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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crazy Smurf

Vladimir: The Hybrid Sucker

Crazy Smurf Last updated on December 18, 2010
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Hello everyone. I would like to present you my very first build. My first time goes to Vladimir, The Crimson Reaper. Vladimir, as Phreak said in his Spotlight, is a Hybrid AP/HP Champion allowing him to do countless damage, when staying on high health. In this build you will expierence a type of Vladimir that, I hope so, haven't been seen recently. If you can get at least 60-70 % of this build potential I guarantee you that you will be kinda of immortal in controlling a lane meaning you will not even need to go back home expect for buying items, you will able to stay on very high hp in team fights each time, regain your health very quickly and most importantly, do sick damage in both Champion vs Champion and Pushing. Enjoy, Have Fun, Give me a honest critizicm. (I'd appreciate, if you could tell me what's wrong with this build, my style and what could I change to create even better builds^^)
Ad. I don't why it shows only 5,85 % Cooldown Reduction, as it should be a total of 16%.

Things to remember:

- If your team have a two or more good mid Champions ask nicely, if you could go Mid, it's the best lane for Vladimir, if you don't have any choice go with someone [I'd suggest a Ranged DPS(However they usually go Mid, you can always go with Ashe/Twisted Fate; ad. to TF: If he is going AP then you should concentrate a lil' more on HP to aid him in lane fights well^^) or a typical Tank(Cho'gath and Mordekaiser are the best for you here as they are Melee Tanks allowing you to stay safe in Early game.)
- BE ON YOUR GUARD! Always! Remember the basic thing during your play with Vlad, said by SmartxAxBSH:

Be careful though and play like a mage, a 'sturdy' mage.

- Hybrid Vladimir is an excellent Champion if you farm minions easily (Finish most of them with Tides of Blood and Transfusion to get your items quickly, especially Hextech Gunblade - it gives you a freaking advantage in lane and fights, I'll tell you why later)
- If you are doin very, very well in killing (Tsh, it counts as kill stealing for Vlad:D) fet tour Mejai before Rylai and don't take Warmog's Armor then, you will suffer a bit in HP (Well, from the total HP from Warmong's you will be left with 320; 1/4 of Warmog only, however 160 AP and 15% CD reduction on fed Vladimir are just godly and if they even attack you in 3-4 you would be able to take them out thanks to Hextech Gunblade and your lots of HP and AP (If they really do, **** happens^^, just go like this: Hemoplague -> Tides of Blood -> Sanguine Pool -> Transfusion -> Tides of Blood -> Transfusion -> at least 2 of them shall be dead, if they got tank just throw your ignite and spam Transfusion and Tides of Blood even more, they will eventually run, but if you will low on health just go Ghost + next Sanguine (if they are low on health as well you can attack with Tides of Blood once more and then go Sanguine to finish them off, but if they have more than 50 % just run, you can't die, not with Vladimir:D)
- About the team fights: You can easily go outrageous, but remember to be careless, they probably will aim for you or a DPS, so I'd suggest getting Hemoplague (if it's on CD then just spam Transfusiin and Tides of Blood followed by Sanguine Pool and Ignite + another Trans-Tides combo should get you a double kill, it happens to me very after.)

Pros and Cons:

- An awesome damage and healing output after getting your Revolver/Gunblade
- Lots of health and AP if you are fed a lil' at least
- Great farming and pushin machine
- You can stay in lane and attack almost for the whole game
- One of the best, if not the best finish move - Transfusion
- Again, one of the best, if not the best running skill - Sanguine Pool
- And Once Again, one of the best farming skill (thus, they are quite a lot better, but with your healing later it becomes almost a free AoE farming skill) - Tides of Blood
- A great Kill Stealer (Yeah, you will get insulted a lot, get used to that:P)
- Trump Card in Team Fights, yes, you play the biggest role in them, they should appreciate it!
- Good he is not a Pirate, the Bounty for his head would be so high that you will get Miss Fortune each time on the Mid:P
- Hybrid Champion that concentrates:
* 1st on AP: Note that it works more with Mejai, thus Warmog gives you a not bad result as well (385 + Healing on each skill + AoE + almost 70 Penetration + 20 Spell Vamp + attacking while running, nuff said)
* 2nd on Healing/Regeneration: Note that it works more with Warmog, but Hextech Gunblade gives you awesome healing via normal attacks and Spells (Yes, instead of draining your health Tides of Blood will heal you, wonderful isn't it?)
* 3rd on Nuking them Out!: Well, it's self-explaining^^
* 4th on HP: Nuff said, almost 4k with Warmog and 3k with Mejai.
* 5th on Penetration: As I said, releasing at least 60% of this build's potential gives a hell of Penetration.

