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Vi Build Guide by OrangeRazz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OrangeRazz

Vi Jungle! Solo Dragon lvl 6! Easy!

OrangeRazz Last updated on January 25, 2013
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Hi This is my guide how i play Vi as jungler. I prefer goin jungle because she got good sustain, not really hard to play if playing this way. Read this guide and try it out if you want. or not if you dont want! (This will be my first guide)

Leave comment if you have something in mind, make me wanna improve this guide your welcomme to do so! I will try update it!

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First of all I want to say!

Don't Blame, Flame, or Complain!

Some may dont care about this important matter! But it is really important! If you can´t follow this tip, then you should not read anymore! Because you probobly are one of those that destroy the team from the inside. I want to tell why this is so important and what annoys me when playing.

1. When you get mad, you play worse!

2. "Noob" is a word you should NOT say to your teammates or your enemys. this will just start a fight. (And can get you reported)

3. Don´t report your teammates for bad stats, or ask others in chat to report a certain person just because he got bad stats. He did fail his lane but he did his best! This is nothing to report! Someone have to get the bad stats or you cant have your 10-0-10 kills right? this game is about getting kills and not try to die. and sometimes you die a lot! Everyone have these games that you are totally failing. (You wont fail with this guide in your hand though @(^.^)@ )

4. Don't ask "Why" questions. it´s just stupid. Example: Why did you go there? right after getting ganked. It´s like asking why you drop a glass of water, and someone ask you why did you drop that glass? it was a mistake!

5. This happens the most. People start blaming other players for their own mistake. Example: Tank initiate a teamfight but he was to far away so he died before team couldn get there. And then tank would say: Why do you leave me all alone?!

6. This could make people feed on purpose, Go AFK, DC, fight even more!

These are you just examples. But just remember 3 things NOT TO DO! BLAME, FLAME and COMPLAIN

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Pros / Cons

This is my own opinion on my experience with Vi.


Good 1vs1
Good Sustain in jungle early on
Can solo Dragon easy at lvl 6
Good Ulti to chase down enemys
fast clearing late game
Good passive skill

Q skill can be interputed, hard to flee.

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Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Speed
So this can I say about my runes.

Quints and Marks are the one to mention here. Because Seals and Glyphs should always be Armor and Ma-ress!

Lifesteal for good sustain.
Attackspeed for faster clearing.

I find these runes are the easiest way of jungling Vi. I´ve tried goin high AD, and mixin AD with Armor Pen.

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I won´t go into this build so much the combination with my runepage it is good because:

1. You wont really need any help with the jungling. ( No need for hard pull )
2. If you go 1v1 you beat almost any bruiser champ.
3. At teamfights you can stay in the mess long enough.
4. You really don´t need go back to base anytime while farming in the jungle, (if you don´t get ganked, are ganking) from lvl 1-6 it is possible to farm and not goin home full speed! it is recommended though that you go and buy some good gear!
5. At lvl 6 you can solo Dragon!

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Ok I will try to go deep on this part, because I think this is the most important part on the guide. Why you will need this order!

1. I start and aim for this one, i usually get boots before but if i get some good ganks early and have some clearings left sometimes you will get this before Boots of Speed. It gives you armor, lifesteal, fast clearing monsters, and a free Sight Ward. ( For this free ward I usually give top lane if they dont get any ward on their own! (With just Wriggle's Lantern and lvl 6 you can solo dragon)

2. This is not so tricky, on first recall you should be able to buy both Madred's Razors and Boots of Speed. BUT! if you have 800g after Madreds get Vampiric Scepter

3. Go for Phage before Giant's Belt because when you initiate a gank with your dash there is a slowchance for each hit. This slow will be usefull in all fights.

4. Go for Mercury's Treads, if not all your enemys are AD withc no CC. If so go Ninja Tabi

5. Let the domination begin!!! If you are owning by now you will own even more, and if you dont already are owning get this and start owning. when you get this you will surely get kills! It gives you nice damage and attack speed. With this item together with Frozen Mallet you can hunt down all anoying runners like Teemo or Vayne they will have a hard time survive you now!

By now you will know what you 2 last items may be depending on the enemy!

These are my options

This is not a bad item, it give you mora armor and magic ressist and you get a second life.

