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League of Legends Build Guide Author kenshiki

Vladimir - how a bloodsucking champion tank

kenshiki Last updated on September 5, 2012
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Ok, if you follow the setup of this given build. for first timers, they will experience a bit scared because they can't harass as well as tank but at the same time deal huge damage.
focus of this build is mainly to build as much AP as possible for Vladimir. because of his passive he gains hp for every AP he has and vice versa. Also this build needs you to be on the middle lane. Vladimir on sidelane is not much helpful because he needs levels to shorten its spamming skill which is Q or Transfusion

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as a Pure AP build you will need all AP per lvl rune as soon as you have the money to buy.
you can get up to 100 AP with only hextech revolver. your AP will increase by 5-9 every level and at the same time increase your hp for survival.

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this will be 21/0/9

21 on offense - as a AP champ you need AP of course and because of that maxing every AP mastery is the best way to win it. Archmage gives a total of 5% AP which in fact gives 2-3 AP for every 20 AP you have. Blast another AP per lvl mastery. Sorcery cooldown reduction for faster cooldown of course. and Arcane Knowledge for magic penetration for early harassment. Executioner and Havoc are only optional you can remove them (except for Havoc it will remain lvl 1 or 2 because of points requirement) and give it to utility tree transmutation (more spell vamp more hp for Vladimir)

9 for utility - we need to focus on Good Hands for faster respawn time as well as Swiftness for movement speed. also utility gives spell vamp Transmutation

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start off with Amplifying Tome. gives 20 AP and with the mastery and runes it gives you 9-11 more AP thats a total of 29-31 AP.

1st item to make - Hextech Revolver - for spell vamp of course, we disregard movement first because we need to survive and farm as much as possible in the early game. after Ionian Boots of Lucidity turn this into Will of the Ancients or if you want to become a harasser turn it into Hextech Gunblade for range slow purposes.
2nd item to make - Ionian Boots of Lucidity - for cooldown reduction. vlads tanking abilities rely on cooldown. faster cooldown = more time to tank and harass mostly on clash.
3rd item to make - Rylai's Crystal Scepter - for slow, AP and HP. harassment for vlad will be easy with these.
4th item to make - Rabadon's Deathcap - more AP more HP more spellvamp.
5th item to make - Zhonya's Hourglass - for clash purposes, after putting Hemoplague at the enemy use this till your teammates gets there or scare them off. you can use this when you are in danger, mostly use after using sanguine pool
6th item to make - any item is available. for starters Mejai's Soulstealer can be taken first before getting Rylai's Crystal Scepter, mostly recommended if you can do an early gank on a lane that has disables (teammates of course).
Spirit Visage if you need more hp and support for your spellvamp
another Rabadon Deathcap for huge AP boost

Note: Always buy Elixir of Brilliance and Elixir of Fortitude when you have extra money for AP HP and cooldown reduction

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Skill Sequence

Vladimir relies on cooldown (like what i said before) so maxing Transfusion is a must.
Sanguine Pool lowers its cooldown every level so do it after maxing Transfusion. Tides of Blood, only use it for harass and hp/spellvamp purposes.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - for initiating a gank, escape, early kill at mid (if you are going to mid) basicly common for most AP champ
Ignite - combo for Vladimir's Hemoplague.

Ignite change to Teleport - faster farming. teleporting to your teammates (useful if you have a warder at your team)
Ignite change to Heal - if you're too scared to tank.

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Pros / Cons

can really do a huge chunk of damage on all game (early mid and late game)
has huge spell vamp or hp recovery
no mana cost
spammable skill ( Transfusion)
Huge HP

Early games becomes a huge downfall because of its Transfusion cooldown (mostly when your enemy team has a ganker)
Sanguine Pool uses a large amount of your hp (20%)
has no crowd control skills until you get Rylai's Crystal Scepter except for Sanguine Pool (slow effect but deals huge damage to you if you do it early)
Silence is Vladimir greatest enemy since Vladimir rely on skills

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Creeping / Jungling

when farming, always use Transfusion to last hit the enemy creeps. don't mind the enemy champion until you are level 5 (this starts to make your transfusion cooldown faster)

never use Tides of Blood at the early game until you get your Hextech Revolver (its like you are harassing yourself)

only use Sanguine Pool for escape at early game, never use it to kill because you never know when a gank will happen because Sanguine Pool has a huge cooldown.

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Team Work

Always start by harassing them, when they start to show aggression to you aim at the middle and use your Hemoplague. never use Hemoplague on a clash on 1-2 champ. 3-5 is recommended.

only use Sanguine Pool when you are low at hp (since 20% hp cost use your current hp and not max hp)

spam Tides of Blood and Transfusion for more hp and damage ( Tides of Blood gives more hp recovery or spell vamp recovery also damage)

like what the title says. this build focus on Vladimir becoming a 2nd tank but dealing huge damage. since Vladimir can spam Transfusion for hp he can take down 2-3 champion by just spamming them (can even take 5 if you have Zhonya's Hourglass)

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Best and worst Champs for Vladimir

Katarina - she is both your best and your worst champ for Vladimir. same as Vladimir which is a cooldown champion, Katarina can spam her skills and has a long skill range too.

Akali - for early game this is hard to control. she also have a passive that gives her spell vamp and bonus magic damage for basic attack. as well as a Shadow Dance which can instantly blink to you and do the combo

Nidalee - adr type Nidalee is so hard to counter with since Aspect Of The Cougar gives her a set of unique skill which can totally harass Vladimir

Diana - same as Akali she has a blink skill Lunar Rush and a vortex type skill (sucks enemy's around the champ) Moonfall

Fizz - has a dodge skill which is Playful / Trickster which is also very annoying for Vladimir because all attack during the skill is dodge or miss. this champion is very dangerous when Fizz gets the farm he needs to do fast kills

Blitzcrank - only thing that is useful to this hero is it's tanking abilities. Rocket Grab for easy kill. and its ulti Static Field for silence

Veigar - has huge AP and skills hurt hard. most important skill to sync for Vladimir is Event Horizon which stun enemy who goes outside the field or the targeted area which in fact gives Vladimir the chance to set Hemoplague since no one can go out (unless they have Flash)

Darius - same as Blitzcrank has a short range hook and devastating ultimate as well as a possible tanking abilities.

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I will update this since this is my first time doing a guide here in mobafire

can someone please tell me how to highlight the item so that it turns into the main item

what i mean above is the highlight for the purchase order so that it will show to the final calculation for its movement AP spell vamp etc...


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