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League of Legends Build Guide Author AdinsxBejoty

Vladimir - High damage, good survivability

AdinsxBejoty Last updated on November 16, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first build, and it's the first genuine build I crafted on my own to suit my playing style. I tend to be a very aggressive player, which has its drawbacks, of course, but I tried to maximize the rewards for that playstyle with this build. I tried some of the other builds on here, but found that there wasn't enough damage for Vlad early game, and damage for late game seemed hit-or-miss depending on whether or not I got high Mejai's stacks.

So in conclusion, this build is most beneficial to aggressive players who like or want to play Vladimir. Or at least in my opinion.

The Masteries

Now, for every mage, there's an obvious drawback by investing in the Offense tree. A lot of that stuff is for melee classes. In my experience, it doesn't matter. That 5% damage from Havoc is extremely useful early game, and even more so after you get Spirit Visage.

I put 5 in Defense, because every little bit helps for Vladimir, who's squishier than I'd like him to be. I choose extra armor, because I never really find myself wanting to take much Magic Resist, whereas whenever a melee champion feels like chasing me down, I end up slapping my keyboard and yelling expletives.

For Utility, I just put 3 in the health regeneration talent and 1 in the Ghost talent, because it's, in my opinion, the most useful Summoner spell.

The Summoner Spells

I chooseGhost andIgnite all the time. I've never found myself wanting to pick anything else. With Boots of Mobility, Vlad can get between lanes rather quickly, but when the emergency arises, Ghost + BoM = getting there in no time.

However, Summoner Spells are always up to the individual.

These are good:

Maybe get these:

Don't get any of the others. Let a tank take Fortify, Clarity is completely useless since you don't use mana, Heal is also useless because you heal yourself extremely well thanks to Spirit Visage, Revive shouldn't be necessary, Smite is useless since you can't jungle early game. The rest are just odd choices for Vlad.

The Runes

I use a rather simple set of runes for Vlad (though I haven't been able to buy full tier 3 runes for him yet). Flat health Quintessences equals more survivability early game, and HP/level Seals gives you a lot of health late game, which is obviously beneficial. For Marks and Glyphs, I go standard Magic Penetration Marks and Ability Power per Level Glyphs.

The Items

For a quick reference, here's how I generally build my items step-by-step:

In-depth explanation:

I start with Ruby Crystal out of personal preference. I like the extra HP early game, and as I reach higher levels and can heal myself faster, the extra HP really helps with harassing. Honestly, you could get an Amplifying Tome and get an early Mejai's build started and it would probably work just as effectively. Depends on your playing style.

With Ruby Crystal, I generally stay in lane until I've gotten at least one kill or until I've reached level 9 or so and can safely return to base, whereupon I purchase Spirit Visage and Boots of Speed (Spirit Visage is very cheap, so I generally have enough left over for boots). This is really where I start having fun with Vlad, because by this time my Transfusion is at about a 2 second cooldown (lowered by Spirit Visage) and I start spamming Tides of Blood for wiping out waves of minions quickly and painlessly. This really puts pressure on your opponent, because if you're doing it right, you should constantly have minions pecking at their turret. With the 20% increased healing effects, you're almost always at full health; even if you're not, healing yourself back up only takes about 10 seconds at most. Spirit Visage, in my opinion, the perfect harassing item for Vlad and I generally keep it through to the end.

Next, I start building Mejai's Soulstealer. Once that's finished, I try to gank if possible to start getting stacks, but I never try to rush my stacks. When team fights begin, you'll be getting a ton of stacks anyways. Next, I get my upgraded boots. Now, this is definitely a matter of preference. I put Boots of Mobility in the item build, simply because they're my favorite boots for almost every champion. Being able to rush into a battle or course down the lanes to get to top or bottom is a priceless luxury. Boots of Swiftness also work well, but I generally feel sluggish compared to how fast I am with BoM. After the Boots, I slowly start building Rylai's Crystal Scepter, usually in this order: Blasting Wand, Amplifying Tome (usually at the same time), Giant's Belt, then finally RCS. If I'm having trouble staying at full health for some reason, I usually pick up Giant's Belt first.

The next two items are context-dependent. I generally pick up Randuin's Omen before Zhonya's Ring for the extra end-game survivability, but they can be switched out for whichever feels better at the time. I pick Randuin's Omen for the extra health and armor, but what I really like it for are the passives, which are absolutely priceless for Vlad. I'm usually focused, so any extra time I can get to Sanguine Pool out of a group of enemies is worth it. The cooldown reduction obviously has its benefits, but at only 15%, it's not going to turn Transfusion into a "LOLOLOL SPAM Q LIVE FOREVER" spell. I don't think I really need to defend purchasing Zhonya's Ring, as its benefits are painfully obvious.

In Conclusion

With this build, you will be doing a lot of damage all the time. Hemoplague is absolutely devastating and Transfusion is a deadly nuke. With the extra defense you'll get from Randuin's Omen and your Defense masteries, you'll be able to survive almost anything from annoying champions like Warwick and Master Yi. This doesn't mean you're a tank, however, so don't get cocky. A memorable moment for me is when I was at roughly 10% HP and a full-HP Warwick jumped out of the forest to suppress me. By then, I had completely built my Vlad and his attack did almost nothing. I used Tides of Blood and Transfusion in quick succession, dropped my ultimate and danced around under him with Sanguine Pool until he died and I got away with something like 30 HP. It was messy, but damn it felt good.

Remember, this build was made by an aggressive player, so that is who it will benefit the most. I often run into the entire enemy team, drop my Hemoplague and Sanguine Pool under them as my team descends upon them to completely devastate them. I usually end up dying in the process, but this usually means my team gets an Ace (or close to it) and can push afterwards. Also, there's something entertaining about seeing your Mejai's stacks fall drastically, only to be completely restored by the end of a team fight.


I tend to do pretty well:

But then again, this happens sometimes: