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Vladimir Build Guide by Dr Eggmund

Middle gold

Vladimir《Patch 10.19》: The Skies Will Rain Red

By Dr Eggmund | Updated on September 16, 2020
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NickCola Tesla (1) | May 3, 2020 1:19am
I really enjoyed this guide! I'm starting to pick up Vladimir, as I find myself needing to add at least one late game champion to my pool (as much fun as Darius is, good luck playing him late game).

Although 2 entirely different champions, I do find myself liking the tankiness of Ornn and was wondering if that would translate to Vladimir as a sustain tank. Would it be of any use to Vladimir to build Spirit Visage, Sunfire Cape, Adaptive Helm, and items such as those for a full tank build? Or does Tank Vladimir simply not do much for your team as he lacks peel, as my friends have stated? Also, I would assume your self heal would take a punch due to not scaling off of AP anymore to compensate for the tank items.
Dr Eggmund (6) | May 9, 2020 6:09pm
Hi Nick,

Sorry I didn't see your reply till this late. Vladimir I've played less recently over Darius, Sett, Sylas etc. However he is still really good in the meta and likely won't get any nerfs ever, which is fantastic for Vlad mains at least!

I don't know if a tanky Vladimir build would be useful. I will say though, his passive which gives him hp if you build ap, and visa versa ap when you build hp, could make a tanky sustain vladimir build good. Ap builds give so much health, items like Rabadon's Deathcap increase your Health significantly so I feel ap is obviously the best build. HOWEVER...

There is a really good TANK-build I found for Sylas who is now a sustain mage since the rework. You take Conquerer, Presence of Mind, Tenacity and Last Stand. in Second tree you go Transcendence and Gathering Storm. Make sure to take the CDR quint as well.
For Items you go Sheen into Spirit Visage or finish Sheen into Iceborn Gauntlet, from here Spirit or Gauntlet then followed Frozen Heart for tankiness and to burst the CDR cap. Followed by more Cooldown Reduction such as Abyssal Mask etc.

What makes THIS BUILD so good is you are getting tanky af, you have heaps of sustain through W Kingslayer and Spirit Visage, you have insane cooldown reduction and you get insane damage top lane or mid lane through Sheen, Transcendence gives you AP the more cdr over the cap (40%) you have and Conqueror gives you damage and sustain. GIVE IT A GO IT IS FUN AND RIDICULOUS.

With this in mind I can see a similar idea for Vladimir where you take Transcendence, Gathering Storm and try to gain as much AP as you can whilst being tanky, you would go items like Zhonya's Hourglass as it is still a tanky item that provides a great active, definitely Spirit Visage, Abyssal Mask perhaps, I'm unsure about the rest though. I think you and I should experiment this in normal games! I can't wait to try it out!

Look forward to hear how it goes for you!
nozore | March 17, 2020 7:54am
Hi, good build and guide. However im struggeling to be very strong. Lategame i can do a lot, but early many midlaners like diana can pretty much towerdive me and win. vlad seems pretty hard to have impact with, compared to someone like fizz or diana that is pretty strong atm.
Dr Eggmund (6) | March 19, 2020 6:28am

Cheers for the comment. I agree heavily, Vladimir's early game is quite risky. He isn't what you would call a heavy impact character early game. Biggest reason is because he has no way to slow or stun the opponent. He also struggles to escape, you have your W Sanguine Pool, but you are quite slow and it uses a lot of your health pool to use. You have to play smart, CS IS SOOOO VITAL EARLY GAME.

Diana is a difficult matchup these days since her rework. You have to experience the matchups as Vlad and recognise that Assasins want to shut you down really early because your damage and sustain is very threatening later on if they don't do anything. Vladimir is a safe pick, but he isn't guarenteed to win every game if your team is behind. Good luck and keep practicing as he is fun and rewarding!

- Egg
nozore | March 19, 2020 9:27am
Indeed, luckily he is easy to farm with i think. Thanks for answer Egg.
Katasandra (61) | November 2, 2019 12:06am
Hi again,
I saw your comment on my guide and decided to take a peek at your guide again. Great to see that you swapped to the new guide template buut.. I think you forgot to increase the width of your dividers... (a width of 762px will cover it).
Katasandra (61) | October 17, 2019 9:40am
Hey there, I noticed your comment on another guide asking help with making your guide look less messy (or something along those lines) so I figured I would hop in and give my two cents on it ^^

Anyway before I get all into aesthetics, one important way to limit the size of your guide is to avoid mentioning things you don't take or don't buy. The offenders here are Heal and Barrier in your summoner spell section, Abyssal Mask in your items section and Boots of Swiftness in the shoe shop (The first time I saw that name was ages ago and I still love it!).
Luden's Echo is in a bit of a grey area, you mention that it has good stats but that you usually refrain from building it. I myself wouldn't even consider building it because you indeed have no use for the mana and the item is extremely expensive. So in that case you should consider removing it as well.
Also avoid mentioning removed runes/runes from past seasons after some time has passed, in your rune section you mention Thunderlord's Decree and I can barely remember what it did or when it existed.

