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Vladimir Build Guide by LoLTzeenth

Middle Vladimir Complete Guide

By LoLTzeenth | Updated on November 22, 2019

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Runes: Phase Rush

1 2 3 4 5 6
Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #23 in
Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Midlane Matchups
[Easy] Ahri: Take ****ty trades, non stop harass her with Q and dodge her charm with pure skill. If not just W it, it's her main source of damage.

[Medium] Akali: Respect her shroud, if she has doran shield start yo will take a year to kill her but just dont stop poke, care for her mobility and if you have fast reaction time dodge second part of her ult with W, that does insane dmg.

[Very Hard] Anivia: Dodge her stun, if you can't better pool it, if she tries to get the empowered snowball **** without hitting her stun (via ultimate) then just pool the projectile, it's not worth taking that crit. Almost impossible to kill her without your jungler.

[Easy] Annie: Just trade point and clicks, dodge her stun with pool, freelo matchup.

[Hard] Aurelion Sol: Try stay out of his range. If you're super confident and aggressive you can kill him, whoever gets the first kill has the potential to 1v9. If you take Unsealed Spellbook use the Minion Dematerializer on the casters and canon wave to counter his brutal fast clear.

[Very Hard] Azir: More so an experience matchup, it's hard to explain, make him waste his soldiers early trying to poke you outside of your minion range so he can't use them efficiently, know his range well and try cheese or you'll have a problem.

[Easy] Brand: Just dodge or pool his stun, trade point and clicks and go for the cheese

[Medium] Cassiopeia: Take celerity to dodge her Qs and rush Sorcerer´s Shoes, if you're not confident to dodge her Q better use your W, if she misses then it's your chance to kill her.

[Easy] Corki: One of the easiest matchups, poke non stop, dont be afraid to take bad trades unless he has Doran Shield, Bone Plating and Barrier combo.

[Medium] Diana: Respect her shield when she walks up close, build full ap and outsustain then oneshot her. If u cant versus Diana, buy Spirit Visage to get some magic resist.

[Very Hard] Ekko: Spam Q him, don't let him use his Q on the wave, really annoying if he goes Corrupting Potion and Biscuit Delivery. It's impossible to match his roams, if your jungler has cc then you can free kill him though if you bait his E.

[Hard] Fiddesticks: Very very hard to play against in teamfights, go for extended trades with him in laning phase, short ones will **** you over.

[Easy] Fizz: Q spam him, if you didn't push lane you shouldn't die to him, you can pool his W and his ultimate even if R hits you, you can still dodge the damage and make it useless, if you're experienced, the matchup is free.

[Hard] Galio: His Q does % hp damge, his W destroys your E and Q, his E does the same, his ultimate makes you unable to oneshot people from behind, insanely hard matchup but still winnable if you play aggressive and pray for no jungle camp

[Easy] Gragas: Kill him once and lane is GG. rushing Sorcerer´s Shoes makes him unable to do anything, if he has ignite and buys AP then respect the **** out of his Electrocute combo or it'll oneshot you also his W grants him % dmg reduction so play mindgames with him that you don't burst him when he's doing that

[Very Hard] Heimerdinger: He pushes a lot, really hard to trade with him since he will make you waste W with his grenade.. Try to poke him low very slowly, if he has Barrier pray to the gods.

[Medium] Irelia: Is kinda tough espeically if you **** up, if you just farm and are equal you should be able to win a 1vs1 with pure damage since she can't counter Vlads greatest weakness (range), either dodge her stun or her ult with your pool and try not to combo her with her W (like Gragas or Fiora)

[Easy] Jayce: Trade with Q, if he jumps on you with his Q while in hammer position then W it while he's mid air to take no damage, always E in pool to outtrade him and if he doesn't rush MR it's a free lane.

[Medium] Karma: Really annoying, if she wants she can just push you in and W + Q with Mantra while you're chained up, no counterplay, Hextech Protobelt helps a lot because you can just close the distance to her. A perfect Karma won't let you close enough to damage her, Minion Dematerializer helps a lot to push against her.

[Very Easy] Karthus: Really easy matchup, dodge his Q, poke him non stop, rush Sorcerer´s Shoes, oneshot and repeat, really easy if you learn to dodge.

[Easy] Kataraina: She gets afraid when you stand next to her daggers, her ultimate reduces your healing aswell. She won't go defensive summoner so the possibilty of poking her down and then oneshotting is very high.

