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Volibear Build Guide by iPhenomena

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iPhenomena

Volibear - Tankiest Tank

iPhenomena Last updated on March 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to the Volibear Guide which contains the build I use. This build gets me positive K/Ds EVERY game (not just the lucky game.) Another thing you can keep in mind is that you can use an Infinity Edge as opposed to Atma's Impaler.

This build is the tankiest and most powerful you will get at the same time. Why?

Warmog's - +3 Permanent Health per minion kill.
Thornmail - 30% Damage taken returned as magic.
Ninja Tabi - Basic attack damage taken reduced by 10%.
Force of Nature - Health Regeneration.
Frozen Mallet - Slows the enemy and piles on damage.
Atma's Impaler - More damage and a higher critical strike rate.
Infinity Edge - higher Damage, a higher critical strike rate AND +50% Critical strike damage.

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Already explained a little above, the Atma's Impaler that I mostly use as it is cheaper can be changed for an Infinity Edge. But the Thornmail can also be substituted with a Sunfire cape which grants increased health as opposed to increased Armor. The other effect is +30 damage to nearby enemies per second, while the Thornmail gives 30% of the damage back. I tend to use Thornmail more as it means I can run in to large groups of enemies (incl. champions) and attack one or two enemies while repelling the partial amounts of the damage given (This can win you the fight.)

Warmog's is fantastic because it will really tank you up with the +3 health bonus per kill.
Force of Nature is handy against those annoying mages like Morgana or Ryze.

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Skill Sequence

I chose this skill sequence because at the start of the game you'll want to be able to run at an enemy and shove him over you towards your laning partner and your turret. This way they are receiving 2 or 3-way damage. Getting you or your laning partner first blood.


Level this up ASAP, this can really make an opponent think; "holy mackerel!"
When you are losing a fight and your Frenzy has just cooled down you can use it and destroy your opponent's health bar.

Majestic Roar:-

Level this secondly, this is fantastic for groups of minions and running enemies as it does damage and slows champions. This also fears minions so you can kill annoying casters without them attacking you for a time.

Rolling Thunder:-

Although it is last to level, it is vital. This can really help you escape from sticky situations or catch and kill that running opponent. They watch you speed right up behind them while they run for their lives and they know they're going to die.

Thunder Claws:-

Level this when you can, it is fantastic with Frenzy and for killing opponents that are a slightly higher level. (Not slightly, I've killed level 15s as a level 11 with this technique.) It will also take out minions around you with every strike. If you chose not to use Frenzy at the same time, it is just as good because Frenzy increases your attack speed with a stacking limit of 3 times, this will help you get the most out of your Ultimate.

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Summoner Spells

Why Heal and Exhaust?


Heal is good because if you are awaiting escape as a stricken Volibear you can heal on low health and really annoy the enemy who are attacking you, it also gives you the golden opportunity to turn round with a Frenzy and possibly bag yourself a kill.


Fantastic for killing people with a huge attack speed, like Master Yi. It will slow their attack speed, while your Frenzy increases yours, making that kill ever so sweet. This is also good for running in to groups as it will stop the most annoying enemy from killing you for a time while you deal with another.

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Team Work

If you feel like you need to run and a team mate has been caught up and is taking the brunt of the enemy's gank or assault, this build gives you the ability to turn round, Rolling Thunder the front pursuer and maybe destroy them. The ones which are further behind will probably turn their attention to you, which will allow for the team mate to assist you or get away if they are suffering on the health department. If this is the case; no worries! You can use your Majestic Roar to slow them and Rolling Thunder to escape (make sure you heal yourself if you take the brunt of the damage for your dying team mate.)

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Okay so this is what you MUST remember:-

1. If there's the opportunity for a multi-kill take it, you'll come out alive.
2. Do NOT jungle, you need to work with a laning partner until level 11, then you can probably solo most lanes unless you team fight in the center.
3. Use your abilities for EVERYTHING, attacking, escaping, assisting, you name it.

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