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Volibear Build Guide by Djdeadly

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Djdeadly

Volibear the great

Djdeadly Last updated on February 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, this is my first guide but i feel like i can really play volibear. Almost everygame i go legendary atleast once and even if its a loss i never go negative. I always follow this build shown above so enjoy :D

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For runes i put in the basic jungle runes so that i can take alot of damage when solo top making me un-gankable and un-killable. You noticed that i put in attack speed runes for my quitessences. This is because of your frenzy ability, the faster you attack the faster your going to be able to bite him.

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For masteries i go with the simple 21/9/0 build putting lots of ad (attacj danage) damage in there but also some tankiness and health to help you get fed early lv.

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For items i start off with the jungle setup (yes even for solo top) because once again im more tanky plus you get 5 health pots which allows you to stay in lane for a very long time aswell. Next i build boots and spirit visage ASAP. i build spirit visage because of my passive improved healing and boots for obvious reasons. Next i like to get very tanky buying warmog's for the health and force of nature for mr (magic resist). After that i start to build damage putting in frozen mallet for health and the slow passive and atma's impaler right after to get lots of ad (attack damage). After that you are done your build and just top it off by buying each eelixer whenever you can towards the end. So in the end you should have ionian boots of lucidity, spirit visage, warmog's armor, force of nature, frozen mallet and atma's impaler.

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Skill Sequence

For the skill sequence there is nothing too hard about it. First you always run in with rolling thunder. If you know you can get him easy then dont use majestic roar, instead save it for when he is running away from your throwback. Though if you dont think you can get him use rolling thunder to get to him and once your very close use majestic roar to slow him down to get an easy throw back. If someone actually thinks he can take you on though just use these abilities when they come off cooldown or you can save your rolling thunder when they are going to run away. Also if you are both at approx. the same health then keep on fighting because of your passive which will heal you 30% of your health allowing an easy 1v1 win. In terms of frenzy NEVER USE IT WHEN TARGET IS ABOVE 30% HEALTH. Always use frenzy when the target is low on health because it also does damage according to percent of health missing so it is a very good finishing move. In team fights if you use frenzy on someone low you are almost guranteed to land the kill. Also in team fights or rough 1v1's pop ulti because the cooldown isint too long and it also really helps. In terms of escaping you can use majestic roar to slow everyone or you can use rolling thunder to run away.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i like the flash exhaust combo the best because easy to run away with flash and to get kills but same with exhaust, you should almost never lose a fight when you exhaust him/her. Other possible spells are flash / teleport or flash / heal but i think that flash / exhaust would definitely be the best.

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Pros / Cons

-When fed volibear can get very easy kills
-One of the best solo top
-OP passive
-Easy to play
-Tanky but yet lots of damage output
-Good in team fights for overall damage and landing kills
-Good initiator for team fights with rolling thunder

-Expensive to buy (6300ip or 950rp)
-Can get countered by stacking armor or by being CCed
-If he doesnt get fed early game he is probably wont be fed last game

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In terms of farming, auto attack is your friend. Try to keep the agressive side as volibear at first due to your tankiness and dmage output with frenzy. You should'nt be using abilites on creeps unless you try to use rolling thunder on the enemy but you know your not going to get them, so then you might as well use the bonus damage you got from rolling thunder on a creep.