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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OmegaKing

Vlad- 3 of you guys? NP!

OmegaKing Last updated on January 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Warning- if you don't read the guide all the way through. You will not be at your full potential with this guide. You will find some really useful things if you fully read through this guide.

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Why am I such a good Vladimir player?

When ever the other team has a vlad also... while I'm playing vlad... why do I always win? Why do people say my vlad is pro? Well.... here's how I play vlad. I'll try my best to explain the way I play him. Most of it is just from my instincts, but hopefully I can turn that into a good guide that can help others!

First of all I agree with most vlad builds with the ignite and ghost spells. You guys all heard the story already. If not, heres a quick reason why people get ignite and ghost. Ignite cuts the opponents health regen and it also does that extra damage that kills people who usually get away with 50 health or so. Ghost is useful for the chase, and ghost with sanguine pool is one of the best escape plans in this game. You can almost run away from anyone with that combo.

I don't suggest any other summoner skills, but if you really.... for some reason dislike these summoner skills, I would suggest teleport for ganking, and that's about the only other summoner spell that would really be in your favor, from my point of view.

Hint: When going against other vlad's while you are vlad. Never be the first one to use your sanguine pool, because you will be the one dead, most of the time! So, go in right away when the other vlad uses sanguine pool.

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So lets talk about runes. Most people get health runes with magic pen, but I grab ability power runes instead of health runes... because in the beginning,
(health runes+ability power items) < (ability power runes+health item). With ability power runes plus ignite on cool down, at lv 6 you have about 60 ability power, and you have a good amount of hp. If you don't like this... ummm you can try health runes... but I suggest my build. So, this is it for the runes.

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For masteries I go 10/19/1.

I put ten on offense so that I can get some extra ability power, cooldown, magic pen, and extra ability power from ignite cooldown.

Next I put 19 on defense for the soul purpose of getting some extra defense and health, with a little extra ability power bonus.

And I used ghost, so some less cd and a little extra bonus of using ghost doesn't hurt =).

Most vlad's put more on utility, but I don't think its really worth it. The extra defense and health is so much more helpful for vlad in beginning.

That's my masteries!

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When you start off with vlad, you don't wanna rush things. Just farm and poke your opponent whenever you have a chance to. Remember poke wisely. Only poke when your opponents minion wave is small, don't poke when your opponents minion wave is pushing more than yours. Cause if you do, you're going to get own by the minions. Only go for the kill when they are at least below half health, and you know that you have an escape route in case your plan goes wrong. For me I usually don't go for the kill until at least lvl 6. That way if they're almost dead and they run away, your ulti will kill them.

Okay so when I start off, I get . The reason? More hp and I got my runes to back my ability power up already. So I start off with about 760 hp I think...? And I have about 50 ability power by lv 6. With no help from items. Also I don't need any pots or health regeneration because I have my first skill to do the healing for me.

I usually stay in lane till I'm able to buy either with , or if it seems like they aren't even doing enough damage to me, I get . The reason for the boots is because of the cd, you'll be ripping people up with your first skill, and also your sanguine pool comes back a lot faster.

Remember that sanguine pool is your trump card! Only use it when your either in trouble or knowing your in for a for sure kill!

Also remember this combo, this is vlad's combo. , , , . If they are not dead by now just run away if they're chasing you, and repeat the steps. This should kill them for sure. If you have your ulti, you can activate in the beginning before the combo.

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Mid game

Once you hit lv 9 and you haven't been ganking yet, you should start ganking. After getting your boots, your next item should be , this item is great with your 2nd skill sanguine pool. The reason? Sanguine pool does damage according to how much health you got. So if you ever feel like theres a need to turret dive go for it! Just be smart about it though. Keep laning and ganking until you are able to go back and buy a . After you get this your damage will increase a lot. If all goes to plan this is when you become legendary =). By this time if you've been owning, your opponent will be thinking about calling quits already. If not, don't worry, just keep owning them lol.

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Late Game

If it lasts this long, your opponents are going to start beefing up, and start aiming for you. This is when your team comes in and owns the other team, because you're basically invincible with your sanguine pool in a team fight. By the 30 minute mark, you should already have boots, warmogs, and . With these three items at late game and you being about lv 15-16. You should have about a good 3.5k hp almost and 450 ability power. This isn't the exact numbers, but it's close. By now it's all about team fights, and who is the best team fighter in Lol? I think Vladimir is! My reason is cause, he will aoe the other team like eating candy =). Here's the combo you do as vlad in a team fight. When the other team is all grouped up together, you will want to be the initiator and use your ult on the pile of enemies and then use tides of blood, and use sanguine pool to either kill or if they are still at a good amount of hp, use tides of blood again and run. Also in between the aoe skills, if you can slip in some transfusions, it will help do some extra damage. For the items, just keep following the purchase order and you will be fine.

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I tried my best to show you guys how to play vlad.... maybe it's not the best... or maybe it is pretty good. All I know is it works pretty dang good when I use it. And hopefully... it does the same to you! If there are any questions or suggestions, just comment! Also leave a rate, but please try it before you rate! Thank you! And may this build bring to best to you!