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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scrowlol

Vladimir Killer

Scrowlol Last updated on August 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Vladimir: The Crimson ReaperThis is really a devastating build for Vladimir it helps you do insane damage early game and an unbreakable middler . It's all about ganking and late game team fights you`ll be the main harasser and in the same time you won't be focused even if you jump 1st .

(a) Impossible at mid : there will be no one who can stand against you mid if played right
(b) Great Ganker : mid game you`ll get insane KSs and help teammate push more
(c) Immortal : too many ppl QQ about vlad insane survivability in mid game and late game
(d) 1 vs many Champion : he is a champion who can stand 1v2 fights easily or 1v3 if he was well fed
(c) Great harraser : spam Transfusion rank 5 and ur enemy will flame you in chat

(a) uses too much health : doing Sanguine pool much would cost you really much health and it would be Really hard late game to gain the lost health with spam transfusion
(b) not as good as mid game : mid game will be the best period for you do well in it .. if not you screwed .
(c) decent at team fights : you won't do better in team fights than ganking or soloing so try to focus on ganking more .
(d) long slow is bad for you : if you get ganked with long slow ( nunu ice blast for example ) sanguine pool won't help you get away flash would if its ready if not you're in big trouble ( unless you have mercury boots )

Early Game

(level : 1-7)
Try to take Tome and 1 potion and please try to take mid because there is no one ever could beat you in mid .
try to harass ( if you could ) if there is not way you can harass just keep your health up by spamming transfusion . If your enemy in mid is so L33t just try to keep up with him spamming your Transfusion . Now you are lvl6 you can kill your mid easily with the following combo :
Transfusion > Ignite > Sanguine pool > ulti ( or another transfusion then ulti if he have much health ).
if he plays terrible defensive geek just ignore him and try to gank up or down lane with the same combo.
in early game make sure you by feet early so you can gank easily feet is really important for ganking .

Mid Game

(Level : 8-15)
now it's your time to shine ( buying soulstealer is really important early mid game ) once you are lvl 8 just gank , gank , gank and gank more . If your teammates are doing terrible and feeding your enemy you can still do much .
you got some kills then buyasap this staff really helps you for easy gank and in the same time helps you if u are chased by champion faster than you ( spam transfusion whenever the CD is up ) he`ll get slowed and he`ll never get u .
But try not to form group fights and try to gank because group fights isn't really your type but you can do a hell of a job in mid game fight if you were fed ( ulti > sanquine pool > tides of blood > and transfusion anyone about to die . But still you won't be the same hero late game ( lvl 18 - 35 mins + ) so try to be a killing machine before the tide turns in late game .

Late Game

(level : 18)
As i said before late game try to be a main harasser and do as much damage as you can do when both teams collide togather but don't worry do everything you could easily because you`ll never get focused with the right items your health would be 4.5k+ with 600~700 AP approx so that huge health with survival abilities .. who would focus you . But dont get too cocky jumping too early to enemy group with sanguine pool because if your friends didnt reach in time they would kill you in 2 secs ( remember you have too much health but no armor or magic res or reduce damage abilites so u still can die fast ) .

Items Order

( really important )


2ndorif you facing heavy CCers ( specially slowers )

3rdreally important to take early so u can benefit from the ganking

4thhelps you gank and helps you escape plus insane health and AP .. what do u need more than that ?

5thbasic caster item get it between mid and late game or late game if things going terrible .

6tha Core item you should get it

7thi found it really good item for vlad health + AP + Magic penetration ..

vlad core items would be health and AP coz as u can see his passive ability is :
1 AP = 2 Health
25 Health = 1 AP

really rocking passive ability.

Suggested Summoner Spells

Ignite : A must have spell its the core spell for vladimir it really works with the killing combo i entered earlier, plus it gives u 10 AP from talent when used
Flash : I found it the best ability for Ganking and short chasing running flash is really supreme killing spell and it have the element of surprise which all u need to gank
Ghost : still a good method of running away or following enemies in short chases flash is better for escaping .. long chases ghost but ghost dont have the element of surprise when you need to gank so i prefer flash coz all you do is gank

Not Suggested Summoner Spells

Teleport : you dont really need it , you found your self rarely to go back to base and in the same time teleport ruins the element of surprise so it won't help you ganking.
Heal : your power is health regenerative you completly dont need this .
Cleanse : some ppl could use it but u cant change ignite or flash for cleanse ... if you see ur enemy heavy CCers just buy mercury threads .
Clairvoyance : maybe it helps you to find players to gank but it's actually not a core tool for ganking leave it for champions dont depend on spells much .
Fortify : Nope you dont need it you won't stay at towers you are ganker .. gank them while attacking the tower instead .
Revive : you are immortal ... cmon you won't die if you play basic vladimir
Rally : its a meh spell you are not melee and you cant reach the improve rally from talent .
Clarity : i found my self stupid to put this spell in the guide ...

I hope you enjoy with vladimir .. really fun to play champion and some ppl say .. OP .. does it ... ? you decide :)