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Volibear Build Guide by fablephantom

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fablephantom

Volibear - The Frezy Nuker

fablephantom Last updated on December 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey all. So i was asked by a few people who saw me playing Volibear this past week to post my build for him since they couldnt seem to figure out how i took on their entire team by myself. or how i managed to do 3/4 of their hp in one shot. so i finally got around to it. and here it is. and with the help of a single comment on here it actually got better. like way better lol. i tried out the new build with the hp per levels instead of hp flats and OMG it is so nie having that scale esp with the early warmogs. so i hope you all enjoy the build and have as much fun making people run away in fear of your frenzy as i do.

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Okay so by starting with the early warmogs you get the ability to pretty much stand there and take whatever the enemy throws at you for awhile. and in that time either farm enough minions to get your boots and cleaver or enough kills to get them. before you will need the second warmogs to keep absorbing all the damage.

So someone asked me yesterday in game if i ever change the cleaver and madreds out for any other items. and well i do depending on how the games going normally i would keep the razor for obvious reasons.( that 4% per hit is amazing.) but sometimes if its needed i will drop it for another warmogs, or i decide at the beginning of the match if i get a good enough start(2 or 3 kills + first blood) to get a leviathan and get it to 20 stacks for the hp and 15% damage reduction. which helps a lot but only if you can get it stacked. but for the most part i dont do very well early game with him at this point so i rush the warmogs and follow my normal build makes my gameplay fairly even across all time frames of the game early mid and late...

Also i do sometimes change out the black cleaver for a blood thirster or infinity edge. depening on what i am doing. if i am playing more of a pure dps role i take the infinity edge. if i am in need of some form of extra sustain cuz someone is hitting a little bit to hard i take the blood thirster, so that i may live a few seconds longer and beat their face in.

Now for the very long games like hour long games. there is something that makes htis build almost unstoppable, and that is very simply drop the madreds bloodrazor and the black cleaver and get a third warmogs and a Guardians angel. it makes you so tanky in a game that long and it makes your frenzy hit so hard people wont want to get near you. but its a very late game build only. if you get it to early peope with just counter it with a madreds instead of counting you as just a kinda tanky dps which is the point of this build. it is to fool the enemy into thinking your more dps than tank which is not true your more tank than dps. but you still have amazing dps with this build. which is why i am so fond of it. but pay around with it if you fond any other items you would change something out for let me know. i would love to hear some feed back about all of this.