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Pantheon Build Guide by Vecksu

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vecksu

Vecksu's Pantheon- The Jungling Spartan.

Vecksu Last updated on January 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi there! So basically, this is my first guide for the champion, Pantheon. He was the first champion that I bought ever since I started playing League of Legends, and is still one of my favorites till now.

To start off, Pantheon is a heavy damage dealer. His Spear Shot does tons of damage to a single target enemy, he has a nasty gap-closer stun and last but not least a cone-shaped physical damage-dealing skill which can pulverize enemies. Don't get me started on his ult, Grand Skyfall. It is extremely potent for jungling, and one of the best engaging skills that has ever been in LoL.

Personally, I find that nerfing Grand Skyfall is not all that bad, because judging from the buffs of his other skills, it compensates for his reduced range on his ult. Anyways.

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Pros / Cons

Pros : Good ganker.
Easy 'Nuke' Spell (Spear Shot)
Excellent engager (Ult, Flash+Stun)
High damage output in Mid/Late game.

Cons : Melee champion (gets outranged by ranged champions)
Always get targeted first in teamfights.
Early game jungling can be tedious (if there's an enemy jungler in your jungle)
Mana cost is too high in Early/Mid/Late game. (especially with ult)

Overall, Pantheon is more of an assassin than a fighter. Able to implement good ganks which can lead to the victory of your team.

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For runes, Marks and Quints are definitely armor pen. It is very useful for ganking, as maxxing your Spear Shot first can deal massive damage to your opponent, along with Heartseeker Strike.

As for Seals and Glyphs, Armor and Magic Resist is essential for Pantheon. In team fights, enemies tend to focus on you first. Having bonus armor and MR can be useful to survive in teamfights, because you have to use your ult to engage.

Moving on.

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There's really no need to talk about masteries. I place 9 on defense because it gives bonus armor and mr to stack with your runes, and get bladed armor to jungle. With armor pen and critical strike damage % increase in the Offense tree, this can certainly buff up Pantheon and utilize his skills to the fullest.

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For items, I start off with a Doran's Blade to jungle. Normally people would go for cloth + 5pots or a vampiric scepter, but I don't find them useful because the additional health and damage from Doran's Blade allows you to take a few hits from the tower when you towerdive for a kill.

I get a boots of speed after the first round of clearing the jungle, followed by 2 more Doran's blade after jungling and ganking the next time. The reason I get 3 Doran's Blade for Pantheon because it is very useful for sustaining in the jungle, meaning that you can kill multiple camps before ganking a lane.

For the boots upgrade, you might want to take into consideration the enemies' most damage output in the game, meaning who deals the most damage to you. Preferably Merc Treads is the way to go if there are lots of AP on the other side. However, with the new Ninja Tabi coming up, it counters ad carries with ease.
(It's your choice though, not mine)

Once you've gank at least once in all of the lanes (depending on whether the situation allows you to), you purchase a Brutalizer for Armor Penetration and CDR. The CDR is magnificent for Spear Shot and Grand Skyfall, because you can constantly harass your enemy while ganking with Spear Shot, accompanied with shorter cooldowns for Grand Skyfall.

Following up with the Brutalizer should be a Bloodthirster. The additional damage and lifesteal is needed so that Pantheon can survive a team fight easily. Getting Bloodthrister stacks up is so much easier when you're jungling, because you don't have to share lanes in top/bot, or get 'denied' by ranged champions in mid. (But why do you care? This is a Jungling Panth guide!)

Grab a Frozen Mallet for sustain and support for your fellow teammates, because things can get pretty nasty when in mid game.

Eg. AP Nukes can bring you down fast as you have not completed your build yet.

Move on and complete your Brutalizer into a Ghostblade. Using the Ghostblade's active skill along with your passive from Frozen Mallet can be devastating to your enemies as they wont have any escape route, unless they have cc but hey. You have a stun.

