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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pyrodious

Vladimir - The Harbinger of Death

Pyrodious Last updated on June 9, 2011
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Hello and welcome to my Vladimir build.

Firstly i must say that this is my first build so please keep that in mind when leaving comments but im certainly open for some constructive feedback.

Secondly I actually have no set build for Vladimir as it changes every game depending on the situation and the champions I am versing. The only things I rarely change is my runes. I do also change my summoner ability's depending on the match. So please don't say this build sucks or anything like that because it is just a general outline

Also note that my build is not derived on tanking but carrying (As you can see I don't have Warmog's Armor and with this build you should have endgame 3.8k HP and 650 odd ability power so you can do a lot of damage and initiate but please remember you have no armour.

Here are a few screenshots outlining my success as Vladimir and my build i use.

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Pros / Cons


-Tanky (To a point)
-Hard to kill
-One of the best harasser's in the game
-Practically no Cooldown time (With this build)
-Constant Damage Output
-No Mana = No downtime


-Really hard to play till level 9 when transfusion is maxed
-Not much armour or magic resist
-Can be counter'd by ignite
-Targeted first usually
-Long cd on pool

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Before you start raging and saying why do i have cdr runes i will tell you. I use cdr runes so that i have as much cooldown reduction i can get without changing my build too heavily to max out my cdr. My main goal is to hit 40% cdr every round that way you have 1.6 second transfusions. Please give it a try and see what you think

As you can see on the cheat sheet i went

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Pretty self explanatory there. Bit of magic pen can help you out and turn the tide of a battle

Greater Seal of Cooldown Reduction and or Greater Seal of Vitality - Here is a personal prefferance if you want a bit of extra cdr or some health. I personly like focus seals but if you like the extra health by all means go vitality

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power - Here we have your cdr and i wouldn't change this glyph with anything other that this as you want cap cdr and you don't want to have to buy items that will improve your cdr.

Greater Quintessence of Cooldown Reduction - 3 quits is 5 extra % cdr.

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Summoner Spells

This is the thing i change the most and am always jumping between spells

Here are the ones you would want to concider

- Nearly all the time I will use this summoner spell as it allows you to get away really fast and also combining it with pool you are garuenteed to get away.

- I toss up using flash over ghost sometimes when i want to get a quick kill and flash to a hermaplague or if im playing a 3's match where every corner i can flash through a wall but in most cases I would take ghost over this but it is up to you.

- This is usually my second summoner spell alongside ghost and flash. The main reason being is you want your targets to die and also with a hermaplague on top of ignite it give the 15 percent more damage.

- This spell depends on the your team mates and what they have. if your team has 2 teleports i wouldn't bother but sometimes i may pick if in a pug match.

Spells you dont want to concider -

- I see many Vladimir with this spell and it really annoys me as you dont need. if you build as i do you should not need to heal yourself and your procing Transfusions ever 1.6 seconds.

- You dont have mana so do not pick

- You really shouldent need but if you feel you are going to get rolled in a pug because your team mates have locked in and your all squishy feel free to grab over ignite.

- You have no real conceivable method in which you would need this spell so steer clear of it.

- I would never put this in my summoner rotation as it has no benefit to you as you have pool and flash to get away.

- You really shouldn't need this as if you think someone is there pool in and out quickly

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Vladimir's ability's and how to use them

Here is a quick rundown if all of Vladimir abilitys and how they are to be used

- This is Vladimir's bread and butter and why most people hate him as it deals a mass of damage to your enemy and also funnels health back to you after you hit. The reason i have my runes and masteries the way that i do is so that vlad will have 40% cooldown reduction making this ability a 1.6 second cast. Just keep in mind that the health doesnt come back too you till after Transfusion Hits the target so dont be too hasty in harrasing with it.

This here is Vladimir's Get out of jail free card and it is awesome. The main idea of pool is you can get away or even use to deal damage to targets and they cannot touch you. The only real bad part of this spell as it starts with a 24 seccond cooldown and doesn't get good till rank 5 when it gets down to a 13 second cooldown but turns to 8 with max cooldown reduction. The real good part of pool is it goes really well with your ulti Hemoplague and combined together in a teamfight can score a ace and even a pentakill!

- This is Vladimir's aoe splash damage and your main minion killer but dont get me wrong it is awesome against enemy champions too. The idea of this spell is to keep it maxed at 4 stacks at all times so you get the most out of your transfusions. It takes a bit of health from yourself at max rank early so that is why i level it up last.

- Look out because this is the killer of teams and makes Vladimir so OP. This is Hemoplague a amazing aoe spell when placed on the ground the enemy takes 15% more damage from all sources and after 5 seconds it pops and units recive magic damage. Now wenever you want to get a teamfight going you want to Hermoplague and get everyone to deal as much damage as they cain whyle you pool ontop of your enemys. This is the best stratagy to be used with Hemoplague. This ulti goes quite well with Gangplanks Cannon Barrage and also Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy

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Main Build

Core Items

Other items that may be of use

Now maybe your asking why the 2 deathcaps because the passive doesn't stack... well my friends the passive from one of them works and another deathcap is 155 ap so go figure

Also if you are vsing a lot of magic feel free to add Abyssal Mask to your build and if your starting to dominate also feel free to add a Mejai's Soulstealer

These items are what I like and use but if you do not like then do not rage at me because your failing with them

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Just to close up i would like to say that out of all the champions I have played and I really enjoy Vladimir the best and he actually does take some skill to play

If you have enjoyed my build please leave a comment and a like and if not I am sorry I cannot accommodate to your likings

Thats about it



*PS please excuse my grammer and or spelling :)