Also a few typos/other thingies like that I found:
  • In your Q description you try to make a database reference to "Crimson Rush" which doesn't exist. However, the dark red color it has actually looks really nice so... Steal that color and put it in yer guide. Its #6c0000
  • You mention that you become invulnerable when using Sanguine Pool that is not the case, you just becomes untargetable you can still die to ignite, teemo poison and stuff like that
  • At Hemoplague: It also provides utility for the team as all nemies who are hit other (possible) color: #6c0000

    So let's get started with the aesthetics. First of all, you are still using the old guide template. This in itself isn't bad but the new guide template has two advantages:
    • Different background color, for some reason I feel like the black background color somehow limits my view.
    • More space, the width of the old template is ~640px whilst the width of the new one is ~762px
    • You can split chapters making the guide easier to edit (I have a hard time explaining this, but when you make a new chapter in the old guide template it had that light color fading into black. In the new template this is not the case anymore, so you can easily get to the part of the guide you want to edit)

    I suggest that you switch to the new template (There is a box somewhere in the settings, but I'm not sure if you can switch back once you selected that option, you can try it out by copy pasting your entire guide in a draft though).

    Something that catches my eye is that you use very large banners/some very large images (esp at the start) of the guide. The size of the banners is up to you but I would definitely downscale the size of the soulstealer vlad image in the "when to pick vlad" section. Also the third paragraph in said section looks like something that belongs in the gameplay section (maybe you can replace it with a paragraph telling when not to pick vlad?)

    In your ability section you put the actual sequence before the abilities, I would definitely put it after the ability explanations. Also, I have always disliked the mobafire skill sequence table so if you're feeling creative you can consider making your own table.
    In your combo section it would be great if there was some kind of footage of using the combo's (can be practice tool, can be actual game footage, up to you).
    In your rune section there are some VERY LARGE open spaces between the runes, I suggest taking the names of the rune trees out of the columns (or table, if it is a table). And moving it somewhere to the top of the rune page. This will lessen the height discrepancy between the rune icons and the text as well as the distance between them.

    And last but not least: your skin section. Although I do like the idea the formatting is eh... What do you think about a table like this (The size is a bit squashed since it is in the spoiler (the skin icon is at least twice as small now), this would also happen in the old guide template i'm afraid, but I can alter it if you wish):
    Spoiler: Click to view

    Or with new guide template background


    If you are looking for inspiration, take a peek at the templates in jhoijhoi's Guide or you can take a peek around the site (or check out my guide, wink wink. In case you want to use code from my guide all you have to do is ask and put a reference somewhere)

    Now I realized that this comment is becoming extremely long so I stop here :^) hope you can do something with it.
Dr Eggmund (6) | October 18, 2019 9:51pm
Hi Katasandra, you are quite remarkable to say the least. Thank you for taking the time to improve the community by offering and putting in commitment to helping someone other than yourself at improving their guide! I have just taken a look at your presentation in your guide and it is absolutely astonishing is the only way to put it. I love the border lines and it is something I've always tried to implement (as you noted how terrible my rune section is! ahaha) and It something I've tried to learn in my free time from jhoijhoi's guide when I started this for fun back in 2017.

In regards to your amazing guide (well written and well presented), I've taken onboard all the critism and have made the relevant changes, disregarding worthless information which does nothing but waste peoples time. The guide should be about finding what you need and understanding what that is, everyone can put two and two together on why not to pick something and that makes sense to me now.

I do need to implement this new Mobafire template. When I first started back in 2017 I disliked the template and learnt how to send users to different parts of the WAY TOO BIG guide and I thought it was really cool. The background with the template is quite pleasing to my eye at least and I will look into transfering all the code into this template (now that I'm on Uni break!).

Now looking at my skins section, when I first made it I super duper loved it. But now that I've been looking at other guides I realised it isn't honestly worth my opinion on skins as opinions are unique to the individual plus it is taking up a lot of space in the guide. Coming back to your skills in bbcodin,g I would love to hear your perspective on understanding what the code means in the sample you've provided me (which btw am a huge fan of already and was wondering if I could use this possibly?).

I've still got a lot to learn in this niche environment but thanks to you, I've been able to correct many typos! Take on a good source of inspiration and finally rework the design of this outdated and unpleasing guide from a Vladimir main. I've never taken an interest in Lissandra but i definitely will be looking forward to more installments from you and if you can find it in your precious time, I would love to work with you (hopefully it isn't a one sided carry from you and I could potentially teach you somethings ahah).

