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Vladimir the bloody snowball

Last updated on December 5, 2010
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ok ok i get it u want a Soulstealer right? WRONG! if u buy a soulstealer right off the bat they will burn u down in every team fight early on and yes i know u can go underground but u will come back up and when u do your u want a dorans shield and a health pot why? with this you can mess with people even without ur 2 sec cooldown on transfusion.

ok so u want mid btw if u dont get it ur team is stupid... i mean really vlad can tower dive anything but a tank at lvl 9 so GET MID!

now that u have "mid" u should harass anychance u get and dont worry about farming quite yet
because when u hit 9 its not a problem, by around 10-15 mins u should be lvl 9 and have around 1.8k this is why we get teleport so just go back get your rod,book and boots and tp back(and tp is one of the best things u can get for vlad seeing as he can stay alive so long he never really has a chance to buy items)

So now by this point u should be taking quite a large chunk out of their mids hp for every transfusion so just harass them to about half hp get close hit ghost pop them with a transfusion go underground get up hit them agian with trans and tides of blood then ult them if they are low enough.

as the game keeps going your going to try and get your Zhonya's ring so u can stay alive after u finish your team fight rotation witch would be u harassing untill some1 starst the fight or u do u ult then tides of blood and right into sanguine pool so when u get up everything will be off cool down, now if they dont start ****ing with u right away save your ring and just clean up what u can!

GHOST! really really good on vlad u just pop it then pool and u can either catch some1 with ur slow and use it to get away from there WHOLE TEAM GANKING YOU!

TELEPORT! dont want to hear your **** about ignite, ya it has its uses and those are only vs healers or other vlads BUT vlad needs teleport to stay in the fight because he never really dies so he needs it for items as well and jumping to other lanes to save your noob randoms tower!

lichbane.....LICHBANE!!!!! AHHHHH.... when u can finally pick up this bad boy its pretty much GG, when u have this after every transfusion u will auto attack for like 600.... what more can i say?

now from here on its your choice if they are high agic res get a void staff and a abyssal scepter or if they have alot of high kill melee ad that rape u get a guardians angel and an omen it doesnt really matter he rest is all build as the game goes but ill say this now NEVER BUILD SOMETHING BECAUSE IT WORKED LAST GAME! ALWAYS BUILD TO COUNTER THERE ITEMS!

BTW your skill order doesnt matter as long as u max out transfusion at 9 then get ur pool to 5 u should be good

ah also i play mmo's way to much so i never think about punctuation so try not to rage to hard about my grammar lol.