I usually get this as the 5th item. by this time there are many teamfights and it gives good armor, CD, AoE damage,

This item is good if you feeling enemys ADC is getting to strong. and everyone knoe that this counter ADC pretty good! But on the other hand then your 6th item must be something healthy like Warmog's Armor

Many will think why do I dont go for this in my core build. But I need to tell you this i dont know if you agree with me. But my build is more Attackspeed based. I´m not a spammer type when playing Vi and dont got the mana to spamm that much. But late game it is better, Because now the enemy got the heavy tanks, and you may need some more armor penetration.

Other Options I don´t go because i think it´s just to much

This is a good item, it gives your HP and HP regen.

This is just OP and really expensive, the game should be ending before you ever reach this one. If you not goin for it first of all, but then you will be weak until you get it. If you buy this you will probobly dominate!

I like this item, but i don¨t recomend it on Vi, it got HP, Armor, And damage to nearby enemies. But i feel like your damage should come from the fists! :D

This item is for heavy tanks imo. let them get it.

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Summoner spells
You are the jungler and this is the jungler spell.
Good for chasing, and Good when being chased.

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Creeping / Jungling

OK we are here now! So this is how I do my jungling order. Remember to look at map. When you run to next destination look at map, at each lane. How its goin and who will need help. check who will you gank!

When clearing Monsters check map! When running to next camp, CHECK THE MAP!!! Always look the map when you are jungling

1. Wolves (Spawn 1:40)
2. Blue Buff (Spawn 1:55).... Don´t try to gank after blue. it´s to early you need lvl 3 minimum to gank good enough to be worth a try.
3. Wraiths
4. Golems. Now you can look if top need any help but dont go there yet. communicate with him if he want a gank, tell him you gonna clear red and then go. Or continue without a Gank
5. Red Buff. After clearing red run to wraiths. if they havent spawned yet you know you have a good clearing time. just wait 1 sec and they spawn right infront of you.
6. Wraith. If you are lucky you can go for a mid gank after wraiths. otherwise dont gank
7. Wolves. Now you have made the first run. There are now 3 choices. Check who to gank, Continue Jungling if you got much health left wich you should have. or go back to base and buy madreds and what else you can afford.
Now continue clearing and look for ganks, dont wait to long for ganks, just continue clearing and dont waste time!

When Reaching Lvl 6 You Should have Wriggle's Lantern and Boots of Speed if you are doin well. If you are doin well you already got your Ruby Crystal. So now it´s time to secure the Dragon! This is crucial for the team. This have to be a secret so dont let the enemy know what you are gonna do. Tell the team to try keep enemys at their lane, and that they dont come and help you take dragon. You must buy Vision Ward to be sure the enemy don´t know you are trying the dragon. But don´t waste it. if you notice mid is running bot lane just run into jungle and take dragon at lvl 7 instead. its still early and will get your team the lead.

Mid usually wants blue buff, but you should take it if possible. or try to steal enemys blue buff.

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1 vs 1 Keep Pokerface to win!

So you are jungling and sometimes you catch someone running alone and you are alone aswell! So there will be a battle! Either you initiate or enemy iniate but you will have your 1v1.

And Vi is extreamly good 1v1. The thing you can´t do now is retreat, because as long as you are at same lvl +/- 1lvl there shouldnt be a problem. Stay close and start attack and dont let them flee.

I´ve notice that if you not backing down and continue attacking strong enemys they get scared and start backing. and then you chase them down!

This is 1 vs 1 I have fought and I will tell you why I beat them:

Met him at early lvl 4 he was solo top and he was gonna try gank me in my jungle. I met him face to face outside our top 3brush. So I walked straight for him and started hiting. The key here is to show Darius that you are not gonna run. when you run he will pull you or spin. The key in 1 v 1 is to get 3 hits! becuase of Denting Blows. He did notice to soon that he was gonna lose this battle.

Fought him, beat him easy.

At lvl 8 did meet her at full hp close to mid lane. i started just autoattack. saving my spells and abilities. except for Excessive Force ofc! She fought to long then she notice she need to flee. but Vi can catch her easy with all abilites left.

Not much of a problem, here you must show that you are not afraid. Don´t run because he will chase you down. it´s just forward! if he ults you you will use your ult back! remember you need to land your punch number 3!

If i beat someone else a fair 1 vs 1 i will post them here. How and Why I beat them!