From here on, you can choose which are the two items you want to complete your build with.
I have a few scenarios for you to gauge which is best for each of them. Here goes~

Scenario 1: Enemy team has lots of tanky champions (Like Ryze, Cho'Gath, Riven and etc.) You would want to go for a FoN and a Last Whisper to burst them down with your armor pen, and sustain better to last longer in a fight.

Scenario 2: Lots of burst champions but with little health and/or armor+mr. Grab a FoN for health regen and an Infinity Edge to be in shape in a fight with a decent damage output.

Scenario 3: You are the main damage dealer in the team, and have to crush their main damage dealer. Get both Last Whisper and an Infinity Edge for maximum damage output.

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Skill Sequence

So you know the rules, Pantheon's main burst skill is his Spear Shot. Max that first, followed by Heartseeker Strike, which can be quite disgustingly painful in late game. Add a stun at level 3 for ganking and add it last, because it does not have an AD Scale.

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Summoner Spells

Smite and Flash is a good combo for Panth, because if the enemy is out of reach and you want to have a surprise gank, you are able to Flash in and stun and grab the kill easily for the team.

Smite is used for jungling and stealing buffs/bosses for your team. It's crucial for jungling at lower levels too. Thus, Smite is your main summoner spell for jungling.

Ghost is pretty decent too, for chasing down enemies and stunning them. However, I'm more of a player that utilizes the art of surprise, which is why Pantheon is classified under as an assassin. You can change your second spell to this if you like *hunting* your enemies down. *derp*

Ignite: You won't have mobility with ignite, which can be difficult for escaping and chasing your enemies. Also, ignite is very common with your teammates, especially with AP champions for the 5AP bonus in mastery. *Not reliable*

CV: Really?

Heal: Nah, leave it for supports. Same goes for CV.

Exhaust: Similar to Ignite, you won't escape easily, which can bring you to a tight spot. The duration of exhaust is also very little, so it is not advisable to pair it up with smite.

Surge: You kidding me?

Teleport: Well, you already have your ult for ganking, and besides, you're jungling. Why would you be teleporting to towers?

Cleanse: Hmm.. you can give a second thought to this spell. Although you can't escape with Flash or Ghost, Cleanse allows you to get a comeback when you get cc'd.

Clarity: Ew.

Promote: You don't really see people using promote, unless they have strong pushers like heimer and morde. But then again, we're playing rift, jungling in rift. There won't be any allied minions close will there?

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Jungling/ Jungle Route

Start off with Blue buff. As Pantheon tends to get into Mana Withdrawal in early game, Blue would suffice and allows you to constantly use your spear onto the camps.

Head on to wolves, targetting the Big wolf first.

Go for the Wraiths, aiming for the blue wraith. AFter that's finished, invade the golem camp with smite still with you. Again, focus on the big golem.

Recall after the golems, because you will be low after defeating them. Now it is the time to know what to do, and where to gank. Because you're at level three, you are able to stun while ganking and have an opportunity to use your E. This can deal significant damage for harass or even for a kill if your teammate is able to bring him down.

You can either go for Red buff and gank lanes, or you can choose to invade your opponent's jungle and steal wolves/wraiths etc. You can ward their buff camps if you have enough money after buying your boots to have more map control.

This allows team members to know where the enemy jungler is, and can help you harass him to avoid him from being much more farmed than you. You have to take note that in order for a secure win for the game, you need to be higher level than the opponent's jungler. This would give you extra time to gank and not worry about the jungler because he will have to place extra effort on leveling up to gank.

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All in all, Pantheon is able to nuke down enemies with his combo, WEQ. It is one of the basic commands for him to gank, but take note of your cooldown for your spear. You might even get lucky when you throw your spear out first and then stun, to get another chance to spear your opponents the second time. QWEQ

Well, that's it for my guide. It seems pretty normal, I know. I'll be editing as soon as possible, but exams are coming up and stuff gets a whole lot worse. Give me time :>