[Very Hard] Kassadin: Doran´s Shield passive and his Q heals you, when he Q's you trade it with an auto hit and follow him till his shield is gone then Q him, do this right and it's a free matchup untill level 6, if he rushes Archangel's Staff, he will outscale you and you won't be able to 1v1 him, it becomes near impossible to deal with him at this point. If he starts Doran´s Shield too then you're ****ed.

[Medium] Leblanc: Pool his E or dodge it before it hits you, spam Q her, after level 6 don't get chained or you'll get double chained and die. Remember her passive makes her invisible at a certain low hp which is ****ing weird. At least it doesn't make her immune and also you can ult the clone aswell to get 150% hp back from R.

[Medium] Lissandra: Don't stand behind your minions, the worst thing you can do is let her hit you, and push the wave, Liss has low mana cost so just let her waste it trying to hit you, go for quick Q pokes but don't go close unless you wish to all in.

[Medium] Lucian: This matchup can be very easy to very hard depending on what he builds, if he rushes Blade of the Ruined King or Executioner´s Calling, you'll just perma oneshot him and outtrade, if he gets Black Cleaver and Maw of Malmortius, have fun never being able to kill him.

[Hard] Lulu: There is a reason I use to permaban this champ, you outscale and can just make it a farm lane but if you dare play aggressive and dare try to kill her, she has ridiculousbase damage and stupid levels of shields/heals, hard to kill.

[Medium] Lux: If she has barrier it'll be hard to kill her, ou can still try play as aggressive as possible and out roam her with Predator

[Very Hard] Malzahar: Near impossible to kill, needs Twin Shadows or Protobelt Hextech to take down his passive magic shield, he outpushes you, out roams you, out tower damages you, holds you down so his jungler can destroy your ***, no counterplay matchup.

[Medium] Morgana: She can just perma push the lane with her W and it's really hard to oneshot her through Black Shield, you can just safely farm though, if you're hyper aggressive you should be able to kill her, try to dodge her bindings.

[Easy] Nautilus: Poke with Q's and farm. This is an easy lane to get to your late game potential. Care for ganks as Nautilus will let his jungler do all the work in terms of shutting you down.

[Very Hard] Orianna: All depends how good orianna is, if she's chall 1k lp, there is literally no counterplay, if she's bronze she won't abuse your low range, try to get her mana low early game, midgame no counterplay whatsoever.

[Medium] Qiyana: Qiyana can be very scary, however she is a melee champion so this does make it easier, with great mobility and burst damage she appears to be a threat to Vladimir, we need to farm and poke her like usual, whilst maintaining a safe distance so she doesn't trample all over you.

[Very Hard] Ryze: A perfect ryze player will never die to you and can zone you off every cs, he just slightly outranges you and has disgusting cc, dps, mobility, very hard matchup, you can abuse him early but once he gets his upgraded staff you can say goodnight, need CDR to coutner him in sidelane.

[Easy] Swain: Trade Q for Q, don't get hooked by his E and it's free.

[Medium] Sylas: Sylas has everything, a great heal, shield, mobility, damage etc. So what you need to do is farm up and hit the mid game power spike, stand behind minions in order to negate the chance of using his chain dash on you.

[Hard] Syndra: She outranges you, you have to dodge her balls on the ground and play mindgames or else you'll get pushed out of lane, you can avoid his ultimate with your pool but care if she stuns you first.

[Easy] Taliyah: You can run her down with Predator, just dodge her displacement and you won't die.

[Hard] Talon: Talon can go either way super hard, basically an AD Aurelion Sol, can kill you and outroam you if he does, but you can make him eat **** too and then stomp.

[Easy] Twisted Fate: Play aggressive as possible, should be free kills, ward for jungler, and stomp him in lane.

[Hard] Veigar: Try not to get hit by his Q every time you trade with him, if he stacks magic resistances then you're in big trouble, he'll be unkillable and you will have to kill his team instead, he doesn't really outscale you but he can be a lot more powerful if he itemised correctly.

[Medium] Velkoz: He has a lot of range, just dodge his geometry, if you get hit by his knockup you can say bye to your HP, use pool smart, his ult does massive damage too.

[Hard] Viktor: He will outtrade your Q to Q trade, he outranges you and outpushes you and has more mobility, start Doran Shield and become invincible, you can solo kill him if you play really aggressive and smart with your own HP, care if he has ignite.

