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Vi Build Guide by Guest

Other Vi is for Vendettta....or something....maybe. Jngl (S4)

Other Vi is for Vendettta....or something....maybe. Jngl (S4)

Updated on December 5, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 1,602 Views 0 Comments
1,602 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Vi Build Guide By Guest Updated on December 5, 2013
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Mo'F!@*ing Vi!

Vi is an awesome jngl champ! Her clear is nice, her passive allowing her not have to B often. (On a good start, Ive farmed 3k+ without hitting B, usually in that case i'll sell hunters machete and replace golems with something else.)

Her Ganking ability? Oh man, her ganking ability. 2, powerful, knock ups. New vi's tend to pop them in fights too fast, dont. Either start with your ult or your Q. Save one or the other (ult preferred) for if they try to escape via flash or whatnot.

Her team plays? Oh man..Her team plays.. simple logic here. Find the highest damage doer, and ult them. In a team fight this will do several things. 1)dead dps. 2) Their front line Backs up to peel you (letting your team go ham and charge in on the apc and adc with you.) 3)They back off from the fight completely. While shes not close to being the tankiest of fighters, all the extra hp you stacked with this build will giving you enough time to kill their adc/apc, then Q out of there before your in cc-city and dead.
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Pro & Con


2. Bursty as hell. Amazing AD scaling on your E.
3. Nice escape (you can even use your Ult on the furthest champ, then Q from there. )
4. Passive-ability armor Pen/atk spd.
5. 2 Gap closers
6. b#@%^es get Stitches!


1. Not as tanky as some would assume, actually, sort of squishy .
2. Your Q is easy to dodge.
3. CC-City can ruin you, if your Q fails.
4. Red Buff is NEEDED for pre 6 ganks.
5. Your E's Reset can be buggy.
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Creeping / Jungling

With S4's new jngl theres plenty of routes people have come up with, its all due to preference, what side of the map your on, and what champ your using. I'll Tell you my route.

    Smiteless Blue.
    Wight(new camp) w/ Smite.
    Red w/ smite.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Vi Guide
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Vi is for Vendettta....or something....maybe. Jngl (S4)

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