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Veigar Build Guide by xxbossxawsumxx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxbossxawsumxx

Veigar-The mid lane destroyer

xxbossxawsumxx Last updated on July 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Alright before everyone starts telling me about how veigar shouldn't mid because hes horrible when not supported by a tank listen to me. Veigar farms really well which can give him an upper hand. Also dark matter used wisely can give u a great advantage having good range being a skill shot and i think that the time after casted until it hits is a good thing. Even when they're pushed up to turret your still able to harass without taking turret hits. Once you hit level three u can do the stun the dark matter combo to assure a hit. With veigar mid you won't be able to get kills as much but if u get a chance to b and get tear of goddess and boots you can stay in lane as long as the other person plays too aggressive. The advantage not getting kills have is you get them down quick and i remember midding against miss fortune i went b once to her 3 times. This is pretty much how my start up game goes and if beginning runs smoothly when greedy ganks come you will get fed when they try to dive you or are just too low a level to kill you with help.

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Pros / Cons


Alright pros of veigar are that he has a stun and three very powerful moves. He can usually guarantee a kill by hitting his q w and r. sometimes one isnt needed.


Veigar is an uber squishy character. He is targeted alot which is why i dont buy a mejais because if you dont have a team behind you you will die alot. To fix this flash will get you away from ganks quick and your stun can stop people on the run.

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I have pretty much a basic caster rune setup.The magic pen. will help against tanks that try to build magic resist. to shut you down. Ability power runes will cause you to do more damage at beginning game. Cooldowns just help you pull moves faster because a casters worst nighttmare is all of his/her moves being on cooldown. Finally the quinessences just add a sort of cushion against the mega squishiness that is veigar.

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I put points in the the magic pen cooldown reduct. and ability power to boost up pretty much the same things as your runes. In the utilty tree i add points to mana regen and max mana this way you can stay in lane longer on first run in mid. Cooldown reduct again and the 15% reduction in your summoner spells. Then the increased exp will help you level a little faster than a person without the points in it.

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I used to start with meki pendant but the dorans ring makes you less squishy and still gives you a good amount of mana regen to help you stay in lane. Whenever you leave lane for the first time u should definitely have enough for boots of speed and a part of tear of goddess. i usually get a sapphire crystal because it gives you more mana and you still have dorans ring for mana regen. Once you get enough gold for tear of goddess get the sorcers shoes then i say get a archeangels staff but if you feel necessary to get an rylais scepter first then build in order u can afford on recalls.With archangels you should have a good a.p. cushion to save up for giants belt before the other items. I've never been a person to rush a rabadons. It is very helpful but not needed early game. Void staffs got the magic pen for those people that think theyre so smart building magic resist. Finally Rod of Ages is a good item to make you live longer. Its great in team fights when they target you first because your an easy kill and can nuke most of them through the fight. You can just use it and either theyll try to stay on you and the team will deal their damage or theyll turn and target someone else which causes you to be able to nuke their team and finish all of em off.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are simple. Flash is used because being squishy you dont have time to ghost and run out u need to get out of range as quick as possible. Teleport helps you have shorter recall times in mid to get right back in to the exp. Late game it helps you group up with your team quick and get to turrets quick to defend from people trying to push on the other team.

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This is my first build. Please take all of this into consideration before downvoting. I've had alot of luck with this build and do better with this then going outter lane with veigar. Thank you for looking at this and i hope it helps. Please leave comments and vote.