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Vladimir: Heals like Mundo, Hits like Veigar

Last updated on April 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hello everyone and thank you for looking at my guide. My summoner is TrueAilan. I started this game around 6 months ago, and the first champion that really caught my eye was Vladimir. I thought he looked really cool and I liked his draining skills and healing. I didn't realize how gay he actually looked ingame, but this all changed when I got some skins. At first when I picked up Vlad I was not very good, and I thought he was a little underpowered. I am here to tell you that Vlad is the most powerful champion in the game. It is hard to deny that he lacks CCs of other champions, but Vlad has the most potential compared to any other champions that I have played. I mained Vlad and I never played any other champions. I have atleast 800 games in Vlad. I am a low elo player atm, however I have monitored higher ranked vlads and they are playing a similar build. I designed this build, I have never seen anyone else use it. However after a few months of full victory screens and always positive k/d I have noticed gun stacking more and more. Apparently people are picking up on my style.

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Pros / Cons

Runes I pick up-
Red - Magic Pen
Blue - AP per level
Yellow - AP per level
Quints - 2 movement speed and 1 magic pen, this is changeable and you can go 2 straight ap instead of movement speed or full magic pen.

HP per level does not significantly help vlad, neither do many of the other runes that I have seen on other guides.

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For Masteries I go 9/21/0, some go the route of utility, but I find these to be really lackluster because it doesn't benefit my play style. I do not consider vlad to be a squishy mage, I actually consider him to be an amazing initiator and these masteries help with that.

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For items to start many suggest an amplifying tome and a health pot, or even a health crystal. These are very foolish beginning items. Vlad becomes lane steady at around 5 and strong around 7-9. You really need more hp to last on your lane and farm as frequently as you would like. The best items to start with are always boots of speed and three health pots. It isn't even arguable that 600 HP from healthpots isn't better than a health crystal or the weak AP you get off of a tome and 200 HP. Health Potions are a must. If you are finding yourself getting harrassed heavily on your lane then you must go back and purchase more HP potions and survive until 7-9. The first item when you return is always a hextech revolver. Hextech will allow you to drain at 7 and heal like you are already level 9. This is a huge benefit. The second item you purchase is always upgraded boots. Boots of lucidity are a waste, always grab sorcerers boots. I'll explain why. Vlad doesn't need CDR but it does make him very very powerful. What you want to do is pick up an exilir of brilliance throughout level 7+ and grab the blue buff. Some foolish players may say that you lack mana so you do not need it, however mana is a very small component of blue buff. What you really want is the +22 CDR. Once you have this with blue and masteries, you will have 38% CDR. Buying CDR items is very expensive and takes you a different path.

Once you have your hextech and your shoes you should easily be able to 2v1 and grab some kills, either way keep farming and purchase 2 more of these guns. This will make your healing mundo significant. You want to keep your Tides of Bloods leveled with the amount of guns you have, if you have three guns you want 3 maybe level 4 of e.

Once you have all 3 hextechs you do not upgrade to a will of the ancients, instead you rush a rabadons deathcap, and your AP will jump to around 500. This will make you a force to be reckoned with. once you have rabadons you will have an extra item slot. Now this item slot is negotiable, but I almost always find the Zhonyas hourglass to be a perfect item for vlad. The reason is obvious, once your pool is gone or saving your pool and using hourglass is a perfect way to take an enemy teams burst and recover with healing while your team is full HP and beating down the enemy team when their skills are on CD from using them on you. They might try to focus you, but if you save pool till the end and immediately come up with Q you should be at good enough health to stick around. Once you have your hourglass you will have no slots left, this is the point of the game where you sell a gun and upgrade another to Will of the Ancients. Once this is done typically I finish off my build with an abssyal sceptre, but I have to be honest... Most games won't last this long. You will get fed, you will dominate and you will carry even some of the worst feeders. One thing you should be aware of however, vlad takes till 9 to get powerful, if feeding is happening you will be significantly less powerful then this guide suggests, or even if its not feeding and just death for a death, those characters will have much more money then you and make you less effective.

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Summoner Spells

This is non negotiable... Everyone looks at cleanse and says this is a bad item for vlad. I can't tell you how many games I've listened to these fools and picked other skills only to be silenced or stunned for 5+ seconds and unable to do anything. Vlad is completely reliant on his skills and any disables will destroy your ability to take damage and recover. Another reason is once you are confident you will be able to initiate, cleanse, pool if bursted, zhonyas transfusion and pool again, because remember you have 40% CDR from blue and elixir.

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I really wish I knew how to put the pictures of items so that you would take my guide seriously, however the character and this build speak for themselves. It plays itself and it wins by itself you need to do very little. Please give it a try. I am aware of the obvious executioners calling counter, however even this will not stop you once you have a deathcap. I have carried so many games with Vlad now that I would like to share this build with you and have some feedback on peoples success.