- Lacks some badass Skins:/
- ********, I haven't found any so far, sorry:)
- Oh no wait, your team will hate you for kill stealing! (I love those haters:*)

Runes, Spells, Masteries:

Runes - Marks: I have chosen Magic Penetration for a basic reason, you will own even more in the early game.
Runes - Seals: Nuff said, Hp per level gives you a way better result than Flat HP.
Runes - Glyphs: Here you can argue with me, but I honestly prefer to have 6% less cooldowns, cause thanks to them I can spam my skills and heal myself even more often.
Runes - Quints: Flat Hp, I don't need to explain, yup?^^
Summoner Spells: Ignite and Ghost. When Ghost is a real must have Vladimir (Chasing down your enemies, running with Sanguine; or chasing them with it^^), then Ignite can be a spell I'd argue about a little, since Hybrid Vladimir is a great choice to just killing your enemy with skills and normal damage then ignite wouldn't be so useful, but due to Hemoplague and Ignite combo I'd said it's second best choice. It hardly depends though. So let's say this like it:
- Ghost is a must, take it. Always!
- Here it depends, if you prefer Ignite take it, if you like Ghost take it (it's useful for Flash -> Ghost -> Sanguine combo in each situation) or you can take Cleanse to have an easier escape/chase with Sanguine, however I'm staying with basic Ignite-Ghost.
Masteries:Standard 9-0-21. I've tried 10-0-20 with Burning Ember, however 10 AP makes a deal at the beggining only, so stanard -15 % CD to your Summoner Speels will make it out better. By taking CD reduction, Ghost Improvement, Quickness 15 % of Magic Penetration and the extra 30% to the neutral buffs; Ad. to Buffs, Vladimir can jungle after taking an enemy or more of them, just to get some free cash and buffs, with Transfusion, Heling and Tides of Blood you will get all of them very quickly, I must try it with Nashor one day^^.


As many people said, it's the best choice to start with Vladimir.
As we are not playing a typical AP/HP Vlad I've added an extra item here;)
When you get like 1900 Cash you should get back to shop immediately, your basic items will wait there for you. This value is easy to get, very easy. Just farm minions on Mid. When you kill the Mid Champion (I'm sure you will at least once until it's Swain - surprisingly I find him a hard Mid Opponent against Vlad, just in my personal opinion),farm out the rest of minions and go for a free cash to the jungle (Specters, Wolves, Golems will be an easy targets and give a lot of cash. Don't aim for Lizard Elder, not without Hextech Revolver).
I'm usually buying only that item after getting Boots and Hextech Revolver as it's another 2k (you can always get Bilgewater Cutlass before buying the Gunblade, a ranged life steal combined with Spell Vamp and his skills gives an excellent results. Hextech Gunblade is a really awesome item for Vladimir, I just don't know why I've never seen a Vladimir with it. It gives you:
- 45 Attack Damage
- 55 AP
- 20 % Life steal
- 20 % Spell Vamp
- It's active will replace Rylai's Crystal Scepter until you get it, thanks to it's slow and great damage combined with our Penetration.
So, don't wait, just buy it! (Mhm, Breaking Benjamin - Breakdown in the background^^)
A must have for Vladimir. Slows your enemy with each of you skills (And you are a total spammer when it comes to skills) and gives a hellish bonus to your AP and Health thanks to your Passive.
The reason why I get it before Zonya's Ring is it's cost. It's 1k cheaper, come on! 40 % Penetration and 70 AP? Combined with your Spell Vamp and Penetration this is an another must have item.
It's up to you which one you will take first. I go for Warmog's Armor mostly each game because it gives me a HUGE advantage against all champions when it comes to health (almost 110 Hp per 5 seconds + your Spamming Healing Skills just won't let you die even in the team fights, trust me. On the other hand Zhonya's Ring can help you taking tanks way faster giving you better Spell Vamp with skills, it's really up to you and your game style.