[Hard] Xerath: Start boots and dodges all of his habilities, if he's good he'll make your life hell, try play as aggressive as possible though, you can one shot him at level 6.

[Medium] Yasuo: Can be really easy or very hard, all depends on how good the yasuo is, if you play constantly though you'll have experienced this matchup a lot, auto attack his shield away, play around his Tornado, pool it at level 6, Q him at every chance you get, play mindgames with his windwall, let go of E super early sometimes, **** with his brain.

[Easy] Zed: You counter him, dodge his double Q combo, perma Q him, if he ults W before he appears again and his ult will be gone.

[Hard] Ziggs: Has a lot of range, if he plays clean it'll be hard to kill, also most Ziggs go barrier so **** that ****, if he goes Magic Resist then you cant really kill him.

[Hard] Zilean: Extremly ****ing hard if he reaches level 6, has disgusting base damage, a slow that will **** all your speed, very hard matchup after 6, can abuse early though.

[Hard] Zoe: One of the if not most annoying champions in the game (honestly wish she gets removed) you have an advantage that you can sustain from her insane q damage early game. However Riot decided that her E should last for at least 5 decades long so you have to avoid it as much as possible as it will give her free poke. Late game if she doesn't land E's on you, you will always win so stick it out till mid-late game.
Toplane Matchups Back to Top
[Medium] Aatrox: Aatrox is a melee version of Vladimir however he sustains better in lane and can out trade you in lane. Save pool in lane and you won't die and feed him. Try and get items before attempting to kill him as it's not worth all inning him with his high damaging kit.

[Medium] Camille: Stun and gap closing can be very lethal against Vladimir. However Camille is a very squishy top laner, so poke as much as you can. You can win this lane if you position yourself correctly and know when to play aggressive and passive. Don't be too aggresive when Camille has ultimate though because it is the most BS ultimate in the game and will mean death for you.

[Medium] Cho´Gath: Dodge his knockups and try and stand behind your minions. In trades you should win but don't fight when your too low as he will ult and gobble you to bits. Careful of his silence late game as it will allow the enemy to shred you in teamfights.

[Hard] Darius: It is possible to win early game and I really mean possible. If he builds Magic Resist early then try not and trade him and wait for a gank from your jungler. If he builds phage you must be very careful as his mobility will be superior to you and get him into his E range which begins his all-in combo. Either pool his E to escape or use Tides of Blood and Sanguine Pool when he's charging Q to do a nice amount of damage to him.

[Easy] Mundo: Both champions heal so once he builds Spirit Visage there's no point fighting him. It's a farming lane and teach him a lesson late game. TIP: Stay behind minions so he can't catch up to you with his Q's ridiculous slow.

[Very Hard] Fiora: If you push up when she has 6 she will ult and kill you. However you are spared as Vlad as Fiora lacks hard CC which can save you in lane so many times. Always try and cover your vitals and when it is in a bad spot walk out of sight and back again into lane.

[Easy] Gangplank: Gangplank may play very passive, If he thinks he's Tobias Fate and plays super aggressive punish him and poke him to death! His Oranges do not take off Vladimir's ult damage so all in him at 6 and destroy his vulnerable old man body.

[Medium] Garen: Very easy to verse in lane if you are aware and careful of his damage. Play back when Q is on cooldown and play more aggressive when it is up. Late game his Silence will ruin you and therefore ruin your teams late game damage. Freeze lane as he has no range abilities other than ult and so He can't poke you near tower.

[Medium] Gnar: Gnar's gap closing will ruin you if you aren't careful. Avoid taking Gnar's passive 3 stack damage as this is all Gnar can do when he is in little form. When he ult's don't fight and run down his red bar. Try and all in him at 6 IF HIS YELLOW BAR IS LOW. Then you can be sure he won't kill you.

[Medium] Illaoi: Dodge her E at all costs, It is Illaoii's main source of damage against you. Illaoi is the Queen of 1v2's make sure to ping your jungle to space himself carefully when ganking as her ult will heal her and deal heaps of damage to you and your jungler. Do not commit to a fight under her ult.

[Very Hard] Jax: Can 1v1 you at all points of the game has great CC. can dodge your abilities and it's silly for a champion to have.Its is very possible to trade him early with a rotation of E and Q. Try to deny him as much as possible and assert your dominance. Dodge his E stun with your pool or he will poke you to critical health or possibly death. Play it safe.

