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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tussin

Vlad that Won't Die

Tussin Last updated on December 22, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Utility: 21

I credit the Summoner Spell Section to SmartxAxBSH, because he perfectly described the spells and my attempt would just be a mimic of what he said

Summoner Spells

What You Should Get

Ignite: Best possible summoner's skill for Vlad. Stacks perfectly with Hemoplague and in combination with the rest of your abilities should help you snag some easy kills early in the game.

Ghost: Use it before popping your Sanguine Pool to make speedy escapes from enemies without being touched or to snag those silly champs recalling beside their turret and make a smooth getaway. Either way its a great defensive or offensive move for Vlad.

Flash: A chosen favorite of most, Can let you make nifty getaways into the jungle or to pop in for a nice finishing blow on an escaping champ.

What You Might Get

Cleanse: If you are having a hard time dealing with CC's. Ex: Snares,Slows,Stuns. This might be the way to go. Use it before or after popping Sanguine Pool to help you escape.

Clairvoyance: For teamfights it can be the difference between getting ganked and or clearing out their entire team with a well planned counterattack. Great for premades, Not so much for randoms.

What You Should Not Get

Heal: You heal yourself, Nuff said. Won't dent your 4.5k healthpool at end game.

Clarity: You don't have a mana pool. You don't gain mana. You don't need this spell.

Teleport: You shouldn't ever need this spell. With transfusion leveled early, if you get hurt you just need to pull back a few paces and suck your health back to full. The only time I find myself going back to base as Vlad is to buy new items or after a major enemy attack. Ghost will handle all of your ganking needs as long as you are center.

Fortify: Not that great, Save it for the tanks who might benefit from its passive.

Revive: The major point of Vlad is to not die! You will not be using this often enough for it to matter.

Rally: No. Let a melee get it, if anyone.

My first make on Mobafire, Just wanted to try out. It seems that when I try to play as AP Vlad with the top rated builds. I either destroy Early and take the lead, but fall behind trying to get some of the other items, or I can't hardly do anything at all against the enemy and am always getting killed. I do enjoy tanks, but love characters like Kassadin that have great escape techniques. I think Vlad has a lot of potential and I wanted to try to incorporate his passive with his build.

(I don't believe the stats up top take in count his passive either, it shows 4.7k hp, plus 2xAP, nor is that counting warmog's ability to gain max hp)

I'll say for now since that late in game most likely you won't be stacked out, you'll be at 5k HP. Atma's impaler gives +2% max hp as dmg thats 100 dmg extra on top of the showing 144=244. and with 4.7k hp you get 188 AP + your 242 = 430. Thats right at about the amount you will finish a game with Kassadin or Evelyn. My goal with this build wasn't to jump in an slaughter everyone and leave with sanguine pool. I made this with the idea of staying in lane so much with Hex revolver, you'll be healing back with your AP, your spirit visage in combination with your Tides of blood that you start to be an annoying, non lethal sight to the other team. You won't be killing them so they won't necessarily focus you but just annoying enough that your "not worth their time". Everyone has done it. You've been playing in lane against Cho-gath and you've gone to base 4 times to heal, cause he's been harrasing the bajeesus out of you, then you notice that he only has regen pendant and is still full life and mana. So your only option is to switch lanes, jungle, or stay and feed cho-gath. In a perfect world your team would notice this snowball and come to the assistance to kill....but lets face it. We are far from perfect teams and if you're lucky you get teammates that actually play "with you" instead of just play.

If you've successfully survived up to this point, you "in a perfect world, gained enough gold to make a trip to hopefully finish off the rest of your build. I believe it needs some more testing but I go with the Spirit Visage so early for the: cooldown reduction, increased healing, HP boost, and magic resist. The magic resist on a character, especially one thats mostly HP will give that percentage less of damage received. (for informational purposes, here is the formula for magic resist and armour [x / (100 + x)] =y This is done so you can never hit 100% but can get quite close. So since everyone pretty much does some sort of magic dmg with their abilities. I think its extremely important to have a bit to start. When going up against high dmg mages, it might be wise to swap an item like the impaler for a Force of Nature early on.

This is more of a tankish build, but I think it is an overall boost to hist stats. Like I said I do like playing as tanks. I think it is beneficial and teaches you how to understand the dmg that hits you. Especially someone like Rammus who hardly ever has over 3k hp but can kill you under a turret with 2 of your teammates (mid to end game amour about 400 + 150 from defense curl is 550/(100+550)= 91% physical dmg reduction. Now i'm just rambling but check this out and give me pointers on things that would increase this build. But like I said its not an AP Vlad nor a tank but a little more situational.