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Volibear: Kill for the thrill / The thunder claw / it just f

Last updated on November 7, 2013
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This build is completly ment for huge amount of dmg and is not ment to fit any role on the map. But I do intend a win with this build and have won myself many times due to the high DPS and teamwork. This build is some sort of hybrid and fits to play with any team-mate and in any lane. (primaly to gain advantage over ranged enemies and to quickly gain controll over a lane).

For runes, skills and jungling, look to other guides. I have little experience with runes for the bear and no experience in jungling. The skills are set for how I play as the bear and i primarly focus on raw DPS. The slow is for escaping, chashing and to ensure kills when soloing several enemies.

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(I do suck at this picture making thingy)

just take 21 offense and I recomend 8 in defense.
Dmg and health is primary for survival.

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(Still suck at this)

Start by building into Ravenous Hydra. It is primary focus and its the item that keeps you alive, gives life steal, mana regain, health regain and DPS.

Start building to Warmogs armor. It is your way to live long and to take a lot of punish. I often go solo as the bear and tend to have both doubble, trippel and quadra kills in early game and mid game.

As the third item you should again focus on increasing your DPS to ensure that you can both slaughter in solo and on the same time punish everything and everyone in your way. Buy Bloodthirster or Blade of the ruined King for either high DPS or greater attack speed. (Depending on what you need but do remember that Volibear have high attack speed through W-skill)

for more defensive items, go for Thorn Mail and/or sunfire cape.

wrap it all up with another Warmogs armor, Black Cleaver, Phantom Daner or (my favorite) Statik Shiv.

Go for boots in between the second and third item to ensure your surviving ability and chashing. Buy the boots as you see fit. I always go for Boots of Mobility. They give gap closing and fast traveling between lanes.

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Flash and teleport for escaping/gap-closer and early lane domination. Go ignite instead of teleport if you are one of those who sticks to the lane all the time.

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Skill Sequence

Max Q for high DPS. Then focus W or E depending if you need to slow enemies or to punsih them extremly. I choose W for punishment. Ranged have to chance against you when you gank or are unseen before an attack. Always take R at any oppertunity.


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