Transfusion: Well. I must say it. The best low CD skill in the game. No doubt about it. Crazy damage, No costs, Healing, Spamable. Level it up until level 11 comes, you will need it.
Sanguine Pool: It's like a Big Woah! Your 2nd skill to take. Great chasin/runnin/finshing/everythin skill. No need to max it out very quickly but surely, this skill is g-g-godlike and will help You a lot, in many situations.
Tides of Blood: Your basic farming/team fighting skill. Believe when it comes to team fights, Vladimir rules the battlefield. It increased your healing and regenaration effects (So you will heal even more with this skill thanks to Warmog and Hextech, wonderful once again?), as well as it's damage each time it's used, so spam it during team fights and follow it with Transfusion, if they aim you, and they probably will, use Hemoplague, then Sanguine, then Tides of Blood and get at least a double/triple kill and a lot of HP. Notice now:
* This skill drains your HP probly the most and the most often, so that's why getting Hextech Gunblade is so important. If you get it it will HEAL, not HURT you. It's a total badasserness, having and AoE, Nuke, Healing, Farming Skill. When you Warmog's feel free to spam it like all the time^^
Hemoplague: Your badass team fight trump card, I use it after 2nd Tides of Blood and follow it with Ghost -> Sanguine Pool -> Trans-Tides to get easy kills (ykhm, kill steals in most of the case^^). Use it wisely, cause Hemoplague plays an important role in teamfights.


Early Game: If you can, go mid, tsh, you should always go mid to be honest, no matter what. Don't be too cocky as well, just keep on farming minions, sometimes attacking your enemy with Transfusion or Tides of Blood. Once you get Hemoplague you can start harrasing him. Spam with Transfusion until his health is 1-2 bars. If he is stupid, he will come closer to you, there is your chance. Once you get closer to him use Ghost, then Hameoplague, Ignite and Transfusion/Sanguine Be careful! If he has a Heal pursue him to use it faster or just let him recall (It will give you time to farm on minions a bit and get some cash in the jungle.

Mid Game (alias Team Fights):
It's your time. With Transfusion at level 5, Hextech Revolver (if Not Gunblade) and Sorc. Shoes you will shine in Team Fights, once the enemies get in the group, start attacking them with your team. Follow a simply rule, Tides of Blood followed by instant Hemoplague, Sanguine Pool & Tides of Blood + Transfusion if anyone survived this combo(In their dreams). If you want to push, feel free to do so, but I'd advise not going alone without Hextech Gunblade, in that case - get yourself a companion;)

Late Game (alias Kill Stealing Time) Let's say you already have Hextech Gunblade, Sorc. Shoes, Rylai's Scepted and Void Staff and you started completing Zonya's Ring/Warmog's Armor. In that case you will be a God of War in the team fights. You will dominate the battlefield, just like this! When your team encounters enemies just spam Tides of Blood and Transfusion each second you can, use Hemoplague as well, when their hp is less than 50-60 % and go Ghost-Sanguine Pool for the win... The outcome may even result in quadra or penta kill, believe me. When you get Zonya's Ring/Warmog's Armor just go and push killing them from time to time. If you got few double kills and a triple kill you should be safe even against 3-4 opponents.
Use Ping Mark and inform your team about Missing Champions! It's a ******** useful thing to do, especially when you have someone like Twisted Fate or Pantheon on your team.

Getting Cash:
1. Use Tides of Blood and Transfusion to get an easy cash for Minions.
2. The jungle is your friend, go there everytime you can and get some free cash and buffs.
3. Kill steal, screw this, just keep on kill stealing to feed yourself even more! They will insult you for sure, but as long as you're ding your job, don't care about them.
4. Don't try jungling on yours enemy side until it's at least Mid Game and you don't have more then 2k HP and maxed Transfusion.

I don't realy enjoy ganking, it's no fun for me, however if you want to do so then use ping marks. If you have a friendly Snare/Stun/Taunt on the lane feel free to inform them about gank and there would be like 80 % you will make it out. You can always chase the enemy with Sanguine Pool to avoid Turret's Agro and spam Transfusin + Ignite.

In Conlusion...

Hybrid Vladimir is in my personal opinion one of the best, if not the best Mid and Team Fight Champion. Loads of HP and AP mixed with decent physical damage and great healing he is surely one of the best choices to play, at least for me. I hope enjoyed my very first guide including Vladimir, The Crimson Reaper made in a Hybrid way. I'd like to know your thoughts and criticizm, both the good and the bad one. Thank you for your attention:) Down: A little showdown.~Smurf