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Volibear Build Guide by DreadedRedBeard

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DreadedRedBeard

Volibear - Plain & Simple

DreadedRedBeard Last updated on December 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a pretty straight forward Jungling Tanky Volibear, but a bit different than most builds I see. Enjoy, and feel free to critique.

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I go between a 9/21/0 and a 21/9/0, can't decide what I like better, depends on my mood and how aggressive I feel. He functions amazingly regardless, and aslong as you play appropriately to the masteries you have chosen, you'll do just fine!

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I have attack speed, armor, and magic resist, sofar, so good! Though thinking of changing it up when the new health runes come out! I don't feel very strongly about these being the perfect runes so any suggestions as to how I could improve this are always welcome!

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Here is where I do things a bit differently.
-I start with the regrowth pendant and a health pot, which is normal, and keeps me very healthy through jungling.
-Next I grab the boots of mobility. This is nice for faster jungling, but most of all, you can gank like a beast! When you charge in with those boots and rolling thunder, theres no escaping! No better way to piss off that squishy mid! Its also useful in long chases.
-After that i finish my warmogs and go for atmas. This should be no surprise. Volibear is the perfect candidate for atmogs as you can potentially pass 6000 hp in a longer game. A good cheap way to double your attack aswell as gain some armor!
-Now the Sword of the divine is not normal, but if I'm even mildly fed, I go for it. If you're having trouble staying alive I'd skip it and end up building a 3rd warmogs in the end though.
-I don't build the Sword every game, but have had great success as it seriously speeds up your killing! The extra magic damage on the 4th hit is perfect too because it coincides with the bite, giving you that nukey feel.
-After that the frozen hammer goes a long way cause you're slowing them down after you throw them over your shoulder and slow with your E. At this point you're just being mean.
-Lastly if you still haven't stomped on their base grab another warmogs to become invincible.
It is rare that I completely finish this build, but as the last item or two are simply more health, its not a huge detriment, and you aren't missing any essential skills.

-For the record, if I completed everything and still had cash, I'd sell the Sword of the Divine and get Trinity.

The order in which you buy everything is entirely up to you. Be smart, buy what you need when you need it, not some cookiecutter build that you saw online.

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Skill Sequence

Call me crazy, but I start with magestic roar. No one ever does this, but I find it keeps my health much higher when jungling.
If I need to gank by level 3 I get my rolling thunder, but if I'm gonna jungle alittle more I'll do level 3 as another frenzy to speed up my jungling! the rest is pretty basic. Frenzy, then get thunder and roar to 3. Then finish thunder followed by the roar.

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Summoner Spells

Heal and smite. Obvious choices, the heal gets you back really healthy if saved to use in combination with your amazing passive! And hes jungling, so smite should be assumed.

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Unique Skills

On a side note, though hes a tank, Volibear can be very effective by dipping in and out of battle. This is mainly because of his cooldowns.
I find it works very well to dive in/initiate a team fight, and once I have the focus, to pull out like I'm retreating. They'll follow for a second, then go back to the others. By this time my passive has healed me substantially, and my cooldowns have reset, giving me that great nuking ability again.
If successful, this tactic makes them go back and forth with their focus while you and your team rip them to shreds. Just be careful because if done incorrectly, this can go very poorly!! Again, the boots make this a much more efficient strategy by allowing you to get back into the fight at an alarming rate and throw that guy who really didn't want to be picked up and thrown by an angry bear.

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Creeping / Jungling

I jungle pretty basically. Start at blue, get red as soon as smite is ready. If you get even a mildly decent leash, you should be able to get both blue and red without having to use your passive or heal, leaving them available to keep you alive in ganks if need be. If you think you're going to have to use one though, let the passive kick in as it has a much shorter cooldown than heal. I'll be surprised if this isn't nerfed in the future. Enjoy it while it lasts!!!

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Team Work

Don't be an idiot. Let your teammates know when you're ganking. Even if they're hurt you should be able to keep the attention of the ganked individual(s) and your teammate can just add some damage to the mix. The boots allow you to prowl around the whole map helping all who may need a bear to do some destroying.

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I know its alittle different, but it works for me. Enjoy. I threw this up really quick so if I screwed anything up let me know! Critiques are always welcome! Just don't be a jerk :)