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Vi-olence Solves Everything

Last updated on January 2, 2013
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I bought Vi the day she came out, and truly think she is a blast to play, and this guide will show you all how I play her. Have fun playing, and I play NA as Rampage Ashe.

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My runes are pretty much standard for top lane, but as a submits only use the flat MR if you have an Ap lane and or jungle on the enemy team. If you do not, go with scaling MR.

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As with my runes, these are pretty standard as well. In the first tree take the summoner ignite buff, minion damage to last hit, and AS to Proc W. Then go with damage, APEN,more damage and pen, and you've went the mile, so the 21st point for the low enemy steroids.

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Skill Sequence

Taking the Q spell first gives you q semi-escape,and a cc poke to either use simply to poke,or win that 1v1 fight. Maxing E first for low Cd and damage maximizes killing potential, then taking w to shred through any teamfight tankiness, and q finally.

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This is where Vi shines or gets destroyed in a game. You either build her right, or get destroyed. You HAVE to have tankiness as Vi, to be useful mid and late, but she is a champ made to deal heavy damage, usually picked to fill a damage slot with a tanky support or jungle. Using my finals as a guideline, count off ad and ap on the enemy team to decide your goal final build.o


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