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League of Legends Build Guide Author Endrance

Vladimir - The Clot Thickens

Endrance Last updated on August 1, 2010
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This is my first guide, and I never planned on making one until I saw the overabundance of fail AP Vlads. If you are building it as a tank, this guide won't help, but good luck to you anyway. With that being said, this is my AP Vlad build. This works for my play style and maybe it will work for you, too.
First off, let me just say...SPAM TRANSFUSION! It's easily one of the best harassers in the game, and you are an idiot if you let it stay off CD for more than a few seconds. Theres no cast time so point, click and run back.

Summoner Spells

I personally like the Ignite/Ghost combo.
Ghost works amazingly with Sanguine Pool if you are trying to turret dive to get the last shot on someone. When turret diving, I usually just hit them with a Transfusion and Ignite, as it usually does the trick.

However, if Ignite/Ghost are not your friends, feel free to use what you are comfortable with.


Greater Marks of Insight x9: Magic Pen. is amazing for Vladimir, as he uses all spells and the harder you can hit them with Transfusion, the more life you get back.
Greater Seal of Vitality x9: The more health you have the better. Especially since it converts into AP with your passive.
Greater Glyph of Focus x9: CD reduction is godly. The more you can spam Transfusion, the better. I personally prefer Celerity, but I know must people like the Flat CD reduction more.
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x3: SEE: Seals.

Skill Sequence

1 - Transfusion
2 - Tides of Blood
3 - Sanguine Pool
After level 3 = Hemoplague>Transfusion>Tides of Blood>Sanguine Pool.

NOTE* I may have messed up on the skilling points on the MOBAFIRE built in display, but following this order here is correct.


I start out with Doran's Shield for the early health, which converts into a bit of AP with your passive, and health regen, which is always useful.

The next trip back I pick up Sorc Shoes for the movement speed increase, and early Magic Pen.

I start building for Haunting Guise, as it's not only more Magic Pen., but health and additional AP as well. It's really cheap and great early game. (Late game, I tend to replace it with a Void Staff, but games usually don't last that long.)

Depending how the game is going at this point, and how confident I am at getting kills, I decide on whether or not buying a snowball item is worth it. If my killing ability is looking good, I will buy Mejai's Soulstealer. Soulstealer is a great item for confident killing. If it isn't looking to well for me, sometimes I go for a Spirit Visage for the Health regen and CD reduction. The passive works really nicely with Tides of Blood, too, if you are having problem with staying alive.

After this, I usually start building my Zhonya's Ring. This one is pretty obvious. A lot of AP, with an amazing Passive and Active ability. You really don't need me to explain this.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is usually my next choice, as the health converts into additional AP, and the slow works amazing with Sanguine Pool and Tides of Blood.

If the game lasts this long, you can grab a Deathfire Grasp to replace Doran's Shield for fun bursting or tanks. Although the Mana regen is useless, the CD reduction, AP, and use effect are amazing. At this point you can also can replace Guise with Void Staff.

There are situational items you can use, but I'm sure you know what they are, as situational items are usually good across all champions. I leave this part up to your best judgement.


Whether I mid or take a side lane, I play the same game.
Early game: Transfusion, Transfusion, Transfusion. Enough said. If you are in a sticky situation or trying to slow someone for a teammate to come in for the kill, Sanguine Pool should be used. I only really use Tides of Blood at this point if they are really low on health or there is more than one champion focusing your ally.

Mid Game: Transfusion, Transfusion, Transfusion. By this point you should have a few kills under your belt and may have transitioned out of the laning phase. Stick with the team! You can turn the tides of battle, but you can't if you are dead from wandering off alone. Hemoplague is amazing in team fights as you will make everyone you hit more vulnerable to your allies. Only use this in team fights if you can hit multiple people. If you get caught in a gank, Hemoplague/Sanguine Pool are good to scare off gankers and get a good deal of damage in on enemies as you escape.

Late Game: Transfusion, Transfusion, Transfusion. I just have to hammer that nail into the coffin. You should be fed pretty well at this point. Don't ever initiate as you can be bursted down extremely fast. Keep Sanguine Pool off CD for when you are being ganked, or need to escape a losing battle. Use your ult with fair judgement, to help your team, and spam Transfuion and Tides of Blood. You are NOT an initiator, so don't try to be one or you will make a 4v5 team fight.


    Spam Transfusion. If you don't, you an idiot in my book.
    You can Ghost before Sanguine Pool to move quickly while chasing or turret diving, but you can't use Ghost during it.
    Learn how much your ult does so you know when to let someone run and focus a new enemy to ensure both kills.
    Going against another Vlad, it's wise to throw on Ignite at the start of the fight to slow their health regen.
    Oh yeah, spam Transfusion.


Alright, that is my Vladimir guide. I hope it will help some of you out there!
Please comment and let me know what you think.

Thank you :D

OH OH OH OH! And if you use any skin other than Marquis, you fail : P Just kidding...sorta.