaust because when your assasinating someone you could have then slower for a while get past them and shoot them back.

Flash because you can get away from a gank along with tumble and you can catch someone easily.

Other Choices

Ghost instead of exhaust.
Maybe ignite.

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How to rape with vayne???

This is very very useful and if you do it at all team fights you will win.

Early game harass you opponents while last hitting as always.

Once you have you vampiric you should be good to go.

When a team fight ensues. Your job is to run around the team fight and gank from behind. Kill their support if they have one then they ranged dps. After that mages and tanks. If you do this well you should come from behind by ulting and tumbleing so they wont see you coming until you've already killed 2 or 3 of them.