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Veigar: The Great Anticaster

Last updated on April 30, 2011
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Ahhh, Veigar. Such raw nuking damage and endless ability power. His true power cap is literally endless, and it just scales based on how well you farm. He's quite the interesting champion, with the lowest base health in the game. However, to you, that just means you need to maintain, at the very least, a 1-to-1 K/D. With his massive AP scaling, Veigar is one of the best nukers in the game, surpassed only by Annie. So why Veigar and not Annie? Annie has her passive+ult AoE stun, but Veigar outclasses her in terms of damage and anti-carry.

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Runes and Masteries

Standard caster runes are fine, but optimally, you should replace AP with something else.

"But why? Veigar scales everything with AP..."

Simple. Your runes can't possibly generate more than 30 AP. A normal caster page nets around 10 AP at lv 18. That's 10 Q's. End of explanations.

I haven't experimented with runes too much, so most of it is pretty open for discussion. Just be reasonable with them.

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Skill Sequence

Veigar's skill sequence varies only slightly by what you're playing. If playing 3v3 with 2 really strong early-game champs, (Sion, Jax) start with an Event Horizon for a nice and easy first-blood. Otherwise, R>Q>E>W. R is natural, and Q is your primary farming AP builder. E is excellent CC, and W is just some extra damage. While W is not your harassing skill, it is your main priority to land that thing on as many champs as you can. With a 1-to-1 AP scale, Veigar's W becomes an absolute killer endgame. Your nuking combo should end as something like E, W, (lichbane or deathfire), R, Q (plus any more lichbane procs you can fit in there), enough to severly cripple any one opposing champ.

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Veigar is a natural glass cannon. With only AP you're shot down in like 2 hits. That's why I build Rylai's before Archangel's for that tiny bit of extra survivability.

Wait, Archangels?

In most casters, you rush things like Findish Codex or Rod of Ages. However, this build sacrifices a bit of early damage for more mana and more AP later. It really isn't in the recommended build, but I took a couple liberties while experimenting, and this is more fun.

Speaking of non-recommended items, Where's the Sorcerer's shoes? Well, mercs are much more reliable, as a couple milliseconds of CC can be fatal for a squishy glass cannon like Veigar. Unless someone besides the opponent's tank builds some serious MR, don't worry too much. Your runes and masteries give you plenty of MPen to nuke with, so you can leave the MPen items for later.

After your Archangel's, Rylai's, and Rabadon's, you get something nice: the freedom to build to your own style. If you're considerably well-farmed and have acquired a lot of AP in the process, go for a Lich Bane. It will put your auto-attacks into your nuking cycle. By this point, let's assume you have 500-600 AP. That's a 500-600 dmg autoattack for any target, be it a tower or enemy champ. It's fantastic against that stupid "OMGVeigarSoOP" full-MR offtank.

Too slow? Fine, try a Deathfire's Grasp. Your AP scales that too, and if you throw it into your nuking cycle, you can deal a ton more damage to that annoying tank. I once fought a Cho'gath with 3 Warmogs (don't even ask) and one good Deathfire Active did over 3000 dmg. I mean, if a game drags out long enough, Veigar can keep powering up his AP. AT 2100 AP, (assuming 0 MR) IT DEALS 100% of the opponents HP in magic dmg. Now, that's quite the unrealistic number, but you get the point.

Doing too well? If the opponent focuses you hard in every teamfight, try a Zhonya's Hourglass. I mean, if you do get focused that hard, you're screwed. Again we return to the squishy glass cannon thought. A good focus hits hard.

Always forgetting to use your active items? You're terrible. (Don't worry, I forget all the time too.) Try building MPen items, like Abyssal Scepter or Void Staff. Easy damage.

Other nice picks:
- another Archangels
- Morello's Evil Tome
- Will of the Ancients

And obligatory "you're just dominating too hard, when do they surrender" item:
- Mejai's Soulstealer

Careful, DO NOT EVER BUILD MEJAIS IN A RANKED MATCH. Mejai's is strictly for smurfing and trolling. At some point snowball items should be wiped from your mind. The flow of the game changes too easily, and if you get ganked and lose your 20 stacks, you're screwed.

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As simple as it is, it's critical enough for me to make a chapter for it. Here goes:


Too hard? Let me simplify that:


Seriously, Veigar can harass, stun, nuke, rinse and repeat, but if you don't farm with Q, YOU SUCK. Every good Veigar needs to farm with Q. I don't ignore AP runes for the sake of not having AP. Veigar's greatest strength is his endless AP farm, and if you can't farm with Q, don't play Veigar. For every minion wave, you should LasthitQ at least 1 minion. Harass all you want, but that AP isn't gonna farm itself.

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Team Work

As the caster, your job is to wait for your team to initiate. Harass, but stay close to your team. Your job is to find the main source of damage and get rid of it. In a teamfight, this is usually the AP carry. If you find an enemy who steps too far, however, stun and nuke away. Don't chase running targets unless you're certain you won't die from towers or enemy ganks.

Another helpful tip is to use tab to keep track of who's building what. Primarily, you look for who builds MR and who doesn't. However, with the unique ability of Veigar's ultimate, he also deals more damage based on the enemy's AP. Those with High AP and Low MR are especially easy targets, as long as you make the first move.

Simplified Priority list:
1. Single stupid overextended target
2. strongest DPS (usually the mid carry)
3. Anyone who built a Rabadon's
4. The tank everyone is focusing but refuses to die
5. any stealth you can see
6. Heimerdinger

The list isn't that simple, but it's pretty natural to execute. #6 sounds like a joke, but Heimerdinger is really that dangerous. His turrets are overly strong with AP, so use it against him with your own combo.

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Admittedly, He's not the best mid-carry in the game. He's not the best caster, either. However, he is probably the sole champion who continuously grows even after everyone else gets full build. He isn't very strong early, but he scales like a boss. Best of all, he's a lot of fun. He's the champ who gets kills. You die, you learn. Whatever. Have fun, this is my first guide but i\I hope you enjoy it.