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Vladimir Pubstomp Style

Last updated on September 9, 2010
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Hello and welcome to my Vladimir guide.
Vladimir is a very powerful champion that can contribute many to the team. In my opinion, out of all the casters, he's one of the most powerful if not THE most power, along with Annie. His ability to intake a reasonable amount of damage and avoid focus makes him already a great team asset. In addition to that, his lane control is exceptional considering he can harrass and at the same time, last hit with a breeze. If you're thinking about trying him out, I can most definitely tell you that he's definitely worth the IP.


Skill Order

It's obvious that Transfusion is the skill to max out as it will be your MAIN nuke skill and the CDR per level is ridiculous. With the proper runes, you'll be able to use transfusion every 2 sec or so.

The 2nd priority is Sanguine Pool, for the cooldown. When you are using Vlad, the person your laning against will most likely call for a gank, so it is only logical to get as least cooldown on it as much as possible.

Tides of Blood isn't a vital skill to vladimir, it's just a skill to add a little bit of damage and make sure you score that kill, but other than that, the stacks aren't really worth the HP cost.

Ult is self explanatory, rape rape rape in teamfights. This will get YOU a lot of kills.


The reason why i don't get HP items is that the bonus from the **** ton of AP you get is sufficient in teamfights. With Zhonya's and Sanguine Pool, focusing you is pretty much a NEVER. Trust me on the items.


Be aggresive. MORE aggresive than Reginaid :) If you're mid lane, try to get in a transfusion in as much as possible, while focusing on last hitting. By level 6, your lane enemy should be about half health, about 500 or so... This should be ENOUGH for you to kill the enemy with Hemoplague, Transfusion, ToB, Sanguine Pool. Make sure you start with Hemoplague, Ignite, Ghost, Transfusion, Sanguine Pool and ToB. That combo can take out enemies soo quick.

Have fun pubstomping.