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Vlad Build.

Last updated on September 20, 2010
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i don't have fancy pics. So here is the story

Vlad builds are varied between AP and HP

I personally favor AP builds because they allow your sanguine pool to do more damage.

They also do more damage overall because of the amazing amount of AP and the ratios it gives for Vlad.

First of all, my Masteries.

I put three on the AP gain in offense for obvious purposes.

Then i built a defense tree build, because the extra hp allows Vlad to remain alive in the beginning because of his slight squishiness in the beginning.

The health also adds to your AP:Hp ratio thing, so you get around 6-7 AP to start with.

then my utilities were to power up my speed boost and to put my remaining points to some use.

Second, are my runes

I do not have much experience with runes, as i have not assembled a full set as of yet, but i do know that flat hp quintessences are very useful, adding to the AP of Vlad, and decreasing his squishability.

His AP is there for obvious reasons, and also i chose per level as opposed to flat, because the flat doesn't give much at all, and it improves Vlad's late game.

His Magic penetration marks are there for obvious reasons.

His seals are there for the above health and late game reasons.

Third, my choice of summoner skills.

Ghost is the best choice for Vlad, as it allows him to go in and deal tons of damage. while running away really fast.

Ignite is there for extra damage to add to your ultimate, because your ultimate causes all sources of damage to deal extra damage to the enemy, thus allowing your ignite to do loads of damage.

Some would say to add heal, but heal is useless, as you heal so quickly with Vlad it's really a "why bother" situation.

The rest of the Masteries i say ghost and ignite are the best, and there really is no other combo better for Vlad.

Skill Sequence.

The skill sequence is quite obvious, as Vlad should max out transfusion, then move on to sanguine pool, then tides of blood, as the first has the lowest cooldown, the second has slow and is a great chaser or escaper, and the third is mainly for farming. During this whole time add to your ultimate, as its main function is to start and end fights.

Item Build.

Alright, explaining this will take a lot of time, so bear with me.