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League of Legends Build Guide Author vladiguy09

Vlad the Terror

vladiguy09 Last updated on January 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Unlike most the builds I see, I am going to keep a quick and concise intro to this. This vlad takes patients and smart play. However if you're willing to work at it, and take the time, he will be one of the scary champions people hate to play against each game. THIS IS AN AP BUILD. There is nothing else a vlad should look for. His health comes from his massive ap. If your looking for a tank vlad look elsewhere. If you want to drop your nuke and watch people cry as you demolish them. Read on :)

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I don't really use runes much. What vlad needs is health, and ap runes. All scaling because they amount to the most in the end anyways.

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For his masteries there are a few was to go. I like to put all in offense. A bit overkill yeah. But it is fun to have a hard hitting champion which is what this build is for. I sometimes like to put three in utility for the less time spent dead. Lets face it, you probably will die, less time dead is always nice.

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Skill order

You Might have noticed I didn't put the skill order in this build. Everyone is a little different. Sometimes skilling up your pool is more beneficial to you than your tides. or the other way around. However for anyone who wants to be good with vlad, you know that leveling transfusion as fast as possible is key. That being said. Level transfusion every chance you get early game. By level 9 if you do, you can start to murder anyone who gets to close to you. I prefer to put one level in sanguine pool at level two then switch between transfusion and tides of blood until both are maxed. Transfusion will be your bread and butter. Doing at least 500 damage every two seconds or less with ionian boots, is devastating.

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Try your hardest to grab mid. Buy Dorans ring first, I know the mana regen is nothing you need, but the extra ap is beautiful from the health and ap boost it gives. If you don't get it, making enough money and XP becomes difficult. Assuming you have mid. harass slowly early game between levels 1-9 vlad is a little squishy and can be taken advantage of. I usually stay in lane until level 10 harassing the enemy champion as much as possible while staying back and not getting hurt to much. You should be ready to go back around level ten when you destroy the other champ and have around 3K in gold. Buy your boots second, and with the extra start working on your scepter. Head back into your lane. Most the time you will have a little bit between Lv 11-15 to work on your guy mid for a bit, having them gank you here and there when you push. This is more than ok. Embrace the gank they try. This makes your enemy champion push in harder. When that happens. Hemo plague him hit him with everything, and ignite him. When you finish that, pool your way to safety. Getting a few kills where you can will help out largely. You should rush getting your soul stealer before team fights begin. Vlad can be a huge assister if need be. So If you get the soul stealer fast, you can be the one to be racking in the kills. After soul stealer. Return to base whenever you have enough to purchase your next item. Kill like crazy. If you see someone alone. Go make them regret it. Always harass as much as possible. By late game. You should have 600+ ap, making you very scary. Aim for squishy people. Then help shred some tank afterwards. Always push and harass.
This build wont get you a flashy 30-0-20 game. However 15-2-11 is not unreasonable if you play smart. I put lich bane last. Sell Dorans ring late game if you have the gold to pick it up. It has the useless mana in it. But it adds AD and AP and the passive is gorgeous. every 2 seconds your regular physical can do around 700 with your transfusion doing 600+ throw in some tides and a little hemo. You will see them run for the hills.
I hope you have fun becoming the terror that vlad is known to be. Happy hunting. May many champs try to chase you alone into the woods.