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Volibear Build Guide by Swiley

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Swiley

Volibear: "This is my cave!" *Dominion*

Swiley Last updated on December 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The Entrance...

Hey guys, this is my first actual build so I'm probably not going to go into a great amount of detail.
Firstly, let me say this: I don't actually know why this build worked, I didn't put a lot of thought into it. I did however, research builds prior to going into the game and smashing this one together.
Now let me explain why you should try it. I was playing against a team I thought would smash us; meaning they had a s**t load of OP champions, that are well equipped for Dominion. Anyway, we ended up winning, I got top place. My score in the end was 19/9/17.
It is a rusty build and I am aware it may have just been a fluke... but so what? Right?
I worked the purchased items over out of memory(this build was created straight after the game was done), so it should work. It may not fit everyone's play style, so go cry elsewhere if it doesn't work for you. Make in-game adjustments if you have to. Doesn't bother me, just posting my thoughts.

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Okay so my runes are pretty simple... just three different types. I'm not really going to go into thoroughly explaining them as they are pretty straight forward.

Marks: Greater Desolation - Armour penetration. As you know, Volibear is a Tank(y) DPS, in your face, kind of champion and he is very good at it. His general attack and his skills. Not to mention his Q giving him a physical attack boost. It works. Don't question it.

Seals: Greater Resilence - Flat Armour. As I previously stated. He is a Tank(y) DPS, but he is more so a tank. A damn fine one. So the reason for these runes is obvious and providing one is irrelevant.

Glyph: Greater Warding - Flat Magic Resistance. So being a tank means protection from the AD and the AP champions. This is where these runes comes in. I find they are a big help, especially in Dominion, when everyone seems to favour AP champions.

Quintessence: Greater Desolation - Armour Penetration. You know what, just read the first description again; no seriously, don't. These runes are just to reinforce your power when facing off against other tanks... or champions that are meant to be AD DPS, but really, tank like a fat demon-pig covered in armour.

Okay, if you made it this far I'm going to level with you; I use these runes for almost every AD (Tank or DPS, or hybrid) champion I use. However, I did initially think they would work well with Volibear so don't freak out.

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For my masteries I decided to go something particularly different, or so I thought it was. Not really sure. With Volibear I wanted to place emphasis on his attack speed while keeping him tanked up, "If you've got it, flaunt it", and make the most of it. So, I went 9/21/0, and thankfully there is also attack speed masteries within Defense. Hooray.

So yeah, with my build I've decided to utilize his potential in being offensive and defensive at the same time. Not to mention the aid of Armour Penetration runes. I suppose you could call this build an anti-tank, rip-people-apart build. As my friend said while playing, "You're just... EATING PEOPLE!". At one point I did sustain a three champion kill at top tower against Rammus, Pantheon and LeBlanc, all attacking at the same time while I was alone (And yes, they were pretty much at full HP). I tried not to become over-confident.

So with defense I went all round. I focused on HP, Armour, Magic Resistance and cool downs. I avoided all those crazy, strange masteries around the edges. I dont really know what to write here other than the obvious. With this build though, don't be afraid the charge in, Volibear can sustain a heavy amount of damage, and that isn't even taking into consideration his passive.

Moving onto items....

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Okay so for this section let me tell you a little of what into concocting this disposition. Volibear; as I've stated, is a Tank(y) DPS champion. With that in mind I took off to understand what would work well to kick him off, stabilise him for mid-game and give him a great hold for the end. My inspirations were Irelia, Jarvan, other player's Volibear builds and the suggested build in-game.

For Irelia, I took a small portion of my friend's(He seems to have mastered her) build. I used his build to get him up and running. I understand plenty of champions use Philosopher's Stone as a beginning item. Along with boots of course. However, I decided to build this into a Shurelya's Reverie. This worked like a charm for survival in early game. It provided the means of HP, HP and MP regeneration and cool downs.

Next came the suggested item. Although it recommended purchasing late game, I thought it would be handy early on, an Odyn's Veil; especially from the amount of AP that generally comes into a game of Dominion. Not only should it help with that, Volibear is a great champion to rush head first into a battle. An initiator as I believe they are referred to as. Because of his play-style, Volibear is constantly engaged in the battle 'til the end, when both himself and the other champions(generally a tank) are low HP. This is when Odyn's becomes handy. A sudden burst of Magic Damage to all surrounding enemy champions.

After that comes one of the most powerful, yet small items in the game. Mercury's Treads. Giving that extra boost of Magic Resistance will keep Volibear going through burst damage champs like Akali and LeBlanc. Not only that, it will keep taunt's and fears to a minimum. And for Volibear these are a no-no, his skills are what keep him going for so long.

The Frozen Heart, although apart of the suggested items, I took it from another player's build of Volibear. And this was great. Volibear demands cool down reduction to be as awesome as he is, and I know I didn't take Lucidity, but you dont need them, because of Frozen Heart. Frozen provides the perfect amount of CD to make Volibear a formidable opponent.

What comes next is Jarvan's input. Because I only ever play him as a DPS tank, I thought he'd have some good similarities. And I was right! Frozen Mallet was perfect for giving him extra damage. And that slow on hit works like a charm also, it prevents those sneaky little enemy champions escaping from his range when they and yourself are certain you will win because of Volibear's sheer will power to endure.

Okay, lastly is the Warmog's. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to actually use this in-game, because we won too early, but I did have a feeling it would have rendered Volibear virtually indestructible. If not Warmog's, Randuin's was my second option.

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...Understanding Volibear

Those this pretty much wraps up this build for now. I would like to come back to it, edit it and sharpen the edges, and I may do just do that as I do have some free time.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this, place your thoughts, opinions and what ever else in the comments. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated more than anything. If you're going to write stupid insults, troll or what ever it is insignificant people do, I will read what you have to say. And then I'll smile, respond to other people, and do what ever the heck I want.

Look out for more builds from me, but much better in form.

Peace out peeps,