[Easy] Kennen: Has great poke so position yourself wisely so you can farm from harms reach. When you try to go for a level 6 all in make sure you either have ult advantage or are confident that his ult won't stun and punish you.

[Easy] Kled: Your poke is better as a ranged champion early game, your main priority is to farm and lower Kled's health bar so he loses his pet Skaarl. focus on poking him out of lane and getting rid of his Skaarl.

[Very Easy] Malphite: You can farm and there's not much Maplhite can do easy win. Poke him till the bitter end.

[Very Easy] Maokai: You can farm and there's not much Maokai can do easy win. Poke him till the bitter end

[Hard] Nasus: Once he builds MR you can't stop him from stacking so try and bully him and kill him while you can. He is a ridiculously good champion in my opinion and near impossible to beat late. His lifesteal passive is a pain to deal with early, your best hope is to waste his mana (somehow)...

[Hard] Ornn: Constantly taking small trades against Ornn is ideal. Early on, he has mana issues and causing him to use abilities on you or the minion wave leaves him largely vulnerable. Avoid standing near walls or by his Q because he can then charge towards you and knock you up with his E.
Refrain from using any major crowd control on Ornn when his W is up because he will not be affected by it if he uses his W

[Medium] Pantheon: Don't let Pantheon get the upper hand on you. Your Q should out damage even his broken Q damage. His Combo's may do more damage within a shorter period of time but Pantheon won't get to his biggest strength being executing enemies at low health. As Vladimir you shouldn't get to low health unless you are playing like an Ape and as always let your team know when Pantheon has his Ult so they are prepared to back off when he's looking to roam.

[Very Easy] Poppy: Poppy was the only reason people picked Vladimir top lane at one point because he can farm without being pressured and get to late game with complete ease. Take advantage of your ranged abilities and bully her out lane.

[Medium] Quinn: Play with care, basically an ADC top laner so play passive in the early levels and all in her once you have level 6.

[Medium] Renekton: Ridiculous damage and has sustain too, Poke him with Q's for the majority of early game and be cautious for his double dashes. Rush Seeker's Armguard if you are threatened and this will screw Renekton over.

[Medium] Riven: Poke with Q's and Auto Attack's but don't step up to far as you will be jumped on and punished by her damage. Especially if Riven takes Thunderlord's she will out burst you in the early levels and CC you for an eternity. Our biggest issue is her mobility however so when she has cooldowns up that's when you respect her, but when she doesn't get as much poke and damage on her as you can.

[Easy] Rumble: Lots of damage and poke is annoying however it is very easy to gank rumble so freeze wave and let you and your jungler work together to kill him. All in him at level 6 as behind his metal suit is a very squishy Yordle.

[Very Easy] Singed: Singed will have a hard time trying to beat you, i reassure you he can't out-trade you, all about positioning. If he proxy farms behind your tower let him as you can't catch up to him or out damage him early. DON'T CHASE SINGED.

[Very Easy] Sion: His early game can really get on your nerves because of his base damage, You need to dodge his Q at all costs especially if it's charged. Save sanguine pool if you look to not escape it when pushed up in lane, can possibly lead to a jungle gank and kill.

[Easy] Teemo: Poke him with Q when it's up and the rest of the time stay back to avoid his poison damage. All in Teemo at 6 and send him back to hell.

[Easy] Trundle: Poke Poke Poke but don't stand out of line as he will sprint at you with his superior mobility and beat you with his club.

[Easy] Tryndamere: Poke him through out level 1-5 and try and get an early kill on him. In this lane push as fast as you can to get level 2 first. Tryndamere can cheese kill you by gaining level 2 first so don't let it happen! At 6 he'll become annoying to play against but he is not invincible just be cautious when tower diving him after 6. Also late game don't fight him alone as you have no CC and his ult will allow him to out damage you.

[Easy] Yorick: Don't get trapped! farm and don't let him get ahead on you in kill's or CS. If you get trapped first priority is to auto attack the walls surrounding you then focus on either escaping or retaliating. This is a lane where you can't roam too freely if Yorick is in lane as he was born to splitpush and he does it very well.
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LoLTzeenth Vladimir Guide

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Vladimir Complete Guide
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