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Vi. Don't bother getting close.

Last updated on December 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys and welcome to my first ever build/guide, and it's on the new champion, Vi.
(note that after patch, there may be changes and nerfs/buffs to her and/or her playstyle)
This guide will be showing you how to build Vi as an Off-tank as well as show you some tips and tricks on how to use her.

Vi is an amazing champion, as she can build tanky and still output "tons of damage".
I like to play Vi as a off-tank/bruiser, although there are other playstyle options.

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Pros / Cons

- Can go tanky and still dish out damage
- Has a good combo
- Can harass with E if enemy is tower camping
- Her ultimate ability is just pure badass and smashes anyone in her way
- Doesn't give a damn :3.

- Gap closer can deny you a kill if not used at the perfect moment
- W requires 3 hits on the same person
- Can be focused and hindered in later game phases

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With runes, I like to go
9 x armour penetration marks
9 x armour seals
9 x scaling magic resist glyphs
3 x movement speed

This set-up allows you to get that early armour bonus to help in lane, the armour pen helps with auto-attacks, the scaling magic resist helps with mid-late to late game phases and the movement speed helps with returning to lanes, although you can swap them for other personal preferences.

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Unique Skills

Her skills are what make her the amazing off-tank/bruiser that she is. By maxing out your W, you dish out much more damage, get more attack speed when you get those three hits and reduce their armour to kill them, much faster.

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This item choice is chosen if you do not have a tanky or anyone that is a tanky initiator, it is not a AD-Glass-Cannon build, it's just designed to allow you to get in, get focused, still do damage and get out.

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Tips and tricks

- When farming, always try to harass your enemy laner by activating your E and then hitting the last minion closest to your enemy, but not too close. It spreads out and does decent poke without your enemy expecting it.

- In teamfights, you are the expected person to initiate the fight, this is why you are required to get some decent tanky stats.

- Do not use your ultimate to catch up to 'one' person, I can not stress how annoying it is to see a first time Vi use her ult on a single teemo, it is a waste of a long-cooldown ability and can be used much more efficiently in a teamfight.

- When in your mid-game laning phase, always ask for ganks, you'll need that early edge so that you can snowball early and get that giants belt so that you can survive more early fights.

- When roaming to another lane, before you jump into the enemy, charge up your q, then wait until the bar gets full, then use it. Using your q at its max charge does 100% more damage and has more range, make sure your teammate is ready to fight.

- A mistake many Vi's do is use their E straight away. A much more damage-efficient way of using your E is by getting two hits on your enemy (he/she should have two rings around him/her) then using your E. By using this technique, your E will proc the last hit required for the W effect, and will shatter their armour, allowing you to hammer out another E before getting the kill.

- Vi's passive has a very useful effect, when one of your abilities hit an enemy, you get a shield which covers up to 5% of your maximum health (not 100% accurate, may be changed in future patch), this is very useful for diving towers, staying in teamfights, but remember, it has a cooldown, so keep an eye on it, as it shows the number of seconds before it is back.