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Very Simple Guide to Tank-Jungle Nunu

Last updated on November 3, 2012
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Sup guys, the name is Phro5t, and Im here to educate you in playing as Nunu. Obviously, if you're reading this then you are interested in learning how to jungle a tanky Nunu. Now before you immediately look at my build and call me an idiot, hear me out. I surprising to very well with this build and I do best with this build. It is very diverse to different situations and you can build different items accordingly. Although, Im not going to tell you what items you choose if you dont like some, but I will tell you why I build this way in the first place. If you play this right you will be the feared tank during the match. This is between carry and support guide because of the amount of kills you will be racking in for you and your team.

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For runes I run typical Flat armor seals, and magic per level glyphs. I use attack speed marks so I can proc my passive much more often and gets through the jungle so fast (which is part of being nunu, getting around very VERY fast). Then I use movement speed quints because you want to get around the map fast and keep up with your targets. I wouldnt suggest any other runes because they will only slow you down, with only alittle more damage to your ganks that probably wont do much more damage.

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For masteries I run 1-20-9, focusing in defense, obviously, to play the tank role. I put the 1 point in offense for the Exhaust spell. I noticed before sometimes nunu's E just isn't enough to get the job done, so I invested in Exhaust then boosted it to get the best out of it. Now, not only are they slowed, but this also weakens them quite a bit to make it easier to kill them, plus that one point in Summoner's Wrath to have lower defenses too. Typical points in defense, I dont put a point in Summoner's Insight because we have no Summoner Spells under that category, therefor it is useless, so I put it in Recall, because it could be the difference between life or death. You may be offed by putting points in speed, this is because with these, plus our quints, and W we will be moving very fast which helps in ganking, escaping, and overall getting around.

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I start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion to get around the jungle quickly and sustain yourself(but save them until red). First trip back I get a Giant's Belt, this gives alot of health to keep up sustain and makes it easier to chase, and tower dive. Next trip, upgrade your boots, now if its heavy AD team Ninja Tabi, general and heavy ap team Mercury's Treads. This will give you more movement speed and better resistances. Then build a Phage to get extra health and damage. This helps because this applies a continuous slow to people you hit, alongside hitting harder. This also helps you take down jungle monsters. Then, finish your Frozen Mallet for more health, damage and a better chance at that sweet slow. Buy another Giant's Belt, then build that into a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. This gives you more health, AP, and now a stronger E slow. Remeber this also benefits your R since it gives more damage and a better slow to help clean up. This is typically where you will here VICTORY, but if the game presses on then I usually build a Banshee's Veil for MR, Health and the passive that could save you from interrupting your ult, and a Sunfire Cape for health and armor. What makes these items so terrifying is that these give stats to both your AD and AP, which makes and all around better Nunu. Also notice we have alot of health, so all of those Armor Pen and Magic Pen stats dont help too much against Nunu. Yes, this does leave some weakness to abilities that focus around health, but nothing is invincible, but you are a pain in the *** I know that.

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Skill Sequence

Start with Consume, your Q, to help against the blue golem and keep sustain. Next, your W, Blood Boil to proc your Passive, Visionary, and help take out monsters, and apply on hit effects. Then your E, Ice Blast, Obviously, place a point in your R, Absolute Zero, whenever you can. But, prioritize Ice Blast first, Blood Boil second, Consume last. This gives you more damage and speed to gank harder and faster. Consume really falls off fast, but is nice to have all throughout the game since that last bit of health gained from it can save you from Lux's Final Spark, Draven's Whirling Death, or...gulp.. Karthus's Requiem.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells short and easy to understand. Exhaust for the slow, and weakening in resistance and offensive capabilities. And Smite, I dont care how good of a jungler you say you are, Smite makes the speed in the jungle and can secure buffs and steals very easy, alongside your Consume. Plus the extra 10 gold per use is nice, since out build is very expensive.

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This build has guaranteed me many kills/assists and has won me many games. I will attempt to update this as much as I can. Other than that, this build can secure the deaths of the enemy team very easily, you just have to be quick and think ahead. All this health also will give about 4000+ health so tanking can be very easy. But also remember you literally become the center of attention if you ult, which is good or bad more or less. I hope you enjoyed reading this as I did typing it. Now get out there, and have a good game