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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Vladdo's AP-AD OP Jax

Last updated on September 6, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This guide is based on Ability Power - Attack Damage items, Attack speed and Lifesteal. My experience with Jax shows me that those are the best items for him.

Skills- I think this is one of the OP passive skills in the whole LOL. Every 1 damage gives you 3 hp and every 1 ability power gives 2 hp. This will allow you to focus only on dmg and ability power items. Unlike most of the dps-ers, Jax is a dps hero with no hp problems.
- Leap Strike Is another great skill. Used as an initiation in gank, but could be used as escape mechanism when Jax is ganked. Yes, Jax can leap even on allied units. Early game Leap has a pretty huge cd. In my guide Leap is one of the most important things, that's why I max it first. The dmg - ap ratio is 1:0.8 so the skill is getting more effective as the game goes on. 700 range is more than enough to chase. In my build at lvl 18 this skill will deal 410 damage.
Empower . This skill is useful if you rarely hit. I think it's fail for farming. And the only purpose is to deal huge AoE damage in team fights. This is why I max it late game. And 20% Dmg + 20% AP early is not that useful as late :) At lvl 18 this will deal 471 damage.
Counterattack - One hell of an awesome skill ! Gives you a lot of evasion (18% at lvl 5) and deals 160 damage + 0.6 per AP. When you gank, always wait for the creeps. If you dodge their attack while chasing, you can leap + stun your opponent. This skill saved my @55 around 100 times :)
-Relentless Assault - This is Jax's bread and butter. At maxed lvl 8 hits will give Jax 112% increased attack speed. And each 3th attack will deal 140 / 170 / 210 (+.7 per ability power) bonus magic damage. With my build at lvl 18 each 3th attack will deal 438 damage.

Theoretical outcome (over 5 seconds):
Attacks 9.3
Total Life Stolen 1509.074
Total Criticals 2.79
Total Bonus Critical Damage 870.48
Total DPS 754.537
Total Damage inclusive 3772.685

However this doesnt include the Increased attack speed from the Ulti and the Guinzo. And the bonus damage from the ulti. So the total dmg should be around 4.5k - 5k.

However... I start with Dorans Shield or Dorans Blade. If there are danger enemies to lane with - get dorans Shield and play defensive. If the enemies are paper heroes with low hp - get the Blade. Playing safe Jax will negate some of his early game potential. Try to farm and kill as more as possible. When you recall make sure to buy Ninja Tabi and Vampiric Scepter. When you get your ninja tabi - feel free to play even more aggressive. Wait to dodge an attack, Leap and stun the opponent, then retreat behind the melee creeps. When you evade again, hit 3 times the creeps and leap - stun again. Activate ignite and if needed - use exhaust.

Early game tasks:
1. Dont die
2. Farm
3. Kill

Items to get - Dorans Blade/Shield, Ninja Tabi, Vampiric Scepter. If you manage to get some kills Pickaxe.

Midgame - continue with farming. Try to repeat the killing steps in order to kill your lane opponents. Finish Hextech as soon as possible. Now you're free to kill most of the opponents. Leap, stun, hextech, ignite, wrack, wrack, wrack, leap, if possible stun and kill. Try to complete Guinzo.

Midgame tasks:

1. Dont Die
2. Kill everyone you can
3. Gank 24/7

Items to get: Guinzo is a must. Everything else depends from the situation. I think Stinger is a must, cuz it gives attack speed and cd reduction. However Sword of the divine is possible too. If you're facing tanks - start mardred's.

Late game - Finish whatever you think you need. Phantom dancer, Bloodthirster, Black Cleaver, even another hextech.. However... you'll need at least 1.5 attack speed without ulti.

Summoner Skills:

1- Exhaust - Enables you to win unpossible 1 on 1 situations or catch up fleeing enemies.
2- Ghost - You have chase power thanks to leap and for running away you can use exhaust or leap or stun. However.. this is a possible option.
3- Heal - No, No, No, No ! Leave this to the tanks and supports.
4- Revive - Just remember your priorities - DONT DIE !
5- Smite - you're not a jungler, however.. even if you jungle for a while instead of farming, you can kill the creeps with stun and leap
6- Teleport - Another spell to consider. You're ganker, but I think that the runes are enough.
7- Cleanse - You're a combat hero, not a tank.
8- Fortify - Leave this for the tanks and supports.
9- Clarity - Naah... all your skills need not more than 65 mana.
10- Ignite - While on CD it gives you 10 AP - This is 20 hp. And This is a great skill for gankers.
11- Rally - You're chaser and whoever is stupid enough to try you 1 on 1 will be punished. You dont need rally.
12- Clairvoyance - Nope.. this wont help you.
13- Flash - My fav spell.. however..for Jax there are more useful spells.


Marks - Penetration - Early game this will help you a lot. 18 Armor Penetration is not a joke.
Seals - Evasion - This is what you need.
Glyphs - I think Ablity power per level is better than CD reduction, but CD helps to get your kills early.
Quintessences - Dodge, Attack speed, Movement Speed Armor Penetration. Everything is useful.

High Dps output
High Hp for a dps hero
Awesome combat skills

Not exactly an escape mechanism
Low armor, so not exactly a tank.
Needs items to be effective.

This was my first League of Legends Guide. Hope you like it. Dont forget to rate it :)