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League of Legends Build Guide Author Weirdnessization

Veigar - The 1 Shot K.O.

Weirdnessization Last updated on May 14, 2011
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Hey people, this is my first guide, so please be kind XD. I wouldnt say im a pro veigar, he isnt my main or anything just been playing him and thought i should share my build with the world XD

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Fairly basic runes,
Spell pen marks
-pretty self explanatory, you aim is to do damage, the more magic resist you can ignore the more damage you do
Mana per 5 seals
-you mana regen isnt terrible, just you need the mana to farm, the more you farm the stronger you are late game
Ap per lvl glyphs
-i personally like these for the slight extra late game ap, could swap these out for something else if you prefer
Flat hp quints
-you are very squishy early game, the more hp the better

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Basic caster masteries, i only grab one point in intelligence because then you will end up with 40% cooldown reduction.

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Always start out with a meki pendant, you need the mana regen to farm with your q effectivly.
Turn this into a tear asap, the sooner you get this the better. I personally always b at around 1000 gold, then i can grab basic boots and the tear. Then grab the cooldown boots, the shorter the cooldown on your q the more you can spam it, the more you can spam it means more ap, and more ap means more damage. After this grab the morellos evil tome, this item is amazing in my opinions, it gives you your 40% cooldown reduction, more ap, and more mana regen. Deathcap next, before you get this item your damage wont be great, but as soon as you get this your 200ish ap will go up to 500ish ap (i think i exagerated a little bit XD). By this point you should have quite a bit of mana from your tear, time to turn it into the archangel staff, you should now have 600ish ap if you were farming properly. The hourglass is an amazing item, use it to save your arse when you find it getting focused, 2 seconds they cant hurt you = 2 seconds of your team killing them. A good stratagy i find with this item is if you are just losing a fight and your w will kill them, pop your w then hourglass, the cant hurt you and your w is just waiting to kill them XD. Time for a little bit of magic resist, and lowering theres, like i said before the less magic resist they have the harder you hit, and the slight buff to your magic resist isnt nothing to ignore.

You could also grab a deathfire grasp instead of the evil tome, i just always forget to use its active making it useless.

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Skill Sequence

I personally powerlevel your q. This is your main farming ability and the key to your success late game, every rank of this decreases its cooldown, the lower its cooldown the more you can spam it, by rank 4 you can kill most minions from half hp.
After q you want your w is a very high hitting ability with a 1:1 ratio. By late game this is hitting over 1000 dmg.
Then the stun, i grab a point at lvl 2 because i dont like dying, this is the only ability you have to save your arse, and most good players know that veigar isnt that strong early game, they will take advantage of this.
Personally my second favourate ulti in the game. Just behind lux's laser. This ability is amazing with a 1:1.2 ratio + 80% of their ap in magic damage. Just wow. You can one shot ap characters late game with this if they have enough ap XD.

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Summoner Spells

I personally grab ghost and flash. You are squishy, and you hit very hard, they will focus you, you will need to run for your life XD. Both ghost and flash are amazing for this.
Clarity is an options aswell i just personally prefer the surviavability from ghost and flash.

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So very very important. Always use your q to last hit. every last hit you get is an extra 1 ap. (1.3 ap if you have your deathcap). Every 1 ap is an extra 1.2 damage for your ulti. You know those annoying moments where people get away with 10 hp? It wont happen if you can farm well.

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Thanks if you actually read this guide to hear. Please tell me if i have made any errors. If you downvote please tell me why dont just downvote to be a troll.

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To Do List

figure out how to add pictures.
update when updates are required.