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Veigar Build Guide by boondox

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League of Legends Build Guide Author boondox

Veigar. make it rain on dem hoes

boondox Last updated on December 15, 2011
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Hello, I'm fairly new to mobafire, used some of the guides for awhile but just recently joined and this is my first build so i hope it goes well.

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as almost any LoL player will tell you, runes are largely based on personal preference. i personally like flat health quints mp5/lvl seals, flat AP glyphs, and magic pen marks

alot of variation can be used, i've used flat AP quints, AP glyphs, magic pen marks, and cdr seals.

another very viable variation i've seen success with is flat health quints, cdr glyphs, mp5 seals and magic pen marks.

basically you're fine with whatever, just don't rune stats you don't use...common sense.

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masteries are another area that is largely based on personal preference. as long as you have the 9 in offense for cdr and magic pen you can put the other 21 in the utility or even defense tree as you see fit, but i don't reccomend going defense with veigar unless you really feel like you need more survivability.

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the items i listed are my general situation core build. i.e. what i shoot for without variables from the other team. there's alot of different ways to build veigar, all viable, but the basic idea here is to stack AP. obviously. sometimes i take a doran ring off the top, but usually i find those health potions to be essential for lane staying potential. regardless of the start item my first b i grab a tear of the goddess, and boots of speed if possible. second b i finish arch staff and finish sorcerers shoes. after that, b whenever you have a good amount of gold and it's convenient and try to finish your build.

this core build is fairly straightforward, the only item that i feel needs explaining as to why i take it is lich bane, and the answer is simple; veigar should have the most AP in any the end of a 45 min-hour game you'll have 1k+ AP. lich bane's passive capitalizes on this making your auto attacks do insane damage. 1k+ is a whole lot of free damage just for picking up an item which even without this passive still has nice stats. on top of the fact that you'll always want to save your ult for another AP champion, one of your spells is not a nuke, leaving you with two nukes (assuming you land dark matter) to utilize against a ad carry/tank, which won't kill them from full health. that extra auto attack damage is just too good to pass up. plus the move speed synergizes nicely with the move speed talents in utility. when you play veigar, you will be running away alot.

you may ask, why not deathfire grasp?
my answer is i simply don't like it. you do so much damage as it is, that extra nuke it offers simply does not outweigh the usefullness of lich bane. the exception to this is if the opposing team has alot of tanks/offtanks/ high health champs. if i see vlad, cho, and rammus on the other time...i'm gettin deathfire.

other viable items- morello's evil tome is good, but as explained later i try to have the blue buff as much as possible which pretty much takes care of your CDR. it doesn't have a fat enough AP chunk to make me want it.

rod of ages, also a good item but i generally only use this when playing support champs, because the extra health and mana matters then, but when you're veigar, if you're gonna die, you're so dead the health wouldn't have saved you.

zhonya's hourglass - again i use this when playing support, the armor isn't gonna save you 9/10 times, period. the passive is cool and all, but this item simply does not fit what veigar needs.

the infamous mejai's soulstealer - i will admit i have been known to take this item, and it is extremely good as long as you have some stacks. but it's just not reliable for me most of the time unless i'm just smashing the enemy. it's cheap, and it can add up to alot of AP, so if you're comfortable with it, get it. but i'm the type of player that will take a death for the good of the team, and mejai's isn't that kind of item.