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Vlad The Impaler

Last updated on April 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction To Vlad

Vladimir is a easy to sustain character, with life steal and damaging Aoe skills. He's one of the strongest mid carry's if played right. Now I'm going to be showing you how I set the character up, and explaining why I have over 700+ games, not including ranked with Vladimir.

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I go with the magic pen runes for red, a good damaging penetration never hurts.
I fill the yellow slots with armor for that extra defense.
The blue's can be filled with Magic Resist or you can go Cool Down depending on how comfortable you are with fighting against another mid carry.
For Quintessence I either go Ability power or Spell Vamp, the reason I'd go ability power with this guide is because you need that EXTRA AP, since you are already building a sustainable character with a lot of defense.

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You could go the whole offensive rune structure like everyone says to go, and be a squishy burst type of character, but I prefer the lane stability set up. By putting the 21 in defense as shown above you provide a lot of MR and health etc, to resist a lot of incoming damage, of course you got the 9 in offense to provide some cool down for your drain and magic penetration to destroy whoever you hit.

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You should start off with your regular boots, and 3 hp pots. That provides movement speed, and hp stability, not including your drains. A good start if you don't know what type of mid character you'll be fighting. Rush the hextech revolver for spell vamp, that way you can have more TIDES of blood usage, without taking your hp. The item following should be your cool down boots, then you finish your hextech into a will of ancients book. The next item is kind of depending on how the mid carry is playing against you, if they are still hitting you hard, rush a SPIRIT visage, for the cool down, HP, and increased health gained from your drains, etc.

The next item should of course be the Rabadon's Deathcap, for the AP burst. You're already an off-tank with the sustained life stealing, and health. Time to maximize your damage.

The next item should be Rylai's for the extra health, AP, and the chance to slow the enemies run speed, so you can ensure their death, or escape more properly.

Last but not least item should be a Zhonya's Hourglass, for the armor because most of the damage coming from an enemy team is Attack Damage, and we've already maximized some magic resist, also the 100 AP it gives is a REALLY nice bonus, plus the seconds of invincibility, is a miraculous thing for vlad, taking their focus from targeting him, and allowing you to get a few more drains in to continue into the fight.

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Skill Sequence

Not much to say about Skill Sequence other than, Drain is the most important,
Tides is the second most important,
Get one level of Pool right away, so you can use it to escape, hardly to engage unless you've mastered its technique fully, it's an escape method.. Remember with the summoner spells chosen by me you don't have flash or ghost.
You're ulti to ensure their death, or aoe the team and increase the damage done to each person the ulti lands on.

You're strongest levels on Vladimir are 7 and 9 For the drain lvls, so if you're losing your lane play passive until you reach those levels slowly peek the mid carry, and drop their health down before engaging remember you have HUGE spell vamp they do not.

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Pros / Cons

Pros : Life steal, sustainability, AOE splash damage, good escape methods, and dodging most CC.
Even though your damage is lower than most AP carry's out there, you do not use mana, and you have a large amount of life steal, to make up for it.
Cons : No CC of your own besides the slow on POOL, not as much damage as most of the AP carry's out there.

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At level four you should have tides, you can predict last hitting minions with your regular attack pretty well on Vladimir, but Vlad's tide farming is one of the best skills for killing minions especially when you finish your HEXTECH or Will of the ancients so it doesn't take to much hp from you, you should be getting more CS than most players in the game, because you do not have to base as much, and you have AOE damage, up every two seconds.