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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nine

Vladimir, he loves to bath in blood. (Simple beginner's)

Nine Last updated on November 14, 2010
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Okay, so, first of all, I'm not level 30 yet and don't have full runes or talents so I'm not completely sure how it works, but so far those seem like the best options.
This stated and understood, welcome to my first guide for Vladimir The Crimson Reaper.
This is my first guide ever, so constructive criticism would be apreciated. Also, if you're going to downvote, please let me know why in a comment below.And last but not least, I am Greek and English is NOT my mother language so please excuse any typos or grammar failures. Hopefully, you will find my little guide useful.Go on, give it a shot in-game and you'll see what I mean ^_^ .

Well, this is how it works.
Leveling up before everyone else and maxing out your transfusion is your first (and maybe only) bother.If you follow my skill sequence, this should be done till level 9.

Early game.

Start off in mid, (except if there is a Heimerdinger, then send some other poor thing, cause like we said, we want you fed and leveled.) with boots of speed and 3 life potions.
No matter the champion against you, by level 6 you will have at least 1 kill on him (even on another vladimir...especialy on another vladimir). Play smart and harass smart.If you see the enemy champion being too agressive (and they will be), pop your ignite on them, bang them with transfusion and run after them with normal hits.Don't rush for a tower dive just yet.90% of the time, they wont even go back to base cause they prefer to stay defensively and try to level a bit more.
By this time, you're level 5.Your Transfusion is level 3 and your sanguine pool 2, making it perfect for your first kill.
Draw back a bit and big chances are, they will push. Now that they were stupid enough to do that, pop your ghost and charge on them with transfusion and sanguine pool to slow them down and slow down their aproach to the tower.Pop transfusion again and ignite them once more.That's it, you got your first kill.
Use a health potion, ding 6 and go gank somebody in another lane.
With the money you made from the first kill and if you succesfully did some last hits, you now have enough to get your Spirit Visage. If you had a successfull gank, you probably also have enough for your Elixir of Brilliance.
Why those two?
Both items have cooldown reduction and the Elixir also gives AP.
This, together with your masteries will reduce your cooldowns just enough to make you own everything.
Remember though.Go back mid and level to 9.THEN use your EoB, else it's kind of pointless.

Middle game
Now that you're level 9 you're ready to devastate all 3 lanes at once. Move to the lane that has the most trouble dealing with their enemies, alert your allies on that and mark the first target. Hide in a bush (duh) and when they're close enough to your turret and far enough from theirs, rush in with Q and ignite on first target, ulti on both and w to slow them down while your allies nuke.Once the first one dies, do a tower dive with Q and W and get yourself your 3rd kill :)

Move with your allies to mid and devastate that player too and repeat with the last lane (after they go back to theirs, remember, you NEED the kills for yourself, you got expensive stuff to get)

Reminder : This will probably piss off the oponent team and make them want to chop your head off so play defensively for a tiny bit and expect them.

Whenever you find fit, go back to base and buy yourself your boots of swiftness and your Needlessly Large Rod (together with a new elixir if you have enough).

Stay in your lane or go for some kills in other lanes and finish your Zhonya's Ring.

Reason I get it before Rylai's Crystal Scepter is because for one, it has more ap (and the 20% boost is AWESOME) and for two, it can make the difference between a death and giving you the time to escape with Sanguine Pool.

After that, everything is really simple. Get giant's belt as the first Rylai's material as by this point you'll be needing some extra life cause everyone hates you and you're always first target.

Late game.
Do I really need to say more?Finish your Scepters, push towers, get kills.
By this point, you're extremely feared.For every step you take, the enemy team takes 10 back, so pushing will be fairly easy.
Go together with your team.Use your ulti, preferably when the enemy team is all stacked up and harass with your Tides of Blood and Sanguine pool.

Lack of a sixth item.

As you probably noticed, I didn't include a 6th item.That's for various reasons.
1st: It always depends on the game.In some games you'll need a warmog's armor for the life and in others you'll want to get a Mejai's Soulstealer because you're owning them completely.
The 6th item is up to you and the game you're playing. Choose wisely.

Why did you choose those summoner spells, Nine?
Well, obviously, the ignite for easier kills (or harassing at level 1-5).
Ghost, for tower diving and for escaping those "HOSHI-" situations.

Your friends.
Anyone squishy. You will feast on them like a lion between sheep.
Their great damage output makes them think they can take on you but that's where they fail.

Your enemies.

Shen and Rammus.
Both just annoying, they'll taunt you and pull you to their turrets or in the middle of their team while you can't do anything to save yourself. Keep your distance as much as possible if up against one of the two.

Magic resist.TOO MUCH magic resist. Leave him for your melee's and go for a squishy.