Cheers heaps again!
Katasandra (61) | October 18, 2019 11:02pm
Thanks for your reply! I am glad you found the feedback useful and that you implemented it already! :o. You took me back to the past when I was creating my own guide, where I looked at jhoijhoi's (and many other (coding) guides) to see how I could make these beautiful guides.

Good luck with implementing the new template! As for your skins section, you're not the only one who discovers that a section/piece of code you are in love with is not really... hmm. Whether you want to keep your skins section it is up to you. You can keep the overview, but perhaps if you still want to voice your personal opinion you can put all that in a spoiler so it takes up less space.

As for using the code I put up here, sure! I created it for that. I guess I forgot to say you could use it :^). As for understanding it, that would probably take a guide to explain (unless you have specific questions). Sadly, the images from the only I think table coding guide on the site got removed from the source site, ruining the guide. But no worries about that, because I actually started writing my own as soon as I noticed what happened. I actually wanted to keep it secret, but hey, how many people will read this... hehe

Lastly I am always open for collabs, feel free to PM me. And speaking about teaching me things, what are "installments"? (English isn't my first language unfortunately).

Anyway, good luck editing your guide!
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ziolo to noob (1) | September 21, 2019 12:39am
Items. I just suggest you to delete the defensive items list and add only banshee. Abyssal mask is OK but only with 2 mages on your team. Actually, spirit visage is viable but why you would lose a lot of ap for something that only gives you big healing when you heal for a lot in late game?

Next, the runes. Phase rush is the best and its like a pocket shurylea's that can give you so much mobility at the start and at the late game so you can catch up enemies or run away while getting ganked. Comet is a good option, but why would you get it, when phase rush or predator are way better that Comet, and it just destroys your lane because of lack of mobility at the early game.

And, the threats. I really like how much champs you put there, but for example Yasuo is not an even match up. Diamond yasuo can just freeze and make you waste all cs while he can just outdamage you with his low cooldowns. After the stattik hes unbeatable for you. Actually this is the only match up that i could change for higher difficulty, but I think guide is for lower division.

And the pros. Wow. Your whole guide has a lot of text and graphics that I really like! Everything is readable, a lot of BBCode helps me navigate and find most useful info for Vladimir player. This guide is one of the best that ive ever seen because of the amount of work. I could just suggest you to update some of these informations, because I was looking at your guide for a long of time and didnt saw anything changed. Thanks
Dr Eggmund (6) | September 21, 2019 5:41pm

Cheers for the in-depth analysis to my guide, the plan originally was to have as much detail as possible even for defensive builds you would never do, however you are probably right that Vladimir is in a spot right now where you wouldn't take anything but mage items. I still believe Spirit Visage has it's moments, but all the rest you are definitely right on that one.

Shurelya's is in the guide because some pro's still prefer the Predator Vladimir build which is what I ran for a long time now. Going into detail in my runes section, I have like the defensive items, list all the options you could take. What works, what doesn't. I have also listed them from most preferable to least preferable and backing it up with evidence on why this is the case.

Yasuo is a difficult matchup, i'll give you that. However I still believe Vladimir has the upper hand, with his much simpler kit. It all depends on how well you play the early game, it is very hard to out CS a Yasuo and for this I will increase the difficulty rating since I agree with this point. But being able to sustain and poke the early game will assist in beating this match-up 75% of the time.

In summary I will update the guide's defensive items since I have had a few people including yourself confused with why you would ever take it? My idea was to pack this guide with all the inf you need pros and cons, however you've brought to my attention that simpler guides are easily readable and maybe that's the best plan forward.

I will look into updating the guide to suit, cheers heaps <3
PsiGuard (1482) | September 3, 2019 6:44pm
Luden's Echo and the pure defense items ( Warmog's Armor, Spirit Visage, Abyssal Mask) seem like misleading options. To my knowledge, pure defense items aren't really viable anymore on Vladimir since your damage falls off a cliff if you devote that much gold to 0 AP. Vlad doesn't have much utility so it's pretty important to remain a damage threat. Luden's also seems worse than the alternatives and it doesn't seem like you like it much in your guide, so it could probably be removed entirely.

I'm also not sure if Shurelya's Reverie is really worth it. The stats are good but you'd have to sacrifice or delay a pretty important item like Zhonya's Hourglass or Rabadon's Deathcap.

Your Ionian Boots of Lucidity description is incorrect. The passive doesn't reduce the cooldowns of active items. I also feel like it's probably not worth buying them (or Boots of Swiftness over Sorcerer's Shoes. Very few champions buy CDR boots at the moment since flat magic pen is super strong.

