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Vladimir Midlane

Last updated on July 11, 2012
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Greetings Fanatics,

In this guide I will explain how I play Vladimir Midlane or Toplane solo.
The Reasons why I buy in a certain order, and just some helpfull information that will
help out most players who never play Vladimir.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to reply and thanks for Reading!

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Skill Sequence

Allways start off with Transfusion as your first skill. Your 2nd skill depends on the situation
from your lane. Are u taking a lot of damage? Take Sanguine Pool for escape mechanism,
take Tides of Blood otherwise for some easier lasthits & more pressure.
After that you start maxing out Transfusion or Tides of blood depending on what you need.
I will allmost max out Transfusion before Tides of Blood simply for the spell vamp/lifesteal.

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"In what order should i buy with Vladimir?"

I will explain how i normally buy items when playing Vladimir midlane or toplane solo.

I ALLWAYS start with boots and 3 healing pots, you need the movement speed to be able to
dodge the enemies skills because Vladimir has really low health on starting.

I will continue on 2 paths of buying items, one where you're having good last hits & kills.
the other being where you are having trouble on lane.

"Good" Laning phase

On your First trip back get a Hextech Revolver and if possible a Null-Magic Mantle.
This will provide you the sustain you need to stay on your lane, take damage & still
be able to farm without too much problems. I would suggest allways buying 2 wards if
you can afford them. This way you can pressure the midlane much harder and still be safe from ganks.

Your next trip will be when you have farmed up too 2500g-3000g, Get your Will of Ancients
and then you can choose to go offensive or defensive depending on the enemy team.
Will of the Ancients~ Blasting Wand/860 + Recipe/440 = 1300 wich leaves you with 1200g-1700g.

I usually buy Spirit Visage at this point for the improved spell vamp & 10% Cooldown.
However, Needlessly Large Rod or Giant's Belt will do fine aswell at this point ingame.

Get the Blue Golem if it's ok with ur jungler, keep pushing your lane & farming enemy wraiths & jungle if possible and allways help your teammates whenever you can.
In 5 minutes you should have farmed 2000 easily. Recall and finish Your Rabbadon's Deathcap and continue as before.

From this point on you should focus on getting your Warmog's Armor and Void Staff.

"Bad" Laning phase

There is allways a better player then you and guess what, he is on your lane.

On your first trip back get a Regrowth Pendant and Amplifying Tome + Health Pots.
This way you can go in for the lasthits & regen the damage taken afterwarths.

Buy a Hextech Revolver on your 2nd trip back with 2 wards & pots.
Again, you just want to stay as long as possible on your lane to farm & deny ur enemy lasthits

If he is still doing too much damage at this point for you to regen & keep farming,
buy a Chain Vest or Negatron Cloak if u can afford it. If not i would suggest buying
a Cloth armor and Null-Magic Mantle. Buy a Ruby Crystal afterwarths and turn it into
Aegis of the Legion for some extra health,defence & aura.

If you are STILL having trouble now staying on lane i would suggest clearing the waves
as quick as you can and then take the wraiths & wolfs and go back to ur lane.
Only do this in the enemy jungle when u are sure of the jungler's position!!

Get a Giant's Belt and start focussin on getting some damage items now as you should have no problem anymore now staying on lane with ur spellvamp + defensive items.

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How i play with Vladimir

In this Section i will explain how i usually play in the first 20mins of a game.

I will try to write in such a way that you could allso follow it.

I return to my lane after helping jungler & just hit the minions for lasthits. If we exchange some damage and i see i'm on the upperhand i will take Tides of Blood over Sanguine Pool to lasthit way easier and put pressure on the enemy.

From lvl2 i keep focussin on gettin lasthits but allso look for when the enemy is going in to get a lasthit, this is when you do a simple combo of Tides of Blood followed by Transfusion.
(150dmg + 20dmg from runes) With a very short cooldown on Transfusion (10/8.5/7/5.5/4)
It is really easy to harass ur enemy & deny him lasthits.

I get Sanguine Pool at level 3 and level Transfusion 2x followed by Hemoplague.
Hemoplague is an AoE Ulti that Vladimir places on the ground, any enemy that was inside this area when Vladimir placed it take 12% increased damage from all sources for 5 seconds, after these 5 seconds the enemies will take Magic Damage. CD 150/135/120 ~ MD 150/250/350 (+ 0.7dmg /ap)

At this point i am way ahead in gold on my lane so i'm constantly taking our wraiths and wolfs + the enemy wraiths. When the enemy is low health & mana i push the wave one more time
before i go toplane to gank. However, be sure to have a ward on you when you want to go gank.
This way you escape in time if the enemy team decides to come and help.

When you have farmed enough simply push the first mid tower and the second one immediatly if
both top & bot turrets are still alive. If not, push the first turret, go for theyr blue & wolves, place 2 wards in the midbushes & keep farming/pushing midlane.
When you got the first 2 midturrets down go bottom lane & help them take the turret down.
Tell the team to put pressure on mid with 3guys while toplane is still farming & you can easily push botlane 3-5 minionwaves & then join mid to put some damage on the tower allready
or at least get the enemies hp low. Allways keep a ward at Blue Golem, Dragon & Baron.

At this point i'm feeling really cormftable ingame and i feel like i don't have to worry about anything. This is where i usually 1v2 and 1v3 the enemy team, sometimes you own them and sometimes you get owned. However, you will allways take away at least 40% from theyr hp
if you got common sence & a few items. Because of his spellvamp Vladimir Can stay in battle forever if you play smart & carefull enough.

In an avg game you should have no problem at all getting 250-350cs , From all the champs i have played Vladimir is one of the best farmers in my opinion. But we all have our favourites c:

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Questions / Tips / Suggestions

I would first of all like to thank you for reading my "guide" on Vladimir.

It's my first guide i ever created and my english is far from perfect so please excuse me
for all the grammar mistakes you will find :b

Other then that, Feel free to write your opinion on this guide, what do you like and dislike, what do u agree about and where do u disagree with a certain decision.

Again, Thanks for reading and i will see you ingame! ^__^ morda