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Vladimir Build Guide by ocerox

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ocerox

Vlad The Reaper of Top and Mid.

ocerox Last updated on October 1, 2012
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Hi, Im oCerox. I Main Vlad.
Vlad is a strong late game ap carry who struggles in the early game and is beaten by more aggressive opponents. In this guide i will try to talk about strong points and weak points of vlads laning and out of lane stages.

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Runes i use in this build differ from my opponent, if im going against an ap i will use:
Magic pen x9 Marks.
Health Per level x9 Seals.
AP Per level x9 Glyphs.
Flat AP x3 Quintessences.

While if im going against an AD Based champion i will take :
Magic pen x9 Marks.
Flat Armor x9 Seals.
AP Per level x9 Glyphs.
Flat AP x3 Quintessences.

These Runes will help make your tough early game a lot easier.

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For Masteries a lot of people go all out 21:9:0 or 9:21:0 . I myself have used this mastery page after seeing azubu Blaze Repeared use it. Taking 9:0:21 taking movement speed, Spell Vamp, Cool down reduction and experience gained. while in the offense tree taking the ignite mastery as well as cdr and magic penetration.

These Masteries allow for you to reach late game faster the cool down reduction also helps you poke with your "Transfusion" Ability ( Q ) as well as having your ult ready for every team fight through late game.

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If im having a tough time in lane against somebody like jayce or pantheon, i will usually pick up two dorans shield, All the stats from a dorans shield benefit you in a lane like that it gives :
10 Armor.
120 HP.
and 8 Hp/5.

Instead of rushing WoTA like many people do, i myself prefer to get my Revolver and than rush for a dcap. once i have obtained my rabadons deathcap i grow alot stronger in damage and get closer to late game. after i have finished my death cap i finish my WoTA.

After my 2 core items are built, ( Death Cap, WoTA ) i focus on getting more damage if their team exists of double ap, Abbysal scepter is a great buy the magic resist, ap and aura all stack well together making it a very suitable for a short range mage like vlad. If i feel im lacking armor and need more protection from that ADC of theirs i will go for a zhonyas hour glass it grants a large amount of ap and armor as well as a sweet active that will confuse your enemies and make you "Unfocusable"

After i have completed my core 4 core items ill get a rylais if i am behind the slow would be good utility to help peel for my team or if im ahead in gold i will go for a void staff giving me more damage out put.

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Summoner Spells

GHOST : Ghost is an amazing summoner on vlad, it allows him to ghost into a fight drop his ult on the entire enemy team and fight. Ghost can also be used defensively or offensively.

Ignite : Ignite is good for finishing off those low health targets as the 50% healing reduction really helps vs healers.

Exhaust : Exhaust i don't think i would ever use exhaust on Vlad, i guess you could but I Much prefer ignite.

Flash : Pretty much the best summoner in the game. Can be used defensively or offensively this spell allows you to escape early ganks and disengage fights you can't win. or to flash to finish off that low health enemy.

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Team Fighting.

Once the team fight phase begins you should have at least a revolver. try to have the area your baiting the fight to warded so you can prepare your Tides Of Blood ( E ) Stacks having 4 stacks during a fight will increase your damage output by a huge amount.

Vlad works extremely well with doubles ap's such as kennen and morgana people who have aoe effects Vlad, Kennen is my favorite. Your ults will completely melt an enemy team together.

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When farming in lane try to last hit with your auto attacks and poke with your q, if you cannot trade with the enemy focus on farming minions with your transfusion ( Q ) mid - late game begins you should have your Q and E both at level 5. You should be able to clear entire waves with a simple e and a few autos making vlad one of the fastest farmers in the game.