You also have a lot of keystone options. Some seem like they may be justifiable (like Aery to bully early game melee champs) but I can't see a reason to ever take Arcane Comet. The other keystone options Vlad has are way better.

Still like the guide overall, just wanted to provide some criticism to hopefully help improve or clarify a few things. Thanks for your effort in writing this! :)
Dr Eggmund (6) | September 11, 2019 9:18am
G'day Psi,

Critism is always taken, constructive crtisism is what leads towards improvement.

First point you are correct, I have never taken Abyssal Mask, I have taken Warmog's Armor only once out of all of my games. However I still feel that Spirit Visage is still a decent option as it does have great synergies.

I'd like to make a note that although the guide does become quite messy and pointless in including these items. The idea is for all viewers to see my perspective on items that may be unortodox.

Onto your second point, Shurelya's Reverie was a grat item for a while with synergies such as Predator and Ingenious Hutner, This build also created the confusion in my head that Ionian Boots of Lucidity had a passive that it didn't, thanks for clearing that up. Shurelya's Reverie is in my opinion still a great item to get on Vladimir. Obviously it has been overnerfed and not viable but it can have it's spot in the spotlight.

Boots of Swiftness isn't a great option, sure. But my guide is designed to enlighten the strengths and synergies with Vladimir. I have the boots ranked in order from top to bottom on the best synergies.

Similar to the keystone section, Summon Aery was the go to on Vladimir when the new runes came out, however just like the boots section, I have ranked my favourites from top to bottom, but still providing evidence of the strengths of runes like Summon Aery and Arcane Comet as well as why I don't choose to take it.

Thank you for taking a look through my guide Psi once again, I spent a lot of time on this and learning the website so I will gladly take on board your observations and advice :)
Myydrin | July 12, 2019 6:36pm
Sorry to nitpick (liking the guide btw , lots of details!) but under Zhonyas Hourglass in item choices you mentioned how it has one of the most "B*llSh*t passives" when its an active.
lytebyte11 | June 19, 2019 9:00am
Btw, Ruby Crystal with 1 pot is the most superior start rn. Sometimes, even an amp tome is superior.
Dr Eggmund (6) | June 23, 2019 2:44am
Ah okay I used to play it when I watched the Youtuber Rock3tt start with ruby crystal double pot.

I've been regularly checking pro guides and I don't see anyone abusing it, I see dorans ring being used most often which I prefer using atm, but dorans sheild you can't go wrong with.

Ruby Crystal definitely a good start I will try it out and might make an inclusion to this guide, cheersd bro <3
DeadlyOmen (7) | April 1, 2019 2:12am
Futures marketa lot of people question me about this , but its very good on vlad , you want to get your items as fast as possible, thats why I take it. Dear regards a Vlad enthusiast.
Dr Eggmund (6) | April 2, 2019 5:22pm
Good call! I'm a big fan of Future's Market, I am an Ivern main as well and I i know the early game benefits. Being able to aquire early game CDR or power efficient items lime Dark Seal is super helpful, definitely would try it out
Smileyman3004 | March 8, 2019 12:46am
For the love of god make more combo guides. you say its detailed but have two basic comboes.
Dr Eggmund (6) | March 18, 2019 3:18am
That's a very valid point and thanks for pointing it out,

Vladimir has a very standard/basic kit, these are the only two combos you would ever use to start a fight otherwise you would use what isn't on cooldown in order to hit the enemy. So the all in combo excluding flash at times would be the only combo most Vladimir plays ever use
RainbowNova (5) | February 6, 2019 10:56pm
This guide is insanely big, it gives so much information, even about the skins xD
I'll continue reading this when I come back from school, but for now, +1 upvote. Guide looks very nice, I can already see the amount of effort that went into it and I feel like I'll be able to learn how to counter Vladimir with it.

Have a nice day,

-"Chaos build over time" RainbowNova
Dr Eggmund (6) | February 9, 2019 12:54am
Legend thanks for the positive feedback, a lot went into this guide and thanks for recognising that, I need to update electrocute to phase rush as whilst its still a great rune page phase rush is really good for mid to olate game teamfights etc. if i feel like busting out 5 hours then I can make My proper guide for yuou my friend cheers have a great 2019 :)
RainbowNova (5) | February 9, 2019 1:42am
Thank you for your reply!

I am looking forward for when you're going to update it, thanks again for making such a nice and detailed guide :D

-"Chaos build over time" RainbowNova
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Vk2189 | November 22, 2018 8:18pm
Great guide! Just want to point out that celebrity was changed in 8.23 and no longer gives an adaptive boost.
Dr Eggmund (6) | January 7, 2019 9:45pm
Legend! thanks man completely forgot <3 gld you enjoyed
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