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League of Legends Build Guide Author funsd960

Vlad the Survivor

funsd960 Last updated on August 9, 2010
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This if my first ever guide. So i know it could and will have flaws. So far i have played Vladimir a total or around 12-15 games(i don't play much, maybe a few games per day). And i started following this build which my friend actually made up. Ever sence i started using it(about 8-10 games ago). I have been getting very very high amounts of kills with little to no deaths. So far my best game is 15-1-13.

My skill Is very easy to follow. Its all about maxing out transfusion as quickly as you can, while getting a few ranks into Sanguine pool increase the damage a little bit. But as soon as I finish Transfusion i max out Tides of blood for the extra damage and the ability to farm creeps quickly since this item build is pretty expensive.

The runes i Chose are a very basic set up in my opinion. The marks help you deal a bit of extra damage. The seals Help give you just a little bit more health. The glyphs are plain CD reduction to help with all of his CD's. And the Quints are flat HP cause having a high amount of health in the beginning will give you a much stronger more aggressive laning potential.

The item build might seem a bit different because all i am focusing on is health. Because Even though an AP Vlad might do a good bit more damage, they wont have nearly the survivability that is very needed. And even though this build will have you do less damage than an AP build, you will still be doing very high damage.

I chose Ruby Crystal first because of the immediate health boost. And it sets you on the right course for Warmogs armor. I try to get Warmogs armor as the first item becuase of the large health boost. and sence it has a passive that gives you more health and regen every time you kill a champion or minion.

After i get my first warmogs armor i buy the normal boots of speed for a little bit of a movement boost. I then start to work on haunting guise. My reasoning for this item is that the 200 health helps you survive and gives you a little bit of AP and the 25 AP gives you a little bit of health. But the biggest thing about the item is the MrP. Seeing as all of vlads skill are Magic it is very useful to have some MrP.

After this i get boots of swiftness for, again the added movement speed. I dont normally go for sroc treds cause having high movement speeds keeps you mobile, and you dont need to much MrP with this build cause it is more focused on having great sirviability not super high damage. And i dont get mercury treads unless the other team is filled to the brim with CC's. Cause Vlad is not effected nearly as much by CC's and some of champions are.

Next is Rylai's Crystal scepter for the added health, AP and having all of your attacks able to slow which is great in team fights and chasing down fleeing enemy players.

I chose randuins omen as my fifth item for the health, the armor for some extra derability against melee. But i really chose it for its 15% CD reduction which with the glyphs bring down transfurions Cd to about 3 sec. Which is awesome seeing as it is my main spell. Oh and the active passive can be very useful as well.

Lastly if the game is long enough i buy another warmogs armor for the high health it gives. And because i think the passives stack. I easily end long games with a very good Kill death ratio and roughly 5k hp with about 250+AP( not 100% sure cause i really don't look at that number very much)

Now i know this guide is definently missing a lot. And seeing as it is my first guild i am not sure what that would be, so i will ask you all to post your positive/egitive comments. and be honest. Also if your going to +/- me please give me a decent reason why.

Have fun playing my build. And if you enjoy it then i am happy That it helped. Oh and if this is some how a copy of some one else's build then i am sorry i did not know, i havnt looked at other vlad build